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Building a Barding Mastery Suit

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I've tested this on the Provo Master skills, I had a party of 5 and we ran a Slasher. I stood on a ledge above the 4 guys tanking him and the range for invigorate was about a full screen, it stayed in effect and would reinstate on the party members when they ran back into range....

I made a custom modded suit for this evaluation:

decent hit points, but mostly maxed for the mana upkeep that I expect from this template

192 mana ( 200 after starting invigorate)
31 MR (will be 33 after I get ahold of a tangle)
120 med
120 focus
40 lmc

Now, even with this crazy mana regen suit i built, I still couldn't keep the spell up constantly because each heal that the Bard Mastery would throw on a damaged party member would basically mana dump me, in addition to the regular mana upkeep that is constantly being drained from my pool.

The upside of the suit was that after the buff wore off, it only took me seconds to get back to 200 mana and recast the Invigorate, which added 20 HP, 8 stat bonus across the board, and very decent healing ability to each and every party member...

I think this is the only Bard Mastery of the whole bunch that I will be using, but can only recommend it if you have an extreme suit like the one I built...

This is a breakdown of my max MR suit:

All numbers are mana regen

Crown of Arcane Tempermant - 3
Pendant of the Magi - 3
faction Rune Beetle Carapace - 3
arms - 2
legs - 2
faction orny - 3
faction crystalline ring - 3
general spellbook - 3
tongue of beast replica shield - 3
lt sash replica - 2
conjurer's garb robe - 2
shadow cloak of regen - 1
frost guard talisman - 1

for a total of 31 and that's without the 2 I'll get from the tangle I just purchased...



    Pixel Addiction? Me?

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Just an updated review of the suit:

I forgot my gloves!.... so add 2 MR to the previous total.

Also added more mana increase and sdi to suit so the totals are now:

MR 35 (total of 212 mana)
MI 38
LMC 40+
LRC 100
SDI 60
Intel Bonus 29

Also, now that we can multiclient, I tested using him as a heal bot/follower for my sampire in Doom... I left him by the moongate til I got the DF up, then I moved him down to a corner and got the two guys in party and the spell up... I then brought the DF over and tanked him, and the Prove Invigorate spell worked like a charm for healing/buffing ONE player... probably would have tested it's abilities with having to heal another party member though....

Good Luck and Enjoy!



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as far as i am aware the total cap of MR if MR does mean Mana Regen in this instance is 18. MR on suits is also different from MR given by skills, the max mr you can have in skill is 18 with 120 focus and 120 med. but suit MR doesn't mean 1 mana every 10 seconds

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    Pixel Addiction? Me?

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This was a big debate over on stratics when I posted the guide there. Eventually someone posted a link to prove that the upper limit was removed MANY Publishes ago to provide NO limit on the return on Mana Regeneration. The law of diminishing returns basically is in play, but you can still stack the MR for a purpose like the one I am describing when the Mana consumed is of such a HUGE concern...

I've tested this template with my Faction Spawners suit with 12 MR, made another new test with 18 MR, and finally with the uber suit I've listed above....

The results were phenomenally in favor of the the 35 MR regen suit.... If you do not have a suit that can handle the mana drain that the skills can dump on you, the new skills are virtually useless, IMO.

Here is the link to explain the post-Pub 46 MR changes:
UO Stratics - Meditation



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Have you tried using necro/ss in your template to allow lich form and wisp familiar as well? Those add up to an insane amount of MR...just a thought.



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welcome my old friend, glad to see you around. btw i want your rares :P

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