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Setup and gear for Mystic mage

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I got the template but can someone help with the gear I have read some of the posts but I don't have the ability to get the crystalline ring etc for +20 magery. Are there other options? Also any other gear advice would be appreciated. I got this for imbue slots mr/lmc/lrc/sdi @ 15. How much mr, lmc and I assume dci but how much? Also casting wise with protection on what do I need to counteract the penalty and resist loss? Thanks in advance. Oh and i am not faction and what arties do you reccomend using if any?



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For pvp you need at least 45 dci, better is 70. an imbued +15 magery ring with fcr 3, orna and treatise on alchemy is a common combination for non-fction mages.

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This is the setup I use on my mystic mage.
Faction orny
ring: 50 ep, 15 dci, 15 lrc, 5 lmc 8 str (not sure if you can imbue this as it is a pre-imbuing ring)
Lights rampart
Protector of the battle mage
Kelp legs
Lt guard sash
Rangers cloak
Night eyes
Conjurers garb
Arms/sleeves imbued with HPI and the resist I needed. (gloves have 2mr on them)
Mana phasing orb with 10 lrc, 6 lmc, 1MR
This puts me at like 135 hits (chugged) 15 stam 145ish mana, 70 DCI (hld proof), 25 kinetic eater, 40 lmc, 16 mr and 7 casting focus. The only costly piece to this setup is the lavaliere and it can easily be replaced by imbued piece. You can imbue a 25 Ep ring in place of the 50 and the suit will still work fine. The Lights rampart can also be replace with a shield of invun or a generic imbued shield.
I run with 100 anatomy and 120 eval for defensive wrestling (anat+eval+20/2= 120 defensive wrestling)
120 eval, resist, focus, mystic, 115 magery, 110 anat. This leaves 35 points (i think) in med for a little extra mana regen (with this setup you can go elf for the extra mana since you have focus and med points, but I am human.) It also makes throwing bolas really nice because I'm not a target for disarms and when I do drop the shield to throw a bola I still have 50 DCI.