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Avoid Scammer ICQ # 638328124 AKA Mr Nasty- (Atlantic) AKA Nasty (Pacific)

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keel, you neeed to provide more information regqarding how you were scammed and some kind of proof.

There are strict conditions on what can be posted in this forum, so please read this thread entirely before making any scam accusations in this forum.


1) Please include the scammer's ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/AIM Name and Number along with Paypal email address or any other pertinent information that you may have.


2) Include the character name or other information (guild titles, neon hair) as well as exactly how they scammed you and what proof you have.


3) Please include the ICQ logs, Screenshots, etc.


You can't just accuse someone of scamming, you must provide proof of the scam. At the minimum, you must clearly write the complete story in detail.


You may not post Phone Numbers or Addresses.


I'll leave this one open and close the others, unless you add more to it, it will also have to be removed.

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Wow, I didn't ever notice the Report a Scammer forum until you directed my attention to it just now. I'm sorry about that.


As I don't have any logs saved and thus can't prove that I was scammed, I guess you can do what you have to do. I just wanted to warn folks about the situation, so they don't waste time or money.


The only screenshot I have is a picture of the guy's name, because an hour or so later when he showed up at the bank again I confronted him, and he ran off; I pulled up his name so I could screenshot it for personal reference.


So this Mr Nasty- was on a horse at Atlantic's Luna bank, advertising a "good deal" on gold, .45/mil, and saying to contact him at the aforementioned ICQ. I just got my roommate back into UO, so I thought I would help him out with some quick gold that would more than cover us starting back up. I contacted the guy and he gave me his info; since he was willing to do .35/mil I took the chance and sent him money. I told him in game (as he was still spamming and had since ignored me on ICQ after saying he was bagging up the gold) that I was waiting for my gold, and he said he had to log into the appropriate character. I realized then that I was pretty screwed, since he said he was bagging the gold up.


He came back after an hour or so on the same character, spamming about his deal. I confronted him, telling him I was waiting for my gold, and he rode off. I saw him a few hours later at the bank, same character.





I posted this to warn people of the situation; I didn't want others getting taken advantage of by this guy. PLEASE don't turn this thread into another "I told you so" lecture, because I'm well aware of the situation. I got scammed when I tried to do a good deed for someone else getting into the game, and I paid for it. If this thread has to be removed because it can't be verified, I understand, but that's the story...I hope it helps others.

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Sorry to hear that you were scammed. It really sucks I know. If you still need to buy gold I'd suggest Lord Nabin who sells gold at .55/mil or Sunder who sells gold (atlantic only) at .40/mil.


Both of these men are honest and can be trusted. They both have adds under the "General Trade Forum".


Good luck and remember "Karma is a B-tch!" the Scammers will get there's in the end.

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