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UO, Cyber Bullying, and Harassment

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My friend that works in I.T. security suggested using a packet sniffer to get Mr. Pain-in-my-tuckus's IP address. Then file a complaint with the PD and his service provider. Is using a packet sniffer in UO Illegal? I don't wanna get my keester banned or nothing I just want said knothead to leave me alone.

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You can't get someone's IP through the UO Game client


But, with that said, if you file a complaint with the police for harrassment, they can send a request for the IP to EA


I know they do can do that with hacked accounts and EA by law, has to provide it.


Not sure if it applies to harrassment cases though, but I'd imagine it would do.

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Well interesting little development last night......


I been laying low playing on alternate chars and staying out of Global chat. Well I was on my Tamer peacer last night with My greater draggy. I was enjoying the invasion thats finally landed on Legends. I happened to be killing a crap load of daemons in front of a Luna vendor house, HIS luna vendor house. Then I realized all the vendors were gone, strange. I checked the house sign and he no longer owns it.


Hmmm I wonder. I'm not gonna start celebrating just yet but its at very least a hopeful sign.

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didnt read all through all the muck, but what i do is just ignor them and if they keep it up,in uo, there is or was a filter to stop seeing what they have to say. its only a game/internet:P


Yes, I'm using the ignore filter but he has a lot of different characters. My hope that he'd left my shard was premature. I got on and guess who was on....yup you guessed it.


I called EA this morning this time I used Warhammer/Daoc option instead of the other games option. At least the person I got understood MMOs and was concerned instead of the get lost attitude I have been getting. She brought up my account and read through all the harassment complaints I've filed against this person. She said that something SHOULD be done. She talked to her supervisor who is going to forward my complaint to corporate. I ask about forwarding it to EA legal since the guy is breaking the law they said they would see what they could do.

I'm just not playing anymore, it no fun logging and having to "look over my shoulder" so to speak.


I'm trying to figure out a way to raise enough money for airfare on SWA and cheap accomedations to go to the Town Hall Aug. 28. Anyway airfare is $375 bucks. Greyhound would take like two days and I have to leave out of Baltimore at 1:00 AM to get home ....aaaaccckk!!! I looked at Amtrak...bawahahahahahahaha...like a week to get there!


I was think if I went to the Town Hall then; they CAN NOT ignore me in person, ha!

Perhaps then I could get something done.


On a final note: something he said last night makes me wonder if the guy is either a employee or the child of a employee of EAMythicBioware (is that the name now?)

Anyway he made the statement: "Yeah I heard Mesanna, the dev team and the GMs all told you to go f*** yourself. LMAO I told u I was untouchable! Nobody gonna do anything 2 me!"


I'm begin to seriously wish I could punch this guy in the face. I'd enjoy the jail time if I broke his bloody jaw!

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Interesting strategy, calling Mythic support for another game than assumed... be fun to see if this works, lol


lol no its all one phone number. Then you get the recorded thingy that says: To speak to a customer(no) service representative press 1 for Rock Band Games, 2 for Pogo and Club Pogo, 3 for Sims titles, 4 for Fifa online, 5 for Madden 11, 6 for Warhammer or DAOC, 7 for Littest Pet Shop Online, 8 for other sports titles and 9 for all other games.


So for UO you press 9 and get a random CS rep that doesn't know or care about UO or MMO rpgs. I actually had one ask me if UO is a console game. Good Grief!! :P I decided to go a different route since 6 handles BOTH DAOC and War I figured they'd have a clue. Well they didn't know much about UO other than its a MMO but at least they actually acted like they wanted to help.


Anyway, we'll see if anything happens.

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American carriers are not as heavily subsidized as many of the European ones, so even going to something a few hours away can cost a bit. I've thought about how awesome it would be to live in Europe for a year and go somewhere interesting every weekend for cheap. Best thing you can do in the US is buy your tickets way early, but in this case the Town Hall was announced less than a month before it's scheduled(puzzled look).

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Im sure if you search more on flightoptions you can find something cheaper..


Or is there no lowfare company in US?


Southwest Airlines or SWA has the lowest fares in the US. However I'd be flying from Oklahoma to Fairfax, VA which is the Washington DC metro area. It's a fair distance away. Anyway the point is moot since the Town Hall is all booked up, there are no seats left.


Unless someone would sell me their seat?? Anybody "scalping" town tickets? lol

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How old are you Jirel?


why does it matter? I just figured someone might scalp there Town Hall ticket like some people scalp concert, convention or sporting event tickets.


