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Lake Superior Scam in Progress

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Confirmed Scammer Operating-ICQ 627981477_ Justin Duffy-


Paypal account Name email Jasonfischer84@yahoo.com


Name on Paypal account Christine Harbison.


Paid Cash for 151 mo Atlantic Based accout. Account Recieved was garbage not as stated.


If you are also a victim of fraud from this Seller Paypal wants to hear from you. There is now an open investigation at paypal Claim Department please call 1-888-221-1161

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was that account listedfor sale here too? Just curious.


Excellent question Just so happens I have that right here.



From: Jay mora [mailto:jasonfischer84@yahoo.com]

Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 9:53 AM

To: lordnabin@yahoo.com



155 month old Ultima Online Account on Atlantic. Account is upgraded to Mondain’s Large Keep near Yew Moongate Trammel. All characters are blue. 600 million in cash and tons of items on the Atlantic shard.


(REAL SKILL/SKILL CAP) is how everything is set up.


Character 1:

120/120 Magery

120/120 Eval Int.

120/120 Archery

0/120 Swords

0/120 Parry

114.4/120 Med

100/100 Tactics

120/120 Resist

0/100 Hiding – 100 Soul Stoned

0/115 Spirit Speak

0/120 Necromancy

0/120 Wrestling

+25 Stat Scroll Used


Character 2:

120/120 Swords

120/120 Parry

0/120 Archery

107.4/120 Bushido

102.6/115 Spirit Speak

105/110 Necromancy

100/110 Tactic

45/100 Chivalry

0/100 Focus

0/110 Healing

0/115 Anatomy

0/120 Ninjutsu

0/120 Parry

0/120 Swords

+25 Stat Scroll Used


Character 3:

120/120 Fencing

59.4/100 Tactics

89.6/100 Alchemy

81.2/100 Poisoning

93.7/110 Healing

115/115 Anatomy

85/100 Chivalry

0/110 Magery – 100 Soul Stoned

0/110 Bushido

0/115 Spellweaving

+15 Stat Scroll Used


Character 4:

93/120 Animal Taming

115.6/120 Animal Lore

120/120 Music

104/120 Peace

111.4/115 Magery

107.1/110 Vet

+15 Stat Scroll Used

Bonded Ice White Cu

Bonded Greater Dragon

Bonded Nightmare


Character 5:

114.4/120 Tailoring

100.9/120 Blacksmithing

89.7/100 Arms Lore

75.8/100 Mining

60.8/100 Tinkering

51/100 Carpentry

46.5/100 Bowcraft

44.8/100 Magery


Notable Items:


Hat of Magi

Spirit of Totem

Spirit of Totem [blessed]

Conjurer’s Trinket

Crimson Cincture [blessed]

Staff of Magi

Ring of Elements

Totem of the Void x 4

Charger of Fallen x 2

Arcane Shield

Ornament of Magician x 2

Ring of the Vile

Quiver of Infinity x 2

Armor of Fortune x 2

Chaos Shield [replica]

Orc Chieftain [replica]

Paragon Gold Dye – 30 Charges

Stormgrip x 2

Rune Beetle Carapace

Kasa of the Raj-in

Pendant of Magi x 2

Black Dye Tub

Leather Dye Tub

Scrapper’s Conpendium

Soul Seeker

Resillient Bracer

Aegis of Grace

Tome of Lost Knowledge

Heart of the Lion x 2

Fey Leggings

Royal Leggings of Ember


Tons of resources, crafted weapons and armor, Tokuno minors (including some dyes), and a couple million gold between all the characters, Not sure how much gold but less than 10 Mil total. Bunch of very expensive armor and jewelry in house or bank. Bunch of level 11 artifacts not even worth mentioning. I have about 7 or 8 soulstone frags with at least 3 charges on each.

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i actually have an active and pending IC3 complaint filed against him that is actually being followed up on (criminal case!)


when i get home i believe i have a .txt FULL of personal information on this guy. i will PM it to adam

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