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Gendin directed me over here from our old forums. Didn't even know we had new ones. I'll bookmark this then. So whats everyone been up to? Good to see KT is still running.

I myself haven't been doing much. Hard to find good Rp these days.


Been pirating in EvE online waiting for ambulation there. Tried lineage2 again about a month ago. And remember I stopped because of the dark elves in leather thongs spanking me..And no not in the good way.


Aoc. Don't get me started lol. Constantly being one shotted by rangers in stealth drove me bonkers. So. Now as it stands I'm hovering around Ultima again. Wondering if it's worth lookin back into. And looking at a game they got coming out. The ideas remind me a ton of the old Ultima. Called Mortal Online.


So what about you folks? Anything happening?


PS. The US Marines finaly decided to put me out lol. I've been out of the corp for going on 4 years now.

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I too took a year or so pause from UO, I ended up playing AoC. And I guess I had similiar feelings as yourself.


It's been hard finding any other game that offers the quality of RP we have here on UO. Becuase in the end of the day, we roleplayers make UO and its lore what it is. Not the EMs/developers. Its due to this I've been stuck with it for over 10 years now, on and off.


The roleplay on europa is very vibrant, however the playerbase is not what it used to be. Neither do we expect it to increase due to EAs lacky skills of putting UO on the market and promote it. Most new generation (post WoW) people haven't even heard of it.


Even roleplay have evolved in my opinion and gone from what used to be a rather loosely ERPA RP to pretty hardcore RP.


Regarding KT we're far from as big as we used to be. But our goals are as any guild to increase in numbers and contribute to the roleplay community with offering our type of roleplay. We've managed to move back to Templewood, and the settlement's been built up to a quite large township. So if you feel like moving in, feel free to do so ;)


I do hope to see your return to UO. Although when doing so I think its important to know that things have changed, for good or worse. Many people who return react on how many players the servers lost. But we're far from being dead.

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