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[RP] Ilhenir the Stained

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(Ilhenir the Stained is the champion boss of the Pestilence Spawn in Bedlam. The background and history you see below is provided by Lady Pandora of the Catskills shard and is free to use in any role playing theme or plotline.)

1 Ilhenir the Great Knight
2 Bedlam in Umbra
3 Resurrection Gone Bad
4 Rage and Wrath
5 The Blood Pact

Ilhenir the Great Knight
Ilhenir was once a great knight, served under Lord British himself. In the battle against Lord Blackthrone, valiantly he lost his life alongside his beloved horse, Red. In a battle against 7, he took 4 of them with him to the grave. Highly decorated, admired, and revered by his fellow citizens of Britain, his death was grieved by the entire land. But Britannians had taken solace in knowing that he had died a glorious death, one that every knight hopes for, serving his countrymen. Given the traditional knight's burial, his family was presented with his sword and shield by Lord British as the streets of Britain were lined with delicate flowers and all the flags in the kingdom were lowered.

But for Ilhenir's family, the loss of their only son was too much to bare. Nothing could quench their mourning. Having much wealth, they sought to have Ilhenir returned to them in any way possible. There had been rumors that the city of Umbra had knowledgeable persons that may be able to help them in their quest. The pain felt by Ilhenir's mother only served to fuel his father's decision to seek the assistance of studied necromancers in a secret scholastic institution named Bedlam, which resided hidden somewhere in Umbra.

Bedlam in Umbra
Necromancy was wicked and very powerful. Those that had wielded its dark magic had used it to further the evils of the world; it was not a good art to practice. But now, it had been lost and gone unused for many moons. The citizens of Umbra had stumbled upon it and the mages and theurgists of Umbra decided to try to study and learn its dark ways. Thus they established Bedlam, underground. Hidden away from the sight of common folk, they were able to summon undead, raise the dead, and shape shift without much notice. A portal was built in the Bloodletter's Guild that would allow admission to Bedlam, with of course the proper papers. Soon those that learned whatever old, dusty books would teach them eventually became professors in Bedlam, teaching others. They practiced on small animals; goats and hinds and sheep, but never on humans. They sought to bring necromancy back as a practiced art, but had no intentions of using it for evil doings.

Resurrection Gone Bad
Ilhenir's family sought entrance into the hidden underground bowels of Umbra and in their quest they met an interesting young lady named Aernya the Mistress of Admissions. She allowed their entrance and introduced them to Master Gnosos the Necromancer, who heads the program. When they explained their grief and how terrible life had been for them after Ilhenir's death, Gnosos went back to the other masters (Master Jonath, Master Theophilus, Master Mikael) to tell them of the struggles of this family. Gnosos was torn between wanting to test the craft he had practiced all his life and knowing all that could go wrong. Gnosos decided to decline the family's request.

However, the other masters were simply too eager to see just how far their teachings had come. They approached the family and collectively agreed to try to cast the "Raise Dead" spell on Ilhenir's now decaying body. Gnosos was none too happy to hear of his colleagues agreement to such a spell. Sure, they had cast that very spell on many of the dead animals and it had gone fairly well, but to do this on a human could turn out much differently. Master Theophilus told the family the ingredients they would have to get, which seemed pretty rare to attain, and that they would need a few items that were personal to Ilhenir himself. The family returned to Britain. There they had Ilhenir's body exhumed, what was left of it. Ilhenir's mother was shocked right back into her deep grief at the site of her son's adorned Royal Guard coffin. Tortured by the sounds of her wailing cries, his father packed it up and had it sent to Umbra via carriage. Ilhenir's parents accompanied the cargo wagon carrying with them the ingredients required as well as their son's shield and sword; the trip spanned several days.

Exhausted yet eager, the couple re-entered Bedlam, again with the assistance of Aernya. Gnosos warned them of all the possibilities that could happen and that they couldn't guarantee that their son would come back to them whole, as they had remembered him. Arguing ensued between Gnosos and the other masters, but in the end, out of sheer curiosity if nothing more Gnosos agreed to help his comrades. The four set out to do what had not been done in the field of Necromancy for well over a thousand years.

Unfortunately, Gnosos predictions proved right. After several weeks of unsuccessful attempts, they were able to resurrect Ilhenir. But the result was certainly not at all what had been expected. Ilhenir rose, mind intact, but disfigured and maimed. He was now unrecognizeable --- part human, part beast, part monster.

