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Spawn mage setup

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This is a nice spawning mage setup. Suit is built around max SDI and not really getting targeted.

SKills... 120 mystic, focus, spellweaving, resist, necro ss. (you can sub necro/ss for wrestling or parry and just use joat to get into wraith form, but i personally run with necro/ss)

What you will need. Appropriate slayer spellbook, level 6 focus crystal, crystalline ring, rangers clock of augmentation, midnight bracers, 1/2 chaos shield replica braclet with 12 sdi 1/3 casting and 20 lrc (other mod is your choice I did resist spells as filler). Kasa of rajin, protector of the battle mage, pendant of the magi, totem of the void.

PS. you dont *have* to have crystaline and protector but its nice.

Protector, pendant,braclet give 60 lrc so on your gloves and legs you want 20 lrc 8 lmc and the rest in resist. You probably wont be all 70's but make sure you really beef up fire and enegery (since thats where the hardest hitting damage spells come from. You will run in protection so you dont get fizzeled (need the resist so you can wither/hailstorm/cleansing winds after a vamp).

For levels 1 and 2 of spawn put on a scrappers (25 sdi) or one of the invasion spellbooks (30 sdi) and just wither stack everything as slayers dont work with necro spells. For level 3 and 4 put on your slayer book, arcane empowerment+rising collosus eats spawn up. The just pull spawn and hail storm away (1 spell with sdi and slayer kills a large group) so you stay back and take them out before they can really cast on you. For the champ same idea Hailstorm works the best on every champ except baracoon. For him I cast corpse skin and use poison strike (using sdi book), when they get low arcane empowerment, evil omen, wod of about 1400 damage (wear sdi book with wod as its not affected by the slayer)

This template works amazing for the abyssal inferno spawn, ricktor, semidar, Nierra, AMAZING WITH OAKS WITH THE FEY SLAYER BOOK. Pretty much all of them lol. Spider champ is the hardest but can be done if you use your collosus smartly.

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