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Hey Guys!


As you must have noticed i've not been online for the last few weeks. This is because work has really picked up and i've gotten really busy. It won't die down for the next three weeks and then i've got an exciting one month roadtrip in the states. We are going from New Orleans to Los Angles so if you have any suggestions where to go along the way, let me know :)


I'll be back in April and I'll miss all of you. Lots of love and Kisses!!!!!!!!


Oh yeh, I have a videoblog that I will update during the trip if anyone is remotely interested :) (Ask me for the link)


Cheers guys!


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I've been off too. Real life is busy, to say the least!


But, thought I should mention. I used to live near New Orleans and in California.

My parents live in Texas. My sister once lived in Arizona. I've driven darn near every road in between.


You will be passing some incredible country, and probably the most boring stretch of highway I've ever been on all in the same trip... west Texas... ew! Better I-55 north from New Orleans to St. Louis, then across on I-70 to Denver and Salt Lake City, cutting south to LA from there.


Or you could just do the driving quickly and spend a lot of time doing things in different places. While the interesting places are far apart, you can spend a lot of time in those interesting places. Some of my favorite travel locations are along the I-10, like Tuscon, New Orleans, Pensacola (It's the other way, but still counts!) and, of course, LA.


Or... or...


If you need ideas, I have a ton, but advice varies according to what you like to do (City-mouse advice is vastly different than country-mouse advice)

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Hey Guys!


I'm back! I've finally got time for UO again! I'll update you quickly on what i've done in the last few months. I Graduated, had my insane 3week roadtrip (best time of my life), stayed in Los Angeles by my self for a month and met loads of new people and came home for my graduation ceremony a week ago.


How are you guys? I missed you!!!!


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Yeh I did, although I don't know if you can call them interesting ;)


I met Misha Barton (she played Marissa in The OC). Nice girl but totalll airhead.


Also met Audrina Partridge from The Hills and she no has her own show. Again, nice girl but totalll airhead.


Seen lots of celebs too, but I guess thats normal in L.A.


I did however meet some people I found very interesting that worked for Disney and Lionsgate studios. They might fix me up with a job over there sometime in the future.


It was a very successful trip career wise, so i'm happy about that.


How's things going with you? X

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DOH! wish i woulda caught this when you put this thread up. you coulda came visit me, i live not far from New Orleans.


Aww I loved New Orleans and everything around it! Such great people and atmosphere. Where do you live? Maybe I passed it?


You guys are gonna laugh but I actually own two lama's in my backyard:/. One name Dalah and the other is Kuzco. Both are totaly crazy.

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