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Just a little hello...

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I couple of days ago I found this forum along alot of other bookmarks and thought about the good old UO days :P


So I made a little post just to show that Manderville is still alive but not around yet... I hope everyone is feeling fine and it's good to see you guys are keeping the Templar spirit alive :)


I would love to help the Templars again but right now I don't have the time for it. I misses you lot.




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And we miss you a lot Mandreville! I hope all is going well with you RL, I know there was some difficulties regarding your work last time we spoke. have that been sorted out now?


It's awesome to see that you're still reading the forums. You can keep up to date on our activities here or at The Knights Templar which we do our best to update regularly.


I hope to see you in game soon enough =) or at least on ICQ or MSN so we can have a chat!


Take care mate.

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Yes, the work issues are sorted out now, I quitted it and started to get a better education, so in one year I might turn up to be a businessman wich gains alot more money ;)


I never uses ICQ anymore (still have the number though) and same with MSN, but since I got my mail hacked I lost my MSN aswell and haven't got myself a new one yet so the only place where I hang around nowdays are facebook...

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