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From the House of Tsuru Kiriai:

It has come to my attention that members of the group known as Q*E have ceased to lay dormant.
One in particular Kyonshi. Some time ago I took this young man into my home. I attempted to teach the young orphan the ways of bushido. At this time I also had a young female tamer in my employ. Kyonshi murdered this young elf and her pet while I was providing protection at a SAGE gathering.
It has come to my attention that he has forsaken the ways of bushido and chivalry and taken up dark magics.
I also believe him to be responsible for the seemingly random attack on our own Talon. Though he seems to suffer no ill effects it would be wise for us all to be exceptionally cautious. I will be patrolling our lands more often.

I would also like you all to be aware. THE VILLAIN KYONSHI IS HEREBY DECLARED KILL ON SIGHT. Take no time for pleasantries. This animal must be purged from our lands before whatever madness has taken him can come to fruition.

Also take any dealing with this villain with the UTMOST caution. He is known to be ruthless, cruel, and utterly savage. If you are unsure of your ability to bring him to justice notify a member of the knighthood immediately of his whereabouts.



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The winter sunset was painted in sweeping brush strokes of orange pastels. The misty clouds in the sky glowed and waters of Shell Bay served as a mirror, all rippled with color. From her vantage point atop the bluffs, Rosilia had a fine view of the beautiful dusk and she suspected that Penandar would be along the coast watching it as well. It was his way to seek out the serenity of nature's beauty before he a fight, making peace with himself should the worst happen, Rosilia surmised. Looking down to the shore, she spied him standing on a dry patch of a rocky outcropping which jutted out into the surf. The waves crashed again and again against the stone, hurling foamy spray into the sky but none of it seemed to touch or trouble Penandar as he stood still as a statue, staring west.

Posted Image

Rosilia picked her way down the rocky path and clambered across the rocky outcropping to Penandar. He heard her approach and he moved to assist her, offering a hand to help her keep her balance on the slick rock. "I knew you would be out here," she said. "Have you found the calm you sought?"

"Yes, but it is fleeting," Penandar answered. "My thoughts always return to the Queen."

"Yes," Rosilia agreed glumly, her own sadness tightening her heart. She slipped her arm around his waist and he in turn held her close in the crook of his arm. For several long moments they stared to the setting sun in silence. Finally she asked, "Did you know her?"

"I did not but I know many that did and they all spoke very highly of her. If I had never heard these tales, however, I would have respected what she did for Britannia and I would grieve for her still."

"Yes, and now what of Britannia? The great cities are all besieged by the Bane Chosen and our civilization still has not healed from the wounds inflicted by Blackthorn and Casca." Rosilia shook her head. "I suppose I should be thankful that the Bane Chosen are not attacking Aviya or Shell Point or any of the other settlements hereabouts."

"They aren't yet," Penandar said. "That could change and there are others who plague us."

"Yes, which is why you organized this patrol you will be leading tomorrow. I've come, however, to ask if you have heard the latest news which just reached me. It is about a man known as Kyonshi who had ties to the Society. The word is this Kyonshi was trained by them and yet turned on the Society, murdering a young druid who was served them."

Penandar nodded. "I received the reports, though I have never been acquainted with this Kyonshi. I wonder at his motives for betraying those who showed him kindness. Why did he murder this druid? Have our enemies gotten their claws into him and are using him as a tool to ruin the Society?"

"I don't know," Rosilia responded. "I could draft a letter fo the Society and ask them if they would elaborate. Perhaps they can offer motives."

"A good idea. At any rate, if our patrol should stumble upon him, we'll try to bring him to justice."

Rosilia could not hide the grimace of concern that flashed across her face. "You don't think he is still in these parts, do you? Surely after commiting murder, he would have fled."

"Might be he did flee, but again, it all depends on his motives. If he is waging his own war against the Society, then it might be likely he's lingering to work more mischief and murder."

Rosilia's face was drawn with even more worry and Penandar cursed himself for troubling her so. He pulled her into his embrace and let her rest her head against his chest. "I promise I will be careful. You need not fear for me."

"I cannot help it," Rosilia whispered. "I seem to be gripped by fear ever since Arvid was slain. I would have gone mad with grief if you had not been there to hold my world together. I wish you didn't have to go and endanger yourself."

"I know sweetings, but I must," Penandar said as gently as he could. "One cannot avoid danger, I fear. Consider if we lived in the big city. In general, they are safer than smaller villages like Aviya but we'd even now be battling against the Bane Chosen."

"A feat you mean to do when you've dealt with the local troubles," Rosilia pointed out. Penandar sighed and could not argue that point. "I just... I have this forboding about this Kyonshi," Rosilia continued. "I know not why, but his tale makes me frightened and I have these fearful imaginings of you encountering him out in the wild somewhere."

"I promise I will be careful," Penandar assured her, stroking her hair. "It's a wide world we live in. What are the chance I encounter this one man?"