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The Knights Templar are recruiting!

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Gerek Darkheart

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The Knights Templar

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The Knights Templar is recruiting!
"In repose meak as lamb, in battle fierce as lions!"
Are you talented with a sword? Or perhaps know a thing or two about the arcane arts? Do you want to serve for the greater good, and be part of the only organised knightly order in Britannia? Would you like to fufill great and virteous deeds alongside your fellow brethren? Then the Knights Templar is for you!

The training towards paladinhood is a long path. But certainly one you will not forget. The Knights Templar have for centuries played an important role in the lands of Britannia, protecting it from all evil who wishes to defile the peace. Setting an example of righteousness, standing against opression, honouring and defeninding the virtues and the brotherhood are what we are sworn to do. Never do we break our oaths!

Templewood is our home and sanctuary, with it expanding we're in need of more valiant recruits to protect it and its citizens. Having a tradition of supporting the crown, we've also been obliged to remain as protectores in Minoc. With an ongoing Vesperian threat of attack upon the settlement, we need all possible arms to keep the defence intact.

Britannia needs you! The brotherhood needs you!

The Township of Templewood.

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The town of Templewood have been a long lasting township with several mayors and leaders in the past, working alongside with the Knights Templar to make Templewood prosper through time. The relation between the citizens of Templewood and the Knights Templar is about mutual interest. The citizens aid the Knight Templars in gathering resources for whatever needs they may have. Maintaining and supplying them with arms and armour. In exchange for these services, the Knights Templar offers them the aegis of the Order as a guarding force for the township.

Coexistence in Templewood is vital. Should the citizens fail their tasks in Templewood, the Knights would end up suffering from bad quality equipment and also be unable to aid suffering people in rest of Britannia. Should the Knights fail, Templewood would have no defence. Nor would escorts for the various tradesmen be able to be preformed. Hence the importance of always maintaining ready to fight through trainings.

More information about the Township of Templewood can be found here.

The order of the Knights Templar is a roleplaying guild on the Europa server of the MMORPG Ultima Online. Having a history that's streching back to year 2000 we have soon existed for over 10 years. During these years, we've managed to make ourself reknown as what we are today. Being only guild with a decade experience to role-play a knightly brotherhood, and one of the few guilds to have built an -entire- town, we've made our mark in the history books of ultima online.

Would you wish to know more about us please visit our webpage:
Welcome to the Frontpage

Or visit our forums:
The Knights Templar (KT)

If you wish to speak with me directly I can be reached at:
ICQ: 345485202
MSN/E-mail: Angelus_the_Angel@hotmail.com
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