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Best, discussion, ever =p

My friends band, he's the lead singer. Rate!


He looks like your avatar hehe. Sounds good though.


Heres my favourite new band at the moment, It is a happy a fun french band (rapping in English /w wierd pronunciations) and they wear crazy clothes too.




I usually mostly listen to Rock Music though. My fav bands are The Pixies, The Wildhearts, The Smashing Pumpkins etc


I also goto alot of festivals in the UK over the years, last year I got to see Faith No More finally at Download Festival. The year before I got to see KISS, who were awesome.

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My son, who's done a lot of touring Europe, turned me on to these guys, Volbeat. Some of the music reminds me of a heavymetal Elvis ...lol..but I truly like them.



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Silverfoot! You surprise me :)


First I didn't know what to think of that song.. But now I think its pretty alright. Its different!



Exactly...an old pop tune done totally differently! It's cool to have a son in the business, being a huge music fan, he's always turning me on to new and different bands. He's actually heading back to Ireland, england & France for a 12 gig stint as tour manager for a Slipknot side band called Dirty Little Rabbits, now they have a strange sound!

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