Rage and Wrath
As Ilhenir started to comprehend what he was seeing before the mirror of the underground cavern he occupied minutes after his resurrection, his parents made their way to him. Ilhenir, in aguish, turned his parents away when they came to see him. His mother carefully knocked on the door of the room. Ilhenir let out protests that seemed to shake the very foundation of the underground university, "LOOK! Look at your son, now... is this what you wanted?!?" The screams were taken from her quivering mouth, as tears rolled down her face. At this Ilhenir's tone lowered. "I cannot live like this, I've had my righteous death. I want it back!" His mother, now with a bowed head as tears continued to flow from her amber eyes said, "I loved you too much. Your father you must not blame for this, it was all my doing." Ilhenir made his way to a chair nearby, sat down and said, "As you can see, love can be both a blessing and a curse. You will leave this place, or be buried in it."

Her instict was to run to him, wrap him in her arms as she had done so many years prior and tell him that her love knows no bounds, and she would love him just the same. But she did not. She turned on her heel and left. As the door shut behind her, whatever Ilhenir had felt for his parents left him and never returned.

As the masters of the university scurried above the room where Ilhenir stayed, they asked his father, "Lord, are thou going to take the lad with you?" The old man took out a 100 gold pieces and extended it out to Theophilus, "There is no place for him among our world above." Theophilus took the coin, returned the sword and shield, and watch as Ilhenir's parents washed their hands off of him. Theophilus felt pity for the young knight, it was his guess that he would be confined to the walls of this institution.

Gnosos sat in his study, contemplating. Theophilus walked in and told him of the actions the parents had taken, dropping the bag of coins on Gnosos desk. "Surely, you do not intend for us to hold this creature here?" Gnosos said. "Where would we send him?" Theophilus argued. "Perhaps, we could send him back to Valhalla, where he should have stayed." Gnosos said. "Maybe I could talk with him, does he even know what powers he has?" Theophilus asked. "I would doubt it." Gnosos stated.

Just then, they felt the earth shake beneath them. As the floor caved inward, Ilhenir rose. He went for Theophilus first... grabbing him and tearing his body into several pieces as blood spattered across the walls of Gnosos' study. Blood, Ilhenir learned, fed his power. He felt it tingle inside him, as it ran through his dried veins. Gnosos screamed, as Mikael and Jonath burst through the room. Gnosos was frozen in place by fear. Ilhenir quickly dispatched the two other masters that had assisted his resurrection. He turned to Gnosos...

"And you," he pointed to Gonosos, "for you I have a plan. You will teach me all that you know of this art and my powers will be fed by those that you trick to come here!" Ilhenir's voice boomed. Gnosos asked in a low voice, "And if I do not assist thee?" Ilhenir smiled and said, "Then I will find my way to Umbra, and then beyond, and I will destroy everything in my path." Gnosos knew, for the sake of his family and the people of Sosaria, he could not allow him passage through that portal. So he condemned himself to live within Bedlam, and keep this monster away from the light of the world above him.

The Blood Pact
That night Ilhenir took out all his rage on the other professors, as well as any students that were present. Gnosos could only watch in horror. With more blood, came more power. Ilhenir knew something was stirring in him. Gnosos took notice and stuck a deal with Ilhenir... "I shall continue to bring you living blood and teach you the art of Necromancy, but you must do something in return." Ilhenir turned to Gnosos, interested. "And what would that be?" Gnosos knew he had no choice, "You remain the rest of your days as the ruler of Bedlam, and you keep to your domain." Ilhenir paced. "Fair enough," said the once brave and valiant knight.

Gnosos managed to send a letter to Aernya, telling her of the events that have unfolded and ordering the portal to Bedlam be sealed for all time. The only ones that may enter are any of those that seek to have their tuition re-imbursed and instructed her as to how that might be done. And while Aernya knows that any that manage to go into Bedlam may not return. She considers this an acceptable alternative to having Ilhenir roam through Sosaria, taking his vengence on all that live within it.

Gnosos kept his promise, he taught Ilhenir the art of Necromancy. With it he managed to use the same spell that was cast on him, on those he had took his revenge on --- the professors, the students, the staff --- of Bedlam. Ilhenir was surrounded by those like him, undead. He had full control of Bedlam and all that entered its walls were consumed, so the inhabitants of his world kept growing in numbers. Soon, he was impenetrable. As time passed, he found his arrangement quite suitable and was more than content staying within the walls of Bedlam, where the look of disgust and fear humans would give him would not touch him. The wretch of his domain cared not for his looks.

But, as with anything that cannot die, time is Ilhenir's greatest enemy. The second being, boredom. How long will ruling Bedlam keep his interests?

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