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Blackmarshs Drive Against the Orcs

- - - - -

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Denzin Bracken

Denzin Bracken


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The troops gathered around the small fire out front of the Blackmarsh Tavern & Inn. Quiet laughter echoed off the walls of the massive buildings surrounding the area. Sarian stood by a lamp post, rubbing his head. He looked to Gerard, and the two nodded in agreement.

"Right then. Does everyone understand the plan tonight?" Sarian looked around. Only one man said no.

Sarian sighed and quickly explained. "The orcs that occupy the orc camp just South of Cove, have come increasingly close to the City itself. Gerard has made this observation. We don't want an episode of what happened a few years back to Cove on both the Trammel and Felucca facet. We will travel there this evening. Our mission is to drive the orcs back to their camp, and try to figure out the reason of their advance."

Posted Image

Everyone nodded their understanding. The group gathered their things and made ready to head out. They travelled a very short distance to the water, where a boat waited for them. Cal hoped aboard and began shouting directions for the tillerman to follow.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

After reaching the docks of Cove, the group hurried off the boat. "Form up!" Gerard shouted. The soldiers quickly organized themselves in a line. The three Warlords stood at the head.

Posted Image

"Not bad, considering they haven't had drill practice." Cal stated.

"Gerard, you'll lead this. You protect Cove and have come to know the lands the best." Sarian smiled.

Gerard smirked. "MOVE OUT!" He shouted.

The soldiers marched through the City and down along the mountain. Single file they carefully walked the edge of the cliff separating the orc fort and Cove. Before they knew it, they were in battle. Orcs filed out from each direction. Some with bows, others with axes, and very few, casting spells.

The soldiers of Blackmarsh smashed through the orcs front ranks. They charged directly into the heart of the orc fort. It had been easier than they thought. Sarian managed to find one orc, hiding in a room.

Posted Image

The orc was fat and stout. Husks grew from his jaw and he rank of garbage. His clothes were tattered and worn.

Posted Image

The group surrounded him, while Sarian and Gerard questioned the orc.

Posted Image

The orc had been reluctant to aid the group in their mission to figure out what had driven them toward the City. Sarian assumed the orc was being reluctant. He couldn't understand a thing he was saying to them. However, they decided to let him try and explain. After a few minutes of what seemed to be grunting and mumbling, Gerard found a book on the group.

Posted Image

After finding the book, Gerard tore a pouch from the orcs waist, after seeing him shout at it several times. Cal began trying to decipher the writing in the orc journal, and Sarian peered in the pouch. A bright yellow crystal laid at the bottom.
Sarian reached deep into the pack and wrapped his fingers around the yellow crystal. As he took it from the bag, he heard Cals screams from outside the room.


Posted Image

Posted Image

The demon tore through the camp, flying around, circling the soldiers. It bore down upon them, slashing and pulling them towards it's grasp. It's blood sprayed across the ground, burning the flesh of the soldiers, melting away at their armor. Screams filled the camp as Blackmarsh struggled to hold themselves together against the sudden onslaught of the demon and orcs alike.

Posted Image

Finally, Sarian tore in front of the demon. He waved his sword high in the air and screamed loudly, taunting the demon. It left the ground, it's wings flapping with rage as it drove itself quickly towards the Warlord. Sarian lead it out front of the camp, allowing time for
Cal and Gerard to regroup the soldiers. Blackmarsh was fully assembled again, and ready for battle.

Their swords and spells came at the demon from every angle. They drove their force upon it with relentless ability. The moral of their force was at it's peek. The demon was trapped. No longer were the soldiers caught in it's burning blood. They stepped around it, driving the demon to it's defeat.

Posted Image

The soldiers of Blackmarsh gathered together again. The shaman orc was allowed a chance to live. Gerard had magically bound an orc brute, to his beckon. The brute tore at the orc shaman, within seconds he was dead.

The orcs were driven back into the camp. The crystal that controlled the shaman and drove him mad, was destroyed. Cove would once again, rest easy. Blackmarsh left the fort and returned to the tavern. They would drink and eat well this eve.