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PaxOku and KA Village Map

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KA Village and PaxOku worked on a joint map to show the area of both townships on Homare-jima, Tokuno. This was created primarily for the Britannian Crown's surveyors to know which portions belonged to each township. It is very useful for citizens and visitors in the area too.





Some points:

  • Shaded areas show what is generally claimed as part of the KA Village or PaxOku or neither.
  • Benito's Drunken Friar's Brewery and Pub are not part of either township.
  • The Zen Garden is not part of either townships.
  • Monks Crossing Road and the moongate are free thoroughfares for all peoples to travel the region, and does not belong to either township.
  • PaxOku has some buildings in the KA Village area.
  • PaxOku claimed a large portion of land and forest to the North, Northwest, and Northeast along Monks Crossing Road. This is to help enable PaxOku cultural studies into the wildlife, soils, waters, foliage, and other aspects.
  • PaxOku claims two Port locations... one to the North which helps the cultural studies of the shoreline... one to the South that is closer to the PaxOku town center for trade routes.

The map was approved on April 13, 2010 by the KA Village leaders and Mayor Tatania of PaxOku. Treaty negotiations may continue between KA Village and PaxOku as to how this map affects relations on this island. For now, the map exists and is entered into record.


Acknowledgement is made to Gareth for creating the map and seeing through to its completion.

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