I'm 39 if it makes any difference. Why does this one person's rights out weight the rights of myself and others on my shard?

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Next time when paging on them make sure you do what BTeng has outlined. If they think they cannot be touched they are surely mistaken. try to keep it business outlining dates of incidents, what if any EA staff, such as EM's or GM's, were present or involved and what steps you have taken to remove yourself from the situation and how nutjob has tried to hurdle those steps to continue harassing/stalking you.By responding to them in any way at all either in game or on any forums you are giving them exactly what they want.

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  • 3 months later...

Based on recent incidents on Stratics Catskills, I'm reopening this thread.


The thread in question is gone from their boards, although I have kept a copy in private. I will pull out excepts if necessary, but I would rather not. Many UOForums readers will have seen the thread in question anyhow.


I posted this tonight:


"People who habitually PvP may become desensitized to what constitutes bullying and harassment. Check out general chat.

"What is bullying?

Bullying is persistent unwelcome behaviour, mostly using unwarranted or invalid criticism, nit-picking, fault-finding, also exclusion, isolation, being singled out and treated differently, being shouted at, humiliated, excessive monitoring, having verbal and written warnings imposed, and much more."

What is bullying? Types of bullying, bullies tactics, how bullies select their victims, the difference between bullying and harassment


Bullies don't have the luxury of creating their own definition."


I believe players are afraid to speak out about this issue because they may find themselves included among the bullies' targets. Bullying and harassment are signficant parts of a general trend in the US (and probably elsewhere) toward a culture of cruelty and incivility. Our children are killing themselves as a result.


Why is this so?


Should we accept it?


If not, how do we become proactive on UO and out in our communities?


Should we expose our children to UO and other interactive social media without extremely careful monitoring?

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Its a bit far to say "Our Children are killing themselves as a result" , There are more behind that than bullying even tho it might help them take the last step faster than otherwise.


Bullying is terrible. Sadly the bullies look for those with very low selfesteem.

Parents should encourage children to dare do things alone at early age. Even if its small things when parents are with them. Paying for tickets, paying for food.

So they believe in themself.


I know so many that do everything for the children. No wonder they dont dare doing anything themself after. Or stand up for themself.


I take a neutral ground in this. I dont support bullies and I also dont support taking the bullied side. If I see it on other hand, I will go betwen.


If the bullied side makes alot of Drama posts, or in rl causes a stir. I will actually not bother, since that is just as we say, feeding the trolls. (I might add, im not refering to anyone on UOF, since I lub you all)


All I say is we need to look to ourself as well. But we shouldnt accept bullying.

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Not sure how other forums do it, but:


Help build the community:


Deliberately being rude or sarcastic towards other posters isn't tolerated. UOForums operates on the belief that it is common courtesy to respect all UOForums posters at all times.


It'd be a rules violation here, and the thread would get reported, and then it would be reviewed by the staff.

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i have had people try and bully me in game, you know what I moved my house to fel, the last time they did it they suffered the humility of getting repeatiedly rez killed cause i chose my house that had several healers spawn there not far from ice dungeon. in the end they left me alone, and alone is how i like it....


end of the day anyone that tries it will get a I don't give a flying ****, or jog on...


I am not having anyone dicate to me how I play a game that I pay a subscription to, luckerly you don't get the abuse here like you do on stratics (or so i have heard at least) and you know what? I am not even registered nor even look at anything to do with stratics....


rant over....

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Not reading stratics forums is absolutely the best thing anyone can do to improve their enjoyment of UO.


Not that there is anything wrong with the site - the main page has good info on it, and can be helpful. I use a combination of Stratics and UOGuide for my game information needs. It's the forums - so many of their forums are too full of members who use them simply as a soapbox to rage against other players, or to rage against EA.

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There are things one can say that might hurt the person. Or Cyber Stalking etc..



Gnomy is naked!?!?!? WHAAA!?!? =)


First, never talk about personal life in a video game. You are surrounded by people you don't know. So if you mention some handicap you have in real life...then you should expect to be taunted about that at a later date. Especially if you pvp.


And if you follow rule one then the only bullying they can do would be on a very impersonal level. Hopefully people have grown thick enough skin for some name calling.


I hope everyone follows rule one, and just remember...it's a game! I don't care if you have fun, but I hope you don't take it so serious.

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What was the outcome of the original discussion that started this thread?


i started reading it without realizing it was several months old and now i'm curious :P


Okay here's lastest update. I emailed Mesanna almost a week ago and have had NO response. I'm beginning to get extremely flustrated.
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