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PvP Guide for Trammies

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I'll go out on a hunch here and assume that there are Trammel players who would like to try out PvP or at least be able to go to Felucca and hold their own in case of a meeting with PK's, but find themselves dying pretty quickly if they do so. In order to help them get started I thought I gather some general Information and tips for successful Player versus Player combat.


  • Don't be afraid to die! You will die a lot in the beginning. PvP isn't easy and it will take a while to learn. But you will get better and start to die less often.
  • Do not listen to smacktalk. Some PvP'er find it amusing to verbally abuse their victims or complain and curse if they lose. These are just pitiful characters. Try to ignore them. If you can't - use the "Ignore Player" feature of Ultima Online.


  • Strength - important for all templates. With the help of item bonuses you want to end up somwhere beyond 120 hitpoints. The closer to the cap of 150 the better.
  • Dexterity - key stat for warriors (hence the name dexxers). It influences the swing speed and heal times. So the higher the better. 140-150 is usually advised. Mages only need minimal dex (~25) to not get caught immobile by damage or by bumping into others.
  • Intelligence - very important for mages. 100-125 usually advised so you end up with 120+ mana after items. Also important for warriors as special moves and spells from chivalry and bushido need mana too. Try to get as much mana increase as you can still cram into your suit. You should end up with at least 50+ mana.

There are many working templates in PvP, some of the most popular are:

  • Mystic/Mage
  • Necro/Mage
  • Tamer/Mager
  • Tamer/Archer
  • Archer
Some Skills are "all or nothing" when it comes to PvP, meaning you should try to get 120 skill points or do not use that skill at all. These are (in my personal opinion):

  • Resisting Spell
  • Weapon Skill
  • Magery
  • Evaluation Intelligence
  • Mysticism
  • Focus (if combined with Mysticism)

With other skills you try to get away with east amount of points in skills that you can and still get the most out of it. Examples:

  • Healing - 90 is usually enough
  • Chivalry - somewhere between 60-80 si most common
  • Necromancy - often only take to 105 to cast Wither 100%
  • Hiding - often kept around 80
  • Stealth - often kept around 80

There are many, many ways to set up a great PvP suit, but in the end, you should aim for the max. - in other words, try to take the essential properties to the cap.

  • Resists - should be all 70 (75 in energy if you're an elf). Many people like to have fire and poison resist higher than 70 to diminish the effects of corpse skin from a necromancer
  • Lower Reagent Cost - 100% (if you need regs)
  • Lower Mana Cost - 40%
  • Faster Casting - 2 (if you're a caster)
  • Faster Cast Recovery - 6 (if you're a caster)
  • Hit Chance Increase - 45% (if you have a weapon skill)
  • Defense Chance - 45% is good, 70 is perfect (then you're still at the 45% cap after hit with Hit Lower Defense. Pretty much all Dexxers use HLD)
  • Swing Speed Increase - as high as you need to swing once every 1.25 seconds
  • Regenerations - high mana reg (7+) is always a good idea. The benefit of a lot of Hitpoint regeneration is debated and the need for Stamina Reg depends on your char having focus or not.
  • Stat Increases - as many as you can still cram onto your suit

General Tactics

  • Keep moving. It's usually better to stay in motion than to stand still and offer the opponent an easy target.
  • Don't be too proud to run away if you're low on health. Of course there are situation like duels where it is considered bad form to flee, but out on the field it's often the wiser action to get a screen or two away to heal and regroup before rejoining the fight.
  • Stay close to your friends. It's much harder to fight a group that stays together and attacks the same target.
  • Try to scatter the enemy. It's easier to kill single targets than a group that stays together and fights back.
  • Try to inflict poison, bleed, strangle, mortal or other effects on your target that prohibit healing and may interrupt spells.
  • Carry enchanted apples and use them if get cursed and to remove effects that prohibit healing. Do that even if you are able to cast remove curse or cleansing winds as they save you a spell that could be interrupted and you can use that spell to dish out damage.
Mage Tactics

  • Do not use Protection, because you are casting too slow if you do. The opponent could heal faster than you do damage if you use protection. (There are exceptions to this rule for certain templates like Bushido/Mystics or Mystic healers)
  • Use small fast spell rather than big spells that can easily interupted.
Fighter Tactics

  • Use fast weapons - especially against mages in order to interrupt their spells.
  • Use weapons with hit effects for a little extra damage.

That's it for now, just a quick guide, but I will keep updating it. I do hope for further input from other PvP'ers in this threat.

Note that all of the above is my personal opinion - others might disagree.

