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Winds of Change

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Piper Everwood

Piper Everwood

    Devil or Angel???

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A cold wind blew through the night, her cloak stirring in the wind. She walked alone the dark heavy around her. Her movements silent and graceful. She sought someone. Her eyes piercing through the darkness of the night. Her endless suffering, making her aggrivated. She hated being summoned. This would cease tonight. The one she sought was near, so near. She smiled, exposing the sharp points of her teeth.

*the air stirs around him*

"Who's there?" he calls out into the darkness, but receives no answer. He sighs with relief as she steps from the shadows. Her eyes drinking him in, a well respected shop owner of the city of Moonglow, she could sense his uneasiness.

"Oh its you. your late" he said short tempered. She moved closer to him, never saying a word. She could hear his heartbeat, strong, pounding with fear.

"I have a message for you, from Him" he said looking around to make sure they were alone. Her need great she moved swiftly toward him.

"I am done taking orders from him." she hissed at the man as she grabbed him by the throat. Fear showed in his eyes as he realized his life was about to end. She had betrayed them.

His scream awoke the sleeping city of Moonglow. Citizens flowed from their homes to see what the screaming was. A crowd began to gather around the man's body. It lay bent and broken, and drained of blood.

She stood in the shadows smiling as she listen to the shock in the citizens voices. His blood still fresh on her lips, she closed her eyes and vanished, as the guards were called.
She reappeared in her home.

"Master. where have you been?" he asked her as she appeared in the room.
"Taking care of some unfinished business." She said softly. He knew better then to question her, she was stronger, faster and more powerful. He had learned that lesson once and he did not care to repeat it.

"He is returning. Leave I will call when you are needed again." She said. He nodded and vanished. She threw her cloak over the back of the couch as she turned to face her love. He smiled when he saw her standing there waiting for him. He was the only good that still lived in her, but the good was quickly being swallowed alive by the her need......

Piper Everwood

Piper Everwood

    Devil or Angel???

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  • PipPipPip
  • 217 posts
She smiled as he entered the house.
"I've missed you." he said softly as he pulled her close. A growl floated on the air.

"Where have you been?" he asked her.

"Oh no where, just had somethings to take care of." she said as she pushed away from him and forced a sweet smile to him.

The next day she returned to Moonglow. The city was in an uproar over last nights murder. She stood in the shadows listening to the people.

"What do you expect. The guard has been abolished. There is no one to protect us anymore." a townsfolk said as many agreed. Her eyes fell upon a member of the council, and she watched as they approached her.

"The council would like to speak with you. Could you please come to the tower later this afternoon." She asked.

"Fine." she answered, sounding a little annoyed. She smiled as the council woman walked away, she knew what was to come. She closed her eyes and vanished, reappearing in her home.

"Come to me." she called into the wind. The air shifted as he appeared in front of her and knelt before her.

"Yes Master?" he said.

"Something has come up. There is a meeting I must attend. You will fulfill the task that is needed for tonight." she ordered him. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Of course Master. It shall be done." he answered.

"Ny, Stick to my exact orders, or else." She warned him. He nodded and vanished from the room. She knew he was still close, for he was never far from her.

She arrived at the tower shortly after the lunch hour. She walked slowly into the tower, her long robe concealing her from the light. She saw several of the council members standing together talking.
"Ah, Piper thank you for coming. Please have a seat." Piper pushed her hood back from head as she took the seat offered.

"As you know there was a brutal attack in Moonglow last night."

"Aye I have heard." she said.

"There has been much unrest within the cities lately."

"We know at one time you had overseen the guard."

"Aye I did." she answered.

"We have discussed this matter, and we the council would like to ask you to please consider returning to that position as Captain of the guard."

She looked at each of them and raised an eyebrow.

"We would like you to reform the Royal Guard and take command, in these uncertain times."

"Is this the discussion of the whole council?" she asked, a little surprised as she looked at each of them.

"Yes, the council has voted on this."

She sat there silently and looked at them, she could sense how uneasy some of them were.

"Will you accept the position?"

Sighing heavily she asked "If I do this, I will have the command to rebuild, train and run the guard as I see needed?"

"Within the laws of the council, yes."

"Fine. I will do this. I will let you know when they are ready for duty." She said as she stood up and pulled her hood over her head, then walked from the tower.

Once home, she scanned the house finding she was mostly alone.

"NyKran I summon you." she said. The air shifted as once again he appeared in front of her and knelt before her.

"You heard?" she asked, knowing he had been on the wind in the tower.

"Aye Master. Things are going as according to the plan." he said as he bowed before her.

"Remember your orders and do not mess this up." she hissed at him. He nodded and vanished from the room.

She smiled to herself as everything was coming into place. Soon she thought to herself. Very soon.......