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Let's see who knows their stuff....

- - - - - class or template pvm race returned

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Ok. I find myself with an open character slot...I want to make a PvM/Moneymaker. I cannot find any current information. Can anyone tell me the best race/skills combo for me? :huh



    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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To sum up:
Any race, most prefer elf for the extra 20 mana (you get an extra armor ignore from it) and wood armor.
Any weapon skill, but most prefer swords or fencing for human/elf, throwing for gargoyles. Swords and fencing have the daisho or leafblade for the feint special move, which is important against hard hitters like the stygian dragon or paroxysmus.
For humans/elves, the armored swamp dragon is required for damage reduction.
The skills are: 120 weapon skill and bushido then some combination of tactics, anatomy and necromancy at 100 plus 60 (or more) chivalry then a choice of spirit speak, resist, healing or parry as the last skill. Everyone has their preference for the last skill (mine is healing for human, spirit speak for gargoyle).

Building an outfit requires a guide in itself, which I have not (and likely will not) written.

Advantages: Very hard to kill, does huge damage
Disadvantage: Usually a solo player, can not ressurect others (unless the last skill is healing)
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    Infamous King of Typos

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I really do not like sampires, so I try to come up with an alternative :)

How about a Disco/Tamer? They can do pretty heavy stuff solo too.

Playing on Drachenfels? Speaking German? Tired of exploring Sosaria alone?

Check us out: www.semperfidelis.de or sent me a pm

I Play UO

I Play UO


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120 swords , 120 tactics , 120 anatomy , 120 parry , 100 necro , 80 spiritspeak , 60 chiv



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I'd go with either a tamer bard or a bard mage.

I'll post up stats later.



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tamer w/vet - greater dragon, do the Lord of the Abyss+paras at Chaos gate, ilshenar
Quiet, secluded, best one for money and items I've seen.

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