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uodate? uo2? what to do?

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I have just started playing UO again. I didn't play it much but was playing on a mates account about 11 years ago, and my brothers account about 10 years ago. Recently I was playing another online game but got abit sick of it, so i thought i would come check out UO again.
I have read abit of the forums and people are talking about 'change this, change that', 'do what this game did' and all this type of stuff.
Personally, I think UO should do what UO did. I mean, look at the armour and weapons set up, its a bloody joke. Armour and weapons used to be straight foward and realistic. Now its like, i spend all my time trying to mine valorite, make it into platemail armour and its next to useless because my enemy is wearing a paper hat or something stupid like that.
I mean, come on, i understand there needs to be magic weapons, armour and all that stuff but someone wearing leather leggings, chainmail tunic, platemail gorget, a normal shirt and a paper hat is way better then a full suit of valorite?????

I also understand there are alot of people after full on graphics like WOW, guild wars and games like that but if you look at a 'free' online game called seafight, it is 2D and pretty basic but it is very popular and people spend ALOT of money on it.
I think its all about advertising and making things fun. I like UO because it is pretty basic and straight foward.I know a few people who stopped playing because of silly changes, not because of the graphics.

Personally all I think UO needs is to get back to basics, redo a few things 'such as the armour/weapons idea' (maybe get rid of Trammel and felucca and make it 1 world again) , do some adverstising and make the game more fun again. Seriously, games like seafight rake in the cash and they are simple, but force you to interact with other player whether you like it or not and i think thats what UO is missing.



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well as for the armor thing, the way I've always thought about it is that you're a lot more mobile wearing leather armor than you are in plate, so while a person in plate could absorb more damage, the person in leather could dodge a lot easier, which would sort of even it out.

What shard do you play on, btw?

... it's pronounced 'fel-ookah', not 'fel-oosha' ...




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I'm on oceania.
The point I was getting at with the armour and weapons was. When UO first come out. Armour had a rating (the amount of damaging it would protect you from) and the heavier the amour was, the more it would reduce your dexterity. That was it, simple and straight foward, ofcorse except for magic stuffs. now its like 30% physical, 10% cold etc...
And weapons were pretty much the same. And the harder the metal to find, the better the weapon or amour. Now weapons and armour are all the same, no matter what ore you make it out of, it just does different things.
Now everyone wears 'paper hats' because somehow the protect you more than a plate helm or something



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I agree with you Dionysus...this is something that has plagued UO since EA took it over. They turned it into a game that appeals to a wider audience.

Good for them, bad for our nostalgia.

I will always miss the old days of UO...but at least people like you and I were there to witness it...we'll always have that.

That...and UO, even after EA ruined it, is still better than any MMO currently on the market...so yes, there's some changes...but spend some time in world of warcraft, and you'll come to love even those sacrilegious changes....I did anyways :)