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OOC: Just want to say Hello

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Hello ! =)


Well I seem to be a new recruit of the KT and hope to meet you ingame one day.

I played UO for a few years, after launch and took a break from UO after the release of AOS.

Starwars Galaxies was the last MMORPG I really played and didn t just "try".

Now I m back in Ultima and from what I experienced so far I guess I ll stay for longer.

The only issue I have is that all my old chars are living on Drachenfels. Tho DF seems to be kind of empty that s why I have chosen to play on Europe.

Maybe not the worst to raise up a new toon to get used to UO and the client again.

Could imagine to transfer a char to Europe one day tho atm I think the 20$ are a bit too much and I ll try to get Talogos a good Paladin before.

As you might have thought already - English is not my native language and I already experienced some difficulties in deciphering the chat of some players talking an old accent or Elvish style English. Hope to get used to it soon :)


See you around,


Talogos Omireh

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Hey Talogos, welcome aboard!

You'll find that people are quite forgiving when it comes to the language barrier, and in any case (in my personal experience) playing UO rp really boosts your english skills :)


I am the Marshall of KT, which means I handle training and command the brethren in combat when the grandmaster is not about, if you need any help to training you character, let me know!


Again, welcome in the club and enjoy the ride!



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