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Shipboard Musings

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    Hiding somewhere on Catskills

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Just some more meandering by me about future craftables + expansion ideas.

This one covers cannons & ships and such.

First, make warships available from NPCs for insane gold amounts. I see three:

Scout - Moves three spaces per 'step', no cannon slot(s), low HP
Warship - Moves normally, two cannon slots (one per side), med HP
Dreadnought - Moves at slow speed only, four cannon slots (two per side), high HP

Cannons - shipboard cannons are craftable only, and cannot be placed on land. Double click a cannon deed, then click a dry-docked ship to install. Cannons come in Port & Starboard facings, for ease of installation on the programming side - no choice-of-side dialog needed.
Cannons use greater explosion potions, must be charged each shot. Drop single potion onto cannon - empty bottle is returned to pack. Once charged, double click ammo in pack, then click the cannon. Line of sight shot only.

Light Cannon - 3000 ingots (brass color when crafted). Range 10, dmg -10% Fast load cycle.

Heavy Cannon - 3000 ingots (shadow iron color when crafted) Range 6, dmg +10% Slow load cycle.


Cannon Bola - no, this is not an angry Japanese Samurai anime toon screaming cannonball, it is two small cannonballs linked by a chain. Successful hit against a ship either slows it down (for a 15 seconds) one level (ie a hit scout moves at warship speed, a hit warship moves at dreadnought speed). Hits are cumulative. If at lowest speed, ship stops in place for the same 15 seconds. Inflicted damage is light, this is a bola more than a weapon.

Cannon Ball - direct damage to vessel.

Shot - direct physical area damage to blast radius
Ice Shot, Ember Shot, Tainted Shot, Zap Shot - elemental area damage to blast radius

Cheese Wedge - slows random shipboard character (maybe dexterity?)
Cheese Wheel - slows ship crew within area blast radius.

Defensive stratgies

Legendary carpenter on board - 5% reduction in speed reduction time from Bola
Legendary tailor on board - 5% reduction in speed reduction time from Bola
GM = 1%, 105 = 2%, 110 = 3%, 115 = 4%, 120 = 5%.
Total handicapping time is cumulative, up to one of each skill - for example, with two carpenters, you only get one boost, from the highest skilled crafter. With one of each, you add them, for a total possible 10%. Single character with both skills OK.

Eh, that's enough for now.


Robert Falcon

Robert Falcon

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That could be fun! Would get more players out to sea I think?




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let slip the cheese wheels of war!



    Hiding somewhere on Catskills

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lol, the cheese is based on a naval battle myth from Mythbusters. Edam, I believe it was - a hard cheese that tore up the sails (supposedly).