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Shadow Moore Inn

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Avalon ^V^

Avalon ^V^

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*time is of little consequence to those of the Immortal*
Shadow Moore Tavern is open for business. Penelope is the Madam who is hired to run it with the assistance of some friends.

Avalon ^V^

Avalon ^V^

    Advanced Member

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*Log entry for the Saucy Vixen*

Dreadful mess this miserable shipment is! A simple looting of bounty from one unfortunate ship to another should not, in any degree, cause this much trouble! Whose brilliant idea was it to investigate that frigate anyway? *a disgusted grunt of self realization* Fine, it was Mine! I wasn’t like We torched it. We just happened upon it and decided to investigate the distress of the wayward ship. I donno who this was intended for, but I hear a bit o land South of the Shadow Moore Tavern would find it of interest. Well I hope they will because I intend to leave it there without asking if they want it or not!
I find this miserable mess of roots and leaves nothing more than a smelly mound of opiate encrusted irritation. There has been nothing with it that gives me cause for want to try more of its hellish brew. The Spirit folk of the Yew area may find it a refreshing concoction but I prefer a stronger blend of intoxicating pleasure! My associate on land, Penelope will know what to do with this mess.
Last time I had a mug of this rot the nightmares were so vivid and real I ‘bout threw myself o’re the rails! No sense keeping that aboard! Im certain its more suited for the fairy folks.


Making her way into the main Tavern area Penelope was startled to see two large baskets of green leaf tea. Tea is not normally something she is well versed in, but gifts were always welcome.
“Ah what a perfect idea! I think maybe I’ll see if my neighbor is about, and try to make some nice conversation. I would hope sharing a gift such as this would make for a lovely exchange.”
Gathering a basket and strapping it to her back she made the short jaunt South to the Knights Rest Inn. She was going to do the same that was done for her and just leave the basket by the bar, but low and behold who would happen upon her but the owner of the establishment.
They made friendly introductions and light banter before she discovered that the tea would be well received. Her new acquaintance was indeed an avid tea sipper. A lovely discovery to be sure! On her way back to the Shadow Moore Tavern she couldn’t help but smile and hum lightly to herself hoping a friendship had been started.

Avalon ^V^

Avalon ^V^

    Advanced Member

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  • 106 posts
The new tea delivery has made Shadow Moore a bit of a hot spot for new clients. One or two I havent seen in years, especially after relocating so far from my home. But the first time I saw Eyece {ice} enter I knew the world was right! Now she was a fairly common sight at the Tavern. When her travels allowed she would visit.

I sauntered lazily in to Shadow Moore Tavern, my favorite place to relax and have a nice drink.!!Looking around I noticed that there were more people in the Tavern than usual; I walked up to the bar.!!“What’s wit all duh people?”!!I asked, my voice a little slurred from working all day.
!!!!!!!!!!!!“A new brew dat’s what.” Edna responded to me, and handed me a cup of hot steaming tea.!!I sniffed the fumes drifting through the air and my heart melted.!!I placed my pay on the counter and the girl nodded.!!“Enjoy yer drink.”
!!!!!!!!!!!!I couldn’t stop smelling it; I understood now why the Tavern was full.!!I refrained from tasting the magical drink until I sat down at my usual spot by the fire.
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Hey Eyece!”!!Penelope called out, but I didn’t hear her, all I cared about as I sipped the delicious drink was to fall into a well needed …

