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The Rebirth of The Knights of Sanctus Pratum

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Recent construction in the East Meadow of PaxLair City has revealed the hidden history of the meadow. Whilst construction workers were digging to place the new foundation of the High Court, they came across a golden strongbox with the most ornate designs upon it. They immediately stopped construction and called a local archeologist to inspect their findings.


Once archeologists had examined the contents of the strongbox they immediately began excavation of the area to see if they might find more clues. The lead archeologist, Professor Radcliff commented, "Apparently, according to the semi-preserved documents found inside this box, this meadow was once named Sanctus Pratum, meaning literally 'The Holy Meadow', and was occupied by a group of knights."


Also found on the premises were the tattered remains of the "Sanctus Pratum Code" which appears to have been penned by one Lord Thrasius. Further investigation has revealed that Lord Thrasius was the leader of The Knights of Sanctus Pratum [-^-] who controlled this land for many years. A map of the meadow was also recovered and it shows that a rather large temple once stood in the general area that is now occupied by a large stone keep.


Based upon all of the findings at the excavation site The Knights of Sanctus Pratum considered this land holy. Reading through bits and pieces of letters, journals, etc., local historians have pieced together stories of individuals having had intense visions here while meditating upon the Virtues. "This would certainly explain such a large temple and the Knights supposed ferocity upon protecting and defending this sacred land," said Radcliff.


It appears that The Knights of Sanctus Pratum were a strict monastic order of knights/paladins bound by the code of chivalry. They were obviously monastic in nature and believed strongly in Truth and Justice. It is unknown, however, what became of the noble knights as nothing discovered at the site points to their disappearance.


The local inhabitants of this meadow are The Paladins of PaxLair, led by Lord Elijah Cross. Cross was fascinated by the discovery and has devoted all of his time pouring over the documents, learning all he can about these knights. In fact he has taken it upon himself to revive this old order of knights of ages past, since he and his group follow the same tenets. Cross stated, "I find it my obligation as a paladin of the Virtues and the proprietor of this land to uphold the tenets of those who came before us, protecting this The Holy Meadow, and teaching and practicing the meaning of the Virtues.


Cross has thus remade the guild once known as The Paladins of PaxLair to The Knights of Sanctus Pratum to continue the tradition of those noble knights of ages past.

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