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Pacific Auction House Rares Auction Feb 28th

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Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose

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Our last rares auction went so well we would like to continue it each month! Yes you heard me right...once a month we will be holding a rares auction at the Pacific Auction House on the Pacific shard. All auctions will take place on the last Sunday of each month. We are the longest running auction house on the Pacific Shard (7 years).
Our motto is: Your satisfaction is our success.
Here is how it will work:

1. The Pacific Auction House will sponsor the transfer of rare items to be auctioned for players to the Pacific shard (must have 20+ items to transfer at a minimum) DJ Sandman or myself will do the transfer from the shard.

2. All items for auction must be considered RARES and delivered no later then the weekend before the auction is to take place.

3. Each week the Pacific Auction house will provide a Free Transfer Service for a different shard to bring your items to market. If there is room in the xfer after the initial auction items.. then surely we can xfer extra items as well.
Our goal is to get at least 60 items for each monthly rares auction.
As you log into UO you have a list of shards to pick from. The first shard is Origin. We will start with Origin and work our way farther down the list each month.

4. The first 60 items to arrive at the Pacific Auction House on the Pacific shard will be auctioned off...the remainder will be auctioned off the following week. So, basically first come first serve. It pays to get your items in early.

5. All auction items will be listed on the UOForum Rares Forum and on the http://www.pacificauctionhouse.com website. After the auction takes place, the price each item sold for will be posted as well.

6. The Pacific Auction House will collect 10% of the final sales price from each seller.

7. If you wish to store gold on a vendor on the Pacific shard, we can provide space for a small fee.

Our next one will be on February 28th at noon PST, 3pm EST. If you are from the Origin shard and would like to make arrangements for this month's FREE transfer of rares to the Pacific Auction House, please contact myself at ICQ 98206739

Note: We are no longer taking items for this auction but you are welcome to submit items for the following one in March.

We got a great response from people and have a great list of items for the auction on Feb. 28th. Thanks to all that submitted to this month's rares auciton.

After the auction I will be posting what each item sold for.

The items that didn't make the list this weeks will be auctioned in our next rares auction in March since we run on a first come first serve basis. People having to wait for the next auciton have been notified.

The free ride to Pacific will be from Sonoma next month (March) although items from any shard are welcome!

Cheers! CR

You can view pictures of the items at http://www.pacificauctionhouse.com

Auction items in the order they will be auctioned off:

1. 2 Hanging Lanterns stuck in a box - 250k 750k
2. Purple Leg of Lamb - 1mil No Sale
3. Valek's Diamond - 900k 2.7mil
4. Broken Crystals - 2mil 2mil
5. Ballot Box - 500k 500k
6. 3 Hanging Lanterns stuck in a box - 500k 1.5mil
7. Castle Mini House Deed - 20mil 20mil
8. Keep Mini House Deed - 4mil 4mil 5k
9. Tower Mini House Deed - 4mil No Sale
10. Eagle Statue stuck in a box - 1mil 2mil
11. Blood - 1mil 2mil
12. Corroded Box - 5mil No Sale
13. Stretched Hide stuck in a box - 500k 500k
14. 2 Green Champagne Glasses - 50k 1.5mil
15. 2 Red Champagne Glasses - 50k 50k
16. Neon Swirl Box - 5mil 7mil
17. Angel Box - 15mil 15mil
18. Ice Blue Spellbook - 5mil 5.5mil
19. Named Crate - 5mil 25.1mil
20. Surcoat "Lenshire Clan Tabard" - 35mil 35mil
21. Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard (non replica) Sash - 120mil125mil
22. Europa Gold Robe - 2mil 6mil
23. Green/Gold Angel Box - 15mil15mil
24. Gold "Royal Brit Guard" Sash" - 2mil 4mil
25. Neon Swirl Box - 5mil 10mil
26. An Enchanted Flask Filled with Vampire Blood - 3mil 76mil
27. Quill of Justice - 1mil 26mil
28. Two Story Statue - 95mil 175mil
29. Executioner's Rusty Pen - 1mil 16.1mil
30. 2008 Valentine Hunt Champion (flower in vase) - 5mil 22mil
31. 3 Piece Rubble Log - 1mil 12mil
32. 2 Sledge Hammers stuck in a box - 250k 5mil
33. Mutant Turkey Blood - 3mil 75mil
34. Rubble Red Mushrooms - 100k 10mil
35. Seahorse Statuette (tokuno dyed) - 8mil 20mil
36. Bag of Orciez Fuud - 60mil 60mil
37. Broken Crystals (small) - 2mil 15mil
38. Broken Crystals (large) - 2mil 16mil
39. Corroded Box - 5mil No Sale
40. Neon Swirl Box - 5mil 10mil
41. Bloodied Parchment (not blessed) - 1mil 5.5mil
42. Soggy Parchment (prepatched not blessed) - 1mil 15mil
43. Whispering Rose From Some Guy - 500k 2mil
44. Rubble Fan Plant - 500k 1.1mil
45. Statue (armless) stuck in a box - 2mil 12mil
46. Potted Tree (tall) - 200k 450k
47. 2 Hanting Lanterns stuck in a box - 225k 3mil
48. White Lamp Post (iced valorite) - 3mil 5.1mil
49. Legendary Detective Of The Royal Guard (replica) boots - 1mil 6.5mil
50. Potted Tree (short) - 100k 700k
51. Bucket of water (full) - 3mil 5mil
52. Member Of The Royal Britannian Guard Sash (black) - 1mil 3.5mil
Items added:
53. Scroll (unnamed from 1997) - 200k 200k
54. 3 Midnight Blue Ingots from 1998 (won't stack w/ any other black) - 300k 500k
55. Flowstone (New and Rare) - 500k 1mil
56. 3 Treefellow Logs - 100k 1.5mil
57. Block & Tackle (Arti 9 New and Rare-Not rubble) - 5ml 17mil
58. Rotten Oars - 5mil 7mil

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose

    Whispering Rose Radio

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  • 97 posts
I have posted the results from yesterday's auction in the main post above.

Thanks everyone for comming to our monthly rares auction. Hope you got some good deals and continue to support the Pacific Auction House.

The next Rares Auction will be on Sunday March 28th. We will be supplying the FREE ride from the Sonoma shard for this auction.