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Vendor improvements

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Tancred RedStar

Tancred RedStar

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I had an idea for vendor improvements the other day, but the more I thought about the idea of vendoring in general, I started to get more ideas. I'm just throwing these out there for people to comment/devour on:

Age-restricted vendors - Sometimes people in our town of Gyldenfeld have tried to setup vendors to cater/help new players in the way of cheap runebooks, armor/weps, resources. etc. What seems to happen, instead, is said vendors get looted by mall owners for them to re-sell at a huge markup in Luna or whatnot. If we were doing it for profit, we'd just sell it for whatever/wherever, but we've done this intentionally to assist new players even at a slight loss. By being able to set a restriction, such as <6 months, skillcap or something along those lines, it would at best try to limit the buyer pool to young(er) players. Of course, I'm sure there are ways around this, such as mall owners setting up trial accounts just to pick these vendors clean, but certainly there must be some way? Maybe require at least a non-trial account but no more than 6 months old?

Guild vendors - similar to the above, but restricting it to guild members. Giving real deals on repair deeds, items, etc. so guildmates is one of the nice perks of being a member of a guild. Some people have elaborate setups involving setting permissions on doors to rooms with vendors, but that just seems so roundabout and sloppy to achieve something that should be better incorporated within the game.

Guardzone premium - Any vendor within a guardzone area should be charged more. In the pre-Tram days, having a house "in town" made for an explosive amount of business/traffic no matter what yous old. This was a huge competitive advantage and remains so today, but for different if not more compelling reasons, namely Luna. The devs, when laying out the design of Luna, were seeking to derive a focused community of sorts with the layout of streets and one-stop shopping for anything NPC-wise. Instead, it was kinda morphed into a high-stakes real estate game with irl dollars severely coming into play. One way to level the playing field, so to speak, short of giving Luna the Magincia treatment(which isn't going to happen, lol) is to charge more for vendors in guardzone areas. RP it as the kingdom's surtax or whatever, but vendor fees should be higher for those areas. Moongates run a distant second in terms of competition and are right at the edge of guardzones and typically have much smaller available houseplot footprints so perhaps make it a scaling thing to an extent of a number of tiles. This would perhaps also benefit the new player out in the boonies, or at least a few screens away, in having a lower vendor operating cost. In the long run, it would also somewhat make irl dollar sales less profitable and give actual players who "play" the game a more enriching and competitive vendoring experience. I'm not sure if vendor costs should be doubled, tripled or 10 times the amount, but I'm sure there's a "right number" out there.

Please, tear these ideas apart in a constructive way, or share some of your own. When something blows up, the wreckage is the most valuable thing as it lets you see what went wrong where :)



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The main ideas behind all three changes are to help new players or guildies and to improve the competition among player vendor owners. I deeply support these ideas.

First two improvements will require the current vendor system to be modified for setting up vendors accessible only by certain players. This is not a hard system to implement as long as the system can identify if the player is meeting the requirement. So, these certain players can be guild members, faction members, blues, reds, players with high or low karma, gargoyles, elves, humans, players wearing jester hats, players having nine consonant letters in a row in their names etc. The common thing for the above player categories is they can be easily identified on the server side. Unfortunately, I dont see a way for the server to accurately identify a player as a new player while even we, the players are having some problems on it. The thing is, age or skillcap restriction will prevent returning players and players who moved to a new shard from buying these items. So, we will still need another way to help these players.

The arguments against increasing the fee of vendors on populated places are:
  • the house owners already charge the owner of those vendors
  • it will be unfair to players who just bought or placed a house for its location
  • most shops in remote locations do quite well by dropping marked runes
  • the traffic of a location varies from shard to shard

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