Playing on Drachenfels? Speaking German? Tired of exploring Sosaria alone?

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there are a couple additions from my own perspective that i would add...

Resists on the suit. in this case fire resist. it is best to get the total as high as you can so it means that if a necro casts evil omen and then corpes skins you the resist is still at 70, this will help cut down on apple usage.

for dexxers dex i would say is your most important stat, so having dex at 120 then with 50 ep on your suit, chug an agility pot and you get 150, this will also save on the imbue balance with ssi because you won't need it at max to get 1.25 swing speed on your weapons.

Merion mentioned protection... now i generally always play a pure caster template or a warrior caster, I always use protection sure it might mean slower casting but with 6 fast cast recovery you can actually make it so you can do a 3 spell combo explode, mind blast and flamestrike and have it hit all at the same time... but generally fc is needed i will only suggest using protection if you know what you are doing.

pvp templates are generally built to use the least amount of points in skills that you can and still get the most out of it. For example you don't need 120 healing on a pvp template 90 real skill is fine and some use 80 then use enhanced bandages to boost that skill level by 10 points. Stealth templates are also like this, myself generally run around with 90 hiding and 80 stealth or 70 stealth and boost this with the cloak of silence, also with stealth templates ninja is often on as a support skill, rat or rabbit form will boost this by another 20 skill points give gm stealth which is more then enough (esp if ninja is over 50 to pop a smoke bomb and hide after you hit a dismount)

nearly finished... research the skills you want to use for extra abilities that they give if say used in combination with with another skill or little extras for having that skill. (the parry bonus from bushido and they use of poison shurikens and darts with ninja for example)

and finally the most important point i would say... don't get cowed into playing a specific playstyle and template, experiment in tc with skills you will find that on paper the template may look wrong but in practice it works so don't be afride to mix and match skills until you are happy.

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Don't forget Hit Point Increase on suits. 25 is the cap.

I agree with Merion about using protection. Try to avoid it as much as possible. I know that you will fight people who just disarm/bleed spam non stop. Casting protection is unavoidable in this instant.

Plus, I wouldn't stock up on fire resist. The reason being that most mages out there are mystic mages now. Plus, you will most likely get cursed anyways. At 70 fire, you will drop to 59 fire resist if you are corpsed, and you will drop to 60 if you are cursed. Instead, I would stock up on extra physical resist. Especially if you are running a mystic mage. I don't know if the devs implemented a hard cap on physical resist while in protection.
There is a new item in the uo stores (which you can buy for gold in game) which allows you to enhance without a chance to poof the item. I'm at the work comp and not much of a crafter so I can't look up which material. However, you can enhance each imbued piece with 3 extra physical and 2 extra fire. THat should add on to your resists in these areas quite a bit.

Plus, with playing a mage I think ninjitsu is almost required if you don't run in a group. I've seen several mages also survive dismount ganks with spellweaving. Mirror images are a life saver.



    Infamous King of Typos

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Thanks you two. I tried to work in your information.

I could need a bit more comprehensive info on tactics. I find it hard to put into simple words what I'm doing during a fight.

On a side note: I'm curious - how can spellweaving help surviving a dismount gank?

Playing on Drachenfels? Speaking German? Tired of exploring Sosaria alone?

Check us out: www.semperfidelis.de or sent me a pm



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a weaver mage with wrestling is most likely to survive a dismount gank then anyother template out there, you do need weaving at 120 and you also need an acrane focus at level 6 to pull it off.

first of all you have 120 wrestling and 75 dci
Next cast gift of renewal, with 120 weave and level 6 focus you then regenerate 16 hp every two seconds,
next you have 12 hpr, this boosts up the gift of renewal
cast attunement and this will absorb 81 (or 86) hp of physical damage,
then for me personally I tend to have gm alch on there with 50% ep on my suit
for me at least i have protection up with 6 fcr and use greater healing on top of hpr, gor, pots.
with the protection up you can cast greater heal and not get disrupted and in the middle of the casting you can chug a greater heal potion and this won't cancel the targeting of the spell (for this but you have to get your timing spot on, most of the time it is cast greater heal then chug a greater cure, or eat an apple because some bright spark will try there hardest to either mortal you or poison you in the middle of casting)

that for me is how i survive the archer gank, and i see them alot since i normally role on my own when in fel, it means I don't catch allies in the crossfire as sometimes happens and everyone barring me is a target :D
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Death comes in so meny forms and I know quite a few of them....http://img204.imageshack.us/i/yelenasig.jpg/