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To start of with this thread I'd like to say that those that have the oppertunity to see Avatar 3-D in the cinemas should do so.


last time I went to a 3D shows it was based on two colour system, where you had glasses with one red and one blue glass.


Thank god for technical evolution.


I have to say I was so pleased to see the awsome colours and animations in Avatar. Yes, perhaps the storyline is a ripoff, but its definately worth to go and see in the theaters. If not for the story, then for the ultimate eye-orgasm it is ^^


I rarely watch a movie twice at all. But I'm considering going to see it agian.


Secondly I'd like to suggest the movie Surrogates, with Bruce Wills. A quite humoristic idea of where mankind is headed =).

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The new film by Eli Roth and Quentin Tarintino.

Inglorious Basterds.


I liked the film, it was good how they spoke in different languages and the film was very unique. Although sometimes the background music was similar to that of other Tarintino films like Kill Bill. It was a tough psycho thriller, but had edges of comedy in it as well.

Basically it is about the resistance in WW2. It has a very good twist to it as well,

I also liked the way they used actors from Europe as well. I give it thumbs up and 7 out of 10. Well worth seeing.


Here is the trailer:-



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