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Home Placement & Customizing (part 1)

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Robert Falcon

Robert Falcon

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Ok it’s been a while since I posted anything, been kind of busy.

One of the things I enjoy so much about UO is building of homes and such. In the almost five years I have been playing I have built many a Home, Guild House, Tavern/Inn, Military building, etc. Many have told me I do a great job of it.

So I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if they upgraded some of the custom mode and placement stuff? Here are a few things I was thinking:

Lets start with house placement. It is frustrating to find a nice spot to place a plot only to have some unknown/unseen item bar your way. Though out time, the builders of civilizations have had to clear the land prior to building, so I don’t understand why a small rock, bush, or mushroom blocks placement. It should be part of the cost of placing. For that matter, trees should not be issues either; they are going to end up being part of the new structure anyways, if not the scaffolding around the place to help build it. So lets do away with the petty little placement issues shall we?

Ok with that done now its time to place! Dear Avatar in haven how many times do we need to click the dam button to figure out if it fits? I would suggest the following change to placement. You click on the placement tool, select the size or type of plot. When you do that the type or size shows up on your screen in its full size, but in red! You move your mouse around; when the type or size plot fits (meeting all the placement rules) it turns green, you click and it’s done, wall la! Now is that so hard?

Now that we have a plot lets start building, it would be nice if they would update the foundations to meet the new SA items that would be a nice start. Also why can’t we have more then straight stairs, 45 and 90-degree stairs would be nice option. Also how come we can’t use the “outside” stairs and cubes inside? It would be nice to be able solid stages and platforms without having to do the goza mat trick, the items are there, let us use them.

Also In Illish, Spirituality there is the Twin Oaks Tavern; I don’t know what they did to it, but it use to have a very nice basement. Oh can you see where this is going? Yes! It would be like adding storage or more character slots charge me $9.95 and let me have a basement for that account, and maybe a few more points of storage? The fun we could have with that? For example, when I was in BOC on Europa, the BOC headquarters, could have a proper dungeon and torture room, the would be sub-level, no more breaking out “guest” of the Baron.

Also I think we need to make all walls a tad bit taller to rid ourselves of the poking though floors with artwork and such.

Speaking of floors, why must we place one tile at time, click and drag has been around for a while guys, it’s 2010 can we say update? I knew you could.

At this point I would like to thank the creators of SA and the walls, there is some nice stuff there, along with color. The water fountains are awesome, and have been used a lot. Hope to see more things like that.

Ok one more thing before I get off my soapbox for this round. I own 5 accounts; the awesome EM’s of the different shards are doing those neat little town thingies. Some guilds are actually trying to build villages and towns in areas (go RPers). The House teleport pads are good for going lets say a house in Vesper, to there workshop in Umbra. But with the building of towns it would be nice to link those building together. There should be a “Bridge” tile. Two house next to each other, both owners would have to place the tiles on the same level across from each other, this would allow the placement of a half bridge by each owner, thus linking the to plots to each other. Now before I get hate mail. This would NOT be allowed at ground level, thus allowing passage between buildings to continue without blocking movement.

Ok this should be plenty for now, and yes I have more, but lets take baby steps and see what happens, shall we?

So let your timbers be straight, your mortar be strong, and your home always open and friendly.



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I agree with you ed... it would be nice to "link" two close houses together. Sometimes you just cant do all of what you want for a house in just one plot