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The Playable Mule

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Recently I have come across an awesome template for a mule char. Normally mule=boring but, thinking this template allows you to play him in all kinds of fun roles.

GM Mining
GM Lumberjacking
GM Alchemy
GM Fishing
GM Mystic
GM Magery
GM Focus

With mining you can mine sand for your Alchemist. Fishing and mining work on a boat as well as with the new salt peter mining only from boats. Mystic and Magery make you strong enough to handle Ore Eles and Sea serps with fishing. Heck with the mystic spell RC and invis you can hunt just about anywhere with success.

Here is different twist.

Keep Magery, Mystic, and Focus at 74 and use Jewelry to GM them and either powerscroll your Mystic and Focus up or add Tinkering. With 78 tinker skill you can make your own shovels and hunt with two GM made Vollems. By the way when used right they can rock. You can heal/repair a Vollem from 1 HP to 299HP in only one repair. This can be done every 30 seconds. Using 2 Vollems you can take out most mid-level monsters. Want your mule char to have a "Lord" title? hehe




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My main Crafter is:

120 Smithing
120 Tailoring
100 Tinkering
100 Carpentry
100 Fletching
100 Arms Lore
20 Music
60 Magery (to GM with jewelry & a spellbook)

He hunts dragons at the Fire temple for barbed hides and carries the title of Illustrious. :)
Moving forward is a Good Thing, but EA needs to consider they've made a wrong turn somewhere and are not going the right way. The route they are taking is shedding Customers and not picking up many new ones.

What that one or more wrong turns were is something they have to dig into their records, look at the competition, and figure out to get back to moving forward on the path to more Customers coming in than are leaving. Can they do it, or is our destiny to be playing on free-shards?



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Heck with the mystic spell RC and invis you can hunt just about anywhere with success.

At 100 Mysticism you will fizzle a lot casting the Rising Colossus. I am still fizzling at ~118 skill points.

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