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This is very hard.


I'll put in some of those songs that means most to me


Nirvana, think any song from them would fit here.



RHCP, also any song from them fits.



FooFighters. They've been doing some amazing songs as well.



I've now mentioned some groups I really love.. Now to some songs only.


Ane Brun - True Colors, I love her voice.. I love the song.



Melody Gardot - Baby I'm a fool, Doubt people know about her. She got an amazing voice. The music is just lovely to relax too.






3doors down


Amanda Jensen

Die Ärzte

.... The list goes on.

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Song list top 5 Recent:


Kei$ha - Tik tok


Black eyed peas - meet me halfway


Jason Derulo - Watcha say


Lady Gaga - Bad romance


Neuer Wind - Robi Faustmann (my cousin) ^^


Top 5 Classics: (i have many many more..)



you all know the original!

Hey ya - both Outkast and ... that guys cover.


The Partisan - Leonard Cohen


Sister Hazel - This kind of Love


Eric Hassle - Don't bring flowers after I'm dead


Yusuf Islam (cat stevens) - Sad Lisa


There's so many more... but these came to my head.

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Hmm... lot more than just five songs to pick from as favorites, but I suppose I can choose at random a few on my list:



Medieval Baebes. The Virgin Queen.






Coldplay, Violet Hill






The Highwaymen, Highwayman






Nightwish, Amaranth






Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair



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