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Suggestion: New Tamable Mount: the "Griffin"

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Hello to all,


I have a request / suggestion to the developers and community; regarding a “tamable mount” that I feel has long been overlooked in the annuals of UO history; the “Griffin” (also spelled "grifon", "gripon", or "gryphon"). Famed throughout a varied array of ancient mythological traditions, these majestic and powerful creatures could appear as terrifying adversaries or famed companion animals to the heroes of legend, found within the realms of Ultima Online.


Thus I propose the following for the “Griffin” as a mountable pet.



With the head of an eagle and body of a lion, the Griffin sports a set of feathered winds, sprouting just above the front shoulders. Its stout neck is covered with a thick lion’s mane, with the rest of its body and tail resembling that of the lion, except for its lengthy ears which are pointed and seem to be oddly disproportionate to its head.





In their natural wild state, the Griffin is a fierce guardian of its territory, when confronted by aggressive intruders; however possessing a keen intelligence beyond that of other “animals”, they rarely engage dangerous creatures who are otherwise behaving in a benign manner. They have a great hunger and will often prey upon other lesser creatures, preferring herbivores and grazers as their primary pray animal. It is known that they posses some arcane skills, using such abilities to call forth bolts of energy to smite their foes and intended prey. They are mostly solitary and prefer mountainous regions, in which to build their elaborate “nest lairs”.




“Pet Slot” requirements: 4


Hits: 900-1100 (* when tamed 400-550)

Stamina: 160-180

Mana: 275-295

Strength: 1100-1300

Dexterity: 160-180

Intelligence: 275-295

Barding Difficulty: 128-130





Physical: 55-70

Fire: 20-40

Cold: 70-85

Poison: 35-55

Energy: 75-90




Physical damage should be primary output, with 50% and Energy with 50% (as being associated with “divine protection” this energy damage would fit in well with this mythos theme.)


Base Damage should range between 18 – 25





Wrestling: 90-100

Tactics: 90-100

Resting Spells: 80-95

Anatomy: 70-100

Healing: 60-80

Magery: 70-100

Evaluating Int: 70-100

Meditation: 70-100


Special: “flight” (may move at an elevated speed rate when un-mounted), heals self


Slayer: Fey


Preferred foods: Meat


Alignment: Neutral


Pack Instincts:



Color Ranges:

Blaze-red (Extremely Rare)

Golden (Very Rare)

White (Very Rare)

Black (Rare)

Green (Rare)

Grey (Uncommon)

Brown (Common)

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I would absolutely love a griffon as a mount. However I dont have a 10 year old account to get the said griffon mount, wich being my luck would be the only way to get the thing. :)


OK aside from my pessimistic viewpoint its a good idea. I pretend that my Vellum is a griffon. I changed his name to Griffon Defender.


Best of luck with this!

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