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"The Grip of Death": RP/PvP Story line: Quest part 1A

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"The Grip of Death": RP/PvP Story line: Quest part 1A




A stream runs cold though a darkened valley, as if it’s very waters are infused with some dread, echoes of the past still seem to haunt some regions. Common folk do not traverse at night, or graze their livestock amid the remote hills and dales, for fear of the chill touch of spirits that ran afoul in life and might stalk the dim groves, in search of unwary victims. Such is a place within the realms of Britannia, known as “Malas”, its foreboding skies and evil denizens are the stuff of grim legends that on rare occasions creep into the brighter realms.


One such soul, lost to the lure of power, dominion and knowledge, was Valthalion, an Archmagus of the Istari. Once he was a lord amid his folk, the Elves of the northern realms, swift, mighty and a master of arcane magic; none dared to cross his path without pause. Just in his own wisdom, he was and a friend to all whom traveled the known realms in peace and a dread foe of the dark powers.


Alas, this was all cast to ruin, as the evil necromancer Neira, cursed Valthalion to forever seek to possess the “Tome of Skulls”, known to her to be lost within the Abyss. His doomed quest drove him to madness and eventually to his own death, at the hands of his own folk. Unknown to even the wisest amid his kin, this was part of Neira’s plan, for the slaying of the pure Valthalion by the just, brought about in his immortal spirit the most vile and evil resurrection; he returned to life to take on the undead forms of the “wraith”, “lich” and the dread “vampire”. Though eventually, Neira’s plan was overturned as Valthalion was captured and defeated by a brave alliance of sages and warriors, lead by Lady Glinelril, Lady Caramina and Lord Walter of the realms of light. Imprisoned within the great tower of Alda’glin, Valthalion’s spirit was cleansed by a powerful blessing, cast over him by the legendary Lady Luna Rossa; thus breaking Neira’s curse and releasing him from his dark enslavement.




Recent Events:


At his return to life and the light of wisdom, Valthalion though purged of the vile curse that controlled his soul, some remnants of the darkness remained within his power, for he now possess the ability to commune with the dead and disembodied spirits that wander the realms. This resulting power, given to those whom have touched the abyssal plane of death and returned to life, has allowed him to scry into the void and learn of the dealings of the dark powers, notably of Neira and her minions.


Though defeated in her attempt to corrupt Valthalion and use him as an agent of chaos, she was able to manifest her power within the realms of light, in the form of an Avatar; bearing her likeness and some of her dark powers. It is known to Valthalion and his council that she walks amid the realms now, seeking to enlist new minions to her grim cause; calling forth from the lowest pits of the nether regions, she has summoned two dreadful allies to add to her legion of fiendish devotees. In appearance, these new minions appear as Gargoyles but are in fact demons; spiteful, cunning and remorseless in their dedication to their dreaded mistress, Neira the Necromancer. Known as Princess Glasya and Duke Hutijin, along with other minions, this duo now relentlessly pursues a renewed task for their dark mistress; what this grim endeavor is, none yet know.


To thwart Neira and her minions, Valthalion and Glinelril have formed a council of the “Istari” (Quenya for “The Wise”), and call forth to all guilds, lords and ladies of the realms of light to assist in the quest to defeat the dark mistress and her vile minions.




(Further announcements about event times and dates will be made: Note this is a “Free Form” RP event/quest, one that has lasted for over 3 years, PvP is involved along with story line based questing. All are invited to participate as they wish, playing roles on either side, good or evil.)









Event Rules:



RP and PvP:


This is an RP event, though it contains PvP also; however it does not mean that those acting as “evil” characters are given free reign to slay all alliance members. Player versus player combat can only be initiated via the following guidelines:


A: During an announced “PvP Event” (e.g. a “battle”, a “rescue attempt”, an “hour of dread” event (when for one hour, any evil character may attack any alliance member and attempt to slay or capture them, in a/the designated a zone or city in which the “PvP” event/s will be restricted to; *see below).


B: If a “good” character encounters any of the “known Evil Characters”, there is a chance that PvP may result from the encounter. Often these specific characters will parlay with the good character before attacking but not always. Characters who wish not to partake in the event may simply say so, via “(OOC) chat” and thus will not be bothered.



*Capturing Characters:


To “capture” another character, one must stop fighting and “surrender” to their opponent/s. Once taken prisoner, the captured player will be escorted to their “prison” location, which they must remain at during the extent of the entire event cycle, unless they are “rescued” during an official “rescue attempt” by other characters (good or evil). Such events will include a “house battle”, often at the location of the captured player’s imprisonment. Should the rescue attempt fail, then the captured player is considered “lost” for the event or “turned” to the side that has captured them. Example; the character “Garth” is captured by the evil forces, the rescue attempt fails, thus he is turned by a curse into an evil minion and will now RP as such.



Slain Characters:


Should a player be “slain” during an event or random encounter, the following might occur in relation to the overall event story line; to add to the “randomness” of the entire event, the fate of the slain character is randomly determined via an in game “dice roll”, resulting in; A: The slain character is “dead” and thus eliminated from the event, as such their spirit will linger between worlds until the conclusion of the current chapter of the event. B: The character is “captured” (as above) and imprisoned. C: The character is “gravely wounded” and eliminated from the current overall event and must remain “out of combat” until the final conclusion of the event storyline. Such characters may interact in the “RP” but not partake in combat due to their sustained injuries. They are subject to being captured or even slain again however and must act with extreme caution.



“Known Characters”:


Characters listed as “Known Characters” are those that are known to be acting agents of “good” or “evil”; as such however they can be “turned” or even bribed into acting as “traitors” to their faction within the overall event. As such, only the characters themselves know the true extend of their “loyalty” to one side or another. It is suggested that such “traitors” guard their true intentions and only discuss their true intentions with Valthalion, the events only fully knowledgeable judge. This adds to the mystery and deception of the event and allows for further subplots to develop, each of which may overtake at anytime the primary goals of any faction within the event. Be warned however, spies and infiltrators are often found “dead” by the edges of lonely marshes, found out and slain by their enemies. (LoL).



Posting Event Information:


Should any character have an “encounter”, that player may relate the known events which occurred during their encounter/s, by posting it in detail within this thread. They may include as much as they wish to reveal, keeping to themselves their own intentions and/or alliances within the main story line. Traitors and spies should never reveal their hidden secrets or intent, thus giving away their true alliance to one side or another. Example, “Garth” encounters a known evil character; engages in combat with that character after a brief parley; Garth relates his encounter by describing the event and its outcome, naming the encountered evil doer and what resulted.


Otherwise, all “event encounters” may be openly discussed during official “faction meetings”; these are held when one side, good or evil, calls forth all of its allies to discuss endeavors or missions and relay information to its specific allies. At such events, keep in mind, that some who may be within the crowd might be spies also.



Who can hold “events” / “encounters”:


Any character may act on their own accord, as long as they adhere to the listed guidelines; the primary goal of “Evil” is known only to that faction’s primary RP leader (thought to be at the current time, Neira). As such, this leader will give out missions and goals for other characters that are acting as agents of evil, should they fail or succeed is totally up to random encounters along the way. Should another player wish to subvert or enhance the storyline with their own “interest”, they may attempt to do so as they wish. Their “intended goal” must be declared (in private) to Valthalion, once set in motion, it is up to that character to attempt to fulfill its parameters and end goals. Failure or success will depend on certain “event goals” that the player must achieve; such endeavors have been known in the past chapters of this event and do add to the overall event.




Current “Known” Characters:

Note: these are only characters that are known from previous event chapters, new players joining the event do not have to be listed in order to be active within the event. These characters are all “primary actors” and as such are often undertaking some “mission” within the overall event. If you wish to have your character declared as a known character, meet with Valthalion or Glinelril about your interest and desired role.



Evil Character Faction:



Also known as “Neira the Necromancer”, she is the assumed leader of the forces of darkness and has conjured an “Avatar” of herself (since the last chapter of the storyline) that has wandered the realms of light. Plotting her revenge in some form or another, her avatar commands various minions and allies.



A foul “Orc” shaman, this minion of Neira is known to possess some skills in the arcane arts; he is known to be sly and cunning beyond his races typical abilities and as such could prove to be quite dangerous.



A former Royal Guard within the realm of Varandale, she was captured and cursed to serve the cause of dread by Neira herself. Magelin once acted as the personal handmaiden and guardian to Neira but was defeated and wounded by Lady Luna Rossa and Lady Caramina during the final events of the “Battle of Gil’gwaith”. She has not been seen since and may be dead.



Also known as Princess Glasya, once ruled a fiefdom within the Abyss under the homage of Neira the Necromancer. Appearing as a Gargoyle, she is in fact a demon, as ruthless and cunning as she is powerful. Though not one to take direct action in combat, she prefers to “persuade” others to fight for her cause and has been known to adopt other forms to achieve her intended goals.



A Duke of Hades, Hutijin like his consort Princess Glasya