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Possible Scammer - $ Scam -Beware!

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Last week I decided to sell my 3 ultima online accounts that I have had for years.


I posted on here and got some interest in them. One person (Bobondeez) was particularly interested. We agreed and amount ($300) and made the trade.


The paypal payment came through fine and the buyer noted receving the accounts and being happy with them.


Yesterday, I received a message from paypal stating the payment has been reversed from the bank account and the funds were being held.


I have tried to contac the buyer but no reply as yet.


I am hoping that there is a genuine problem but I have a bad feeling about this... One saving grace is that he both posted feedback on here and has been trying to sell the keep etc that was included within the account quite openly - would someone do that who was trying to scam?


If this gets sorted, I will immediately remove this post but for now, I want to warn anyone else of this happening.

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xzile98 can you please amend your post as per our forum guidelines and per my PM to you .




Read before posting in this forum.



There are strict conditions on what can be posted in this forum, so please read this thread entirely before making any scam accusations in this forum.


1) Please include the scammer's ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/AIM Name and Number along with Paypal email address or any other pertinent information that you may have.


2) Include the character name or other information (guild titles, neon hair) as well as exactly how they scammed you and what proof you have.


3) Please include the ICQ logs, Screenshots, etc.


You can't just accuse someone of scamming, you must provide proof of the scam. At the minimum, you must clearly write the complete story in detail.


You may not post Phone Numbers or Addresses.


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I've reviewed the information xzile sent me and I do agree that Bobondeez is a scammer.


This is the second time he's done a reversal like this, first was to Pappa Gummy Bear and now Xzile.


I received enough evidence from Xzile to believe him.

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Hi guys. Bobondeez made a mistake and there was not enough money in his account. Due to TZ differences he could not get hold of me.


Monies is all sorted now - everything is as it should be.


I want to thank Adam and everyone else for all the help and Bobondeez for sorting it as soon as he could

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