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A few nights back on my normal walk around Sagewind, I stumbled over an odd looking rock very near the banner. It struck me as odd. So after looking it over a bit more, I found a hole under it. It exploded, all most, at my first touch. Lucky or unlucky my prized lute was crushed, but I came out mostly unscathed. After I got stood back up, I found a heavy purple box that was locked. I wondered what could be in the box. I took it to the keep to find someone who could open it. When Ladon opened the box, he discovered $10,000 gold and 100 magical residue along with a journal. The name on the journal read Shady Gilroy. The journal is locked down on the Sage guild hall roof. The journal is there for all to read, but here is a summary. The shadowlords are paying this thief to steal from the inhabitants of Sagewind. He also gets to keep whatever he steals. We have stumbled upon one of his cash boxes and there maybe more to come. If he is found apprehend him, if possible.

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