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The snivelling little shits were always carrying something, this occasion was no bloody different and now the parasites had passed it onto him. Yet despite all the time she spent around them their chunder of a mother never seemed to catch anything, let alone keel over and die. He supposed it was too much to hope that one day his dream might come true and the grotesque little brats might be caught in an avalanche of the flab and baked goods that had given birth to them.


Still, it was his time on the road as a roving trader that kept him going and the knowledge that a quick visit to his favourite brothel on the outskirts of Yew awaited him seemed to make each blistered step worth the stinging torture. Popping a nut pilfered from the bowl at his last rest stop into his rotten-toothed maw, he smiled with satisfaction, life might be one miserable event after another but a night with Chastity would soon set him straight.

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Nobody had come out all day they'd said. Must've been one hell of a party inside and with the missus entertaining Aunt Flo and Cousin Red for the next week, Little Ted needed a little hospitality of his own.

The old wooden door hung precariously on its hinges but that was far from an irregularity, in fact it had been Ted himself who had ploughed into the very same door only three or four months earlier after losing his footing during a hasty retreat from the bar. He had paid his tab now, there had been little choice in the matter but at least he'd been allowed back in from time to time.


He swung open the door with an urgent enthusiasm, stepping into the dimly little hallway. Inside the scene was a slight contrast to what he had become accustomed to in this his favourite bawdy house, men and women alike groaned weakly, many draped helplessly over one another in living heaps upon the floor. Others probed the darkness with uncertainty, calling out in astonishment, surprise and even terror as they found another helpless wanderer. Then there were those that simply sat jabbering away to themselves.

The bizarre scene did little to discourage Ted, he had seen this before; nightshade could have baffling effects on the human body. Instead he strode on through the hallways, approaching the door of his favourite girl.

The name "Chastity" emblazoned across it in giant gold lettering always filled him with a unique sense of trepidation and excitement. He inhaled deeply, knocked twice as he always had, then twisted the knob and entered.


His final act of free will.

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Rational thought had abandoned her. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months? The concept of time too complex for her to comprehend. No thoughts, only urges, instincts, yearnings.

A single constant drifting through a decaying conscious:



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