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A Special Thanks To All (Please Read)

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I wanted to stop by and give a deep special thanks to everyone at PaxLair. I have been with you guys for a long time but the time has come to move on. I have been debating ever since I made a return to UO the future of my guild status. I have made that decision to leave PaxLair based on many reasons, mainly because I feel like my personality and game play no longer fits in with the superb guild that PaxLair has become.


This guild has truly blossomed into a guild and community I could never imagine. I say congrats to PaxLair and it's members for trying so hard to have a awesome community of friendship and game play. I will make sure that the future guild I join whichever that may be, I will try very hard to make sure that the future guild will be allied in someway with PaxLair, if not already allied.


I will continue to play the game and I will never turn away anyone involved with PaxLair.


You have my full and complete blessing and will forever be in my thoughts



Owner of Princess, Kristina, and Sharky

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