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10+ Year Vet moving to Chesapeake

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Greetings all,


Following a physical cross-country move, followed by only occasional play on my old Baja chars, I've decided to build a new home on the Chessie shard. I have also decided to start all my chars from scratch, in order to re-experience all my favorite parts of UO.


I am a casual rp'er who and I will be building all of my chars slowly and "organically" through game-play. Also I only plan to accept specific help (such as high quality equipment) from other characters I meet in game.


I will probably play a range of styles from crafting to PvM to Champs in Fel with different characters.


I would appreciate any and all advice regarding interesting places to visit and times when folks are active on the shard. Also, what guilds are most active?


I am both intimidated and excited about this new stage in my UO experience.

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Chesapeake has more of a player-town setting than a guild-based one, altho certain guilds are usually closely associated with the various towns. There are several towns of various sizes(empires to villages) and styles(almost no rp, just pvp to full-on hails, ayes and pick-your-favorite-undead), depending on your preference.

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Hail there!


PaxLair ("Peace Place") is a player statehood of 4 player towns (Dragons Watch, Nidaros, PaxLair City, and PaxOku) located on Felucca, Trammel, and Tokuno. We're a very old RPing community that has crafters, new people, returning vets, adventurers, creative writers, questors, and people just wanting to socially relax.


We have a public meeting every Tuesday at 9 PM ET and the location varies as announced. We have an active alliance where someone is on nearly 24/7. Our alliance includes three other player towns too ... Aryslan, Gyldenfeld, and Pitmuck.


Take a look at our PaxLair Times at PaxLair Times | The PaxLair News Service for our news and meeting announcements. Stop in at a meeting sometime! No need to tell us ahead of time that you're coming... we are open to all. We're big on meeting new people and you can then tell us a little about yourself. If you have questions, you can PM me here or see us in the Realm!




Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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We don't RP much, mostly because of real life and prime time work hours, Have a small (unregistered now due to our time constraints) town called Casandreal of Yew at Yew moongate Tram, but we do die well together in all situations throughout the game world. If you care to collect some death robes, you are welcome to join CAT during any of our excursions. You don't find us too much hanging around banks tho, but if you see a lot of corpses near a champ spawn area, dungeon, or special event, (usually ours and late at night or early morning) you know we are close :) Welcome back and have great fun! It's what UO is about :-) Join us any time! We love challenge and adventure. And, well in this game, CAT's have more than 9 lives.



Legendary Ghost

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If ya take one of your characters to Luna go by the fairgrounds there and you will find quite a few of the fancy thingimabobs that were put up by the gods that will take ya to touring just about nearly every player run town on the shard.


Granted maybe not all of em may have a way back showing for ya to get back to Luna but call it some wonderous adventure and go click on ALL OF EM tour each one and get to know where they all are.


Since I oft play upon Siege AND Chesapeake, one day ages ago my wondering eyes beheld all those fancy thingimabobs by Luna Fairgrounds here that do not exist upon Siege. I found myself clicking... on ALL of em ! Luckily I was on me stealther at the time, since one time he went to a wonderous ancient city and he knew his way back to TRAMMEL anyhow from PaxLair...but me stealther also opted to tour the rest of felucca while he was at it and seen even more player run towns too and then toured them all in Trammel too.


Many player run towns and establishments here, truely are a sight to behold each one, so do tour them all, but, ye really need to go see PaxLair in felucca too, since it is so ancient. It goes way back in the days it was first established some 13 yrs ago or so. Many of us oldies remember way back when, before there ever was a trammel. . when seers and gms and ems and even Lord British himself still roamed the lands. Oh and word of caution, for some reason the reapers by Dragons Watch and Aryslan did not like me, perhaps them reapers will like you better though. *smiles*

Hear tell Guardians Gate will be hosting an archery competion soon...*sharpens her arrows* !


They just do not make stuff like they used to back in the day ...course nowadays, ya may find a magical ice cream cone shell thingie with what looks like a cherry on top of it, like I did by Luna Fairgrounds and wonder to ye self ...what is that for and where does it go ! ?


The Sieger in me ...did not know. My curiosity was peaked. So I clicked on it for passage and once at the destination, well I ran into some peculiar cute gobliny imps. I decided to set me up a fishin hut on that island even. There are not many homes there, but it is an island afterall, named oddly Pitmuck !


I still not not fully fathom Pitmuckeans, but in their own peculiar ways they kinda grow on ya.


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