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Mage Mystic Alchemist Weaver

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Template build....
120 eval
120 spellweave
110 mage +5 on ring and brace to make 120
120 mystic
100 alch
90 focus +30 on ring and bracelet to make 120
70 med

45 dci
50 ep
100 lrc
40 lmc
also has 2/6 but I run around with protection on and play old school

also have sash lt brit guard, the protection of battle mage tunic, tangle, mythical detective boots, coujiors garb, the frost eater tally, fallen mystic spell book


I have changed the frost eater tally, instead of using that I have put the Alchemist tally on, this means that you only need +5 magery on your jewle set and also 35% ep, this will then make it easier for the intensity for the imbued ring.

*Another Edit*

drop med to 60 and put the 10 into mystic. with 60 med and 120 focus you still have 12mr and you can still but 2 mr gorget, head, gloves, leggings which is another 8mr plus all the mr on the other items like the tangle, CG, sash and protection of the battle mage which = 8mr meaning there is 16 mr on the suit, mr on the book would also be useful.

*Another another edit*

I love alchemy but if you don't then For the 100 points then you can put it in scribe or.... wrestling and put +20 skill on jewle set

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Instead of Wrestling you can also try Anat... Eval Int + Anat also gives defensive wresting...
(Eval Int + Anat + 20 ) / 2 = (Defensive) Wrestling.
So you only need 100 Anat, and save another 20 points for other skills

You do lose the offensive special moves (disarm mainly) of Wrestling that way tho...
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normally i only put anat in if i have 90 heal.... means that anat has a double purpose and is more useful, in this instance wrestling would be more benifical for disarms

Death comes in so meny forms and I know quite a few of them....http://img204.imageshack.us/i/yelenasig.jpg/



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Thank you for the Template.

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