!My eyes snapped open, but I couldn’t tell, everything around me was pitch black.!!I was disappointed that I woke up so soon, why couldn’t I stay asleep?!!I got up from my bench and felt around, bumping into a large pot and almost falling onto the stove.!!I was defiantly in the Tavern, but why was it so dark?!!I heard a spark and then a single candle was lit, resting on the bar.!!Everything around me was black except for the faint yellow glow of the candle; it was like seeing in only black and white.!!The stove was black, the bar was black, even the flowers were black.!!I made my way towards the bar and saw bodies.!!I shivered as I looked at them.!!A few were leaning over the bar, but most of them were either sitting in chairs or lying on the floor face up.!!It was like someone put them all in perfect order.!!The ones on the floor were all on their backs, the ones in the chairs were all leaning back, their heads in plain view, and the ones at the bar were hunched over with a single cheek on the bar.!!They all wore black clothing and had skin whiter than snow, they had black smudges around their eyes that made them look like a raccoon, all of their lips were black; and the worst thing… they all had their eyes open, staring at me.!
!!!!!!!!!!!!I leaned a little closer to the bar and I started recognizing faces, the woman behind the bar was Edna.!!I screamed and walked backwards, tripping over arms and legs.!!I looked at the body by the fire and sure enough, it was Penelope.!!A single tear trickled down my cheek as I recognized more faces.!
!I put my face in my hands and sobbed, but something wasn’t right, even with me. I looked at my hands through blurry vision and saw white.!!I glanced down at my cloths, and they were black.!!I dared not to look in a glass to see my face; I couldn’t take any more of this… I ran through the bar, running and tripping on bodies.!!Just a few more feet to the door… I tripped over someone’s neck and fell to my knees on another’s chest.!!I sobbed as I fell to my face.!
!!!!!!!!!!!!I heard faint foot steps, and then felt a foot turning me over to my back, onto a free space on the floor.!!All I saw was a black boot and a black leg.!!My sobs died down and all I could do now was look.!!I watched as the single candle, my single shred of hope, was blown out…

I woke up with a start.!!Whew!!!It was only a dream.!!I got up from my bench by the fire and started to take my cup back to the bar.!!I froze.!!The Tavern was not the Tavern anymore, or was it?!!Everything was glowing with fire; the walls, the ceiling, the floors, my feet… everything but the oven.!!In fact, when I went over the oven it wasn’t even hot, I touched it quickly and it was freezing cold.!!Everyone was running around, their cloths all on fire.!!I stayed as close to the stove as possible and watched the chaos.!!Penelope ran passed me “Help me!!!Help me!”!She screamed.
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Come next to the stove!”!
!!!!!!!!!!!!“No, it will burn us all, it will kill us…” And she continued to run around burning.
!!!!!!!!!!!!No one is dyeing; I thought!they are all in misery.!!The fire started to crawl up my leg and I started feeling the flames.!!I screamed and climbed into the oven, latching it shut.!
!!!!!!!!!!!!At that moment everything went back to normal.!!Everyone was sitting and talking normally as if nothing happened.!!The oven started to heat up…
No Relief

I woke up screaming.!!“I can’t do this, I can’t do this!”!
!!!!!!!!!!!!The room was silent.
!!!!!!!!!!!!I looked around in shock, the place was empty.!!There were no people, no decorations, no tea, not even the oven, just the bar and me.!!I got up from the floor feeling sore.!!What on earth happened?!!What was going on?!!Suddenly a face popped in front of me and then disappeared just as quick.!!I jumped and hit my head on the ceiling.!!Then it happened again. “Boo!” a different face yelled.!
!!!!!!!!!!!!“I’m not afraid of you.”!!I said shakily.!
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Hehe!!!You wisssshh.”!!Penelope’s face whispers in my ear, her giggle echoing through the whole Tavern.!
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Penelope?!!What’s going on?!!I thought we were friends…”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“No longer.”!!She whispered in an evil voice.!!“You have failed us all; we are all just puffs of dust now because of you.” She hissed. I turned around to see her but she poofed away just as I looked.!!“Now you must become one of ussssss.” She grabbed my hand with hers, which was now showing.!!“Coooome.”!
!!!!!!!!!!!!“No!!!What did I do? How do I make this right?”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Coooome.” And she formed me into dust.
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Noooo!”!!I screamed…
Done For

!“Eyece.!!Eyece!”!!Penelope said harshly “Be quiet! You are scaring the customers.”
!!!!!!!!!!!!I opened my eyes, my scream still lingering in the air.!!“Penelope, where am I?”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Shadow Moore Tavern you drunken fool.”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“No, I mean, how…”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“I brought you here…”
!!!!!!!!!!!!I cut her off “Noooo, what am I?!!What did you do too me?”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Eyece, calm down!!!I brought you here a year ago, remember?!You have come ever since…”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“A YEAR?!!!I’ve been here a YEAR?!” I screamed.
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Eyece, calm down!!!You can leave; I didn’t take you captive or something...”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Wait… I’m so confused.”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“Eyece, go home.!!Rest up.”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“I thought I, but you, and I…”
!!!!!!!!!!!!“We will discuss this later.”
!!!!!!!!!!!!I wasn’t so sure I didn’t want to scare off the customers.