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Fearless against the peerless (a bards tale about the Dreadhorn hunt last Saturday)

- - - - - bards dreadhorn fearless hunt peerless saturday tale

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Hail and well met fellow people of the proud little shard known as Drachenfels!

Sit down, lean back and listen well - for there is a story to tell! A story of heroes, of friendship and bravery - a tale for the bards!
*takes out his lute*

It was only days since the last great evil was banned from our wonderful world - the fight against the demon beast which was known as "the void shadow" will be remembered in ages from now and everyone who was taken part in this will be remembered also: in the song of the bards and the books of the scribes.

It was the days when the world seemed to hold breath awaiting what was yet to come - when the wind seemed to listen to its own song. We all, fellow knights and ladies of Drachenfels, knew very well that the evil will never be banned from this world entirely - for where is light there is shadow, but there are places in this world that are terrorized by an ancient evil for ages. We know this evil cannot be banned entirely but can merely drawn back over and over again so all what is good and filled with light can grow stronger to keep the world in balance.

One fine late-summers day knights and ladies from all around the world joined forces in order to fight this evil again. All of them were heroes yet, who already fought bravely in the darkest dungeons, the deepest swamps and deadliest deserts and everyone of them did their part so this world can stay being a place worth living in. But the evil they were about to face now was deeper and darker than any of the evils their eyes may have seen yet!
What can be a better place to meet for such a challenge than the shimmering marble stone walls of the city of light: Luna! There we stood in the last light of the late-summer sun, some wearing shimmering armor, some wielding fearsome blades and some reading with burning eyes in their books to memorize the spells they may need to survive what was to come. No one really knew what expected him, but fear was not to be seen in their eyes.

It was the glimmer of hope, of the strong will to make this world a little brighter this day when we set off to the vast lands of Ilshenar. We rode fast from the shrine of justice through the settlement of the Meer, through the deep forests towards the mountains. The cave where Dreadhorn, the evil unicorn, lived was found very soon, though it was covered with thick, ill looking whines and could hardly be seen. We pushed these corrupted plants away and entered the darkness that awaited us behind them. We found ourselves in a cave full of mushrooms of every size, water dripping constantly from the ceiling filling large pools covering the cave floor. There was a strange sparkle in a remote cavern through which we entered the twisted weald.

The forest we first came too was strangely calm and pieceful. Though not a single bird was to be seen in the strangely green trees and not a single squirrel rushed over the floor, and the whole forest was surrounded by huge unclimbable mountains. As we rode carefully through these twisted trees, we heard something rustling and some lower noice that sounded like giggling in the thick branches of the trees surrounding us. Everyone aware of any danger that might await us, draw his blade and looked closely into the trees, as we saw dozens of fairies sitting on crippled branches, limp leaves or just hiding behind the trees - all staring at us with a strange look on their small faces. They seemed not to be scared at all of us and were accompied by weird dark shimmering light balls that were floating through this twisted forest which also seemed to watch every step of us.

They all seemed to suffer from some kind of illness and looked to us like slaves to the master of this realm. Many of the little wings they got were broken and ruined and some of them were not able to fly anymore. We wished we could free those little beings but we knew there was nothing that could be done for them at the moment so we proceeded under the watching eyes of them towards the end of the forest.

As we left the forest we noticed a strange eagle of a weird purple color flying over us but seemed not the least interested in us. This place was twisted indeed! All of a sudden it became very hot - the sun was shining on a vast area where only few crippled plants stood in the devastating heat. Mighty rocks covered the ground and the way through this twisted labyrinth was hardly to be seen.

Suddenly a being that was more of a tree but had the face of a woman came around some rock. A dryad! She stood still with a terrible sad look on her beatiful face and it seemed like she cast a spell on us since the warriors in our troop stood in awe looking at the beauty of this wondrous being and put away their weapons. The dryad was just standing there looking at us just when we heard a loud howling in the distance that brought everyone back to its senses! Dire wolves! The dryad was gone as fast as she came not to be seen anymore when we started our way throughout the hot sand, aware we could be attacked by a huge pack of wolves any minute, but we had to go on! Our horses had much problems riding on this sand so we were only slowly getting through this labyrinth. On our way we came upon a strange looking thorny red plant that grew in the sand. As rumor had it, Dreadhorn could only be summoned by placing some offerings on an altar in the swamp so we took the thorny plant with us.

Suddenly a huge dark wolf with wide open jaws and glowing red eyes jumped on the back of the horse of one of us, clutching its mighty teeth into the flesh of the poor animal which cried out in agony. We were surprised and shocked by the aggressiveness of this beast and we have rarely seen wolves attacking a whole troop of warriors alone. Well the beast was no match for us but it was not only one of them - there were dozens of them rushing out of a cave and surrounding our horses some jumping forward to attack us. We tried to stood our ground but more and more came out of the cave and suddenly a huge wolf with strangely dark blue fur came out of the cave attacking us with lightning speed! His jaws bit through armor and even we attacked him with all we got - he seemed resistant to most of our attacks. But things got worse: The fight against these wolves seemed hopeless due to the mere number of them and we were drawn more and more towards a misty looking dark swamp with poison looking green waters. The stench was almost overwhelming! All of a sudden we heard a spiteful, disturbing laughter in the air and I saw a dread fairy-looking being of neon color rushing through the air throwing pulses of magical energy at anyone who was coming near her. That was too much for most of us and I heard screams of agony as the first brave warriors fell to the ground by the attacks of this mighty foe.
The fight seemed almost hopeless when nearly all of us died many painful deaths but were ressurrected by others again. The changeling polymorphed into the several group members and it was very hard to target and it took much bravery to wield the sword against some creature that was looking like your friend.We knew we had to stick together more and had to retreat more and more into the stinking swamps. Finally the battle came to a turnaround. With the help of summoned energy vortices that held a bloody harvest on our enemies the dread blue wolf and the changeling could be retreated more and more and our warriors had more chances of fighting this wicked beast. Finally it hit the ground unmoving and also the dread wolf was dead. We knew we had to leave this place for the companions of the slain foes will soon be here and have bloody vengeance for the slain monsters. One of us took out his knife and cut out the fang of the giant blue wolf and the brain of the changeling since we would need these to summon the master of this realm.

Then we rushed into the strange swamp, holding our breath due to the devastating stench of the murky deep green water under us. I wondered how many warriors had found their wet grave in these muddy grounds. Just when we rushed searching for a place that could be secured for us to regain our strength and treat our wounds, we saw some green cotton like plant almost hidden behind a plant. Another key ingredient to summon Dreadhorn!
The relative calmness of the swamp was treacherous - another ambush awaited us: giant black spiders that lurked in the waters and behind the limp plants of this area rushed on us and attacked us on sight. This time we were better prepared and stood our ground - everyone seemed to have found his place in the group and we also got other fighters joining us now. So we reached a small clearing in the swamps surrounded with stones and with a small statue standing in the middle: this had to be the altar to summon Dreadhorn! We had found 4 of the needed 6 keys now - the remaining two must be on the remains of these wicked spiders that dwelled in this place. We stood our ground fighting dozens of spiders that were attacking us merciless and finally got the last 2 ingredients to place on the altar to summon the evil master of this twisted place.

I put every single item on the altar. Not a sound was heard and even the horses seemed to know what was to come since they stood completely still as I put the last key on the altar. A loud creepy noise was heard through the fog in the distance that let our blood freeze - Dreadhorn was summoned! We were teleported to a small Island and a wave of hopelessness rushed upon us as we saw there was no way to escape from here - the murky waters could not be swimmed through and somewhere on this Island was Dreadhorn awaiting our arrival!

As we spotted the beast it attacked us heavily on sight. I was shocked how such a wonderful creature like a unicorn could be twisted so horribly by evil!
The attacks of Dreadhorn were cruel and merciless. He picked out one of us and poisoned him with his dread magic, chasing him and often trampled him to death. The mages summoned mighty earth-elementals that emerged from the muddy ground below us and lead them into battle against this mighty foe. But even these beasts could not resist the poison of the beast and soon fell only to be replaced by a new wave of these beings. The battle seemed to last forever, our opponent was hard to hit and seemed to be strengthened by some evil magic, since he could take even the mightiest blows of our weapons without even stumbling.

Many of us found death here several times. But the army of earth elementals, the mighty blows of the warriors, the deadly arrows of the archers, the powerful spells of the mages and everyone supporting each other got the beast seriously injured after a long and hard fight.
And finally it did its last poisonous breath and fell to the muddy floor into its wet grave!

The cheers of joy of our troop resounded in the misty air of the swamp and everyone caught his breath again! We had slain the beast that was terrorizing this realm for so long!

There was an old ship laying in the waters around the isles and we set our course to the lands of Ilshenar with a light heart and a joyful song on our lips. Victory was ours, but we all knew this was merely the beginning of our fight against evil...

I have seen many deaths this day, despair and hopelessness but I also saw something else: Teamwork and the will to work together to achieve a higher goal, hope and joy glimmering in the eyes of everyone when victory was ours, a community growing stronger and the will to stand side by side for whatever is yet to come and this is more than I asked for!

And by the way: I HAD A BLAST!!!!!
Until our blades cross again!!!!!!!!!


PS: Well, pretty long writing and I hope I didnt bore you too much with it! But please dont be so hard on me since this is my first long report so far, so I can only get better! Oh and I have plenty of screenshots which I will add later on if someone can tell me a good site where I can upload screenies for free and post them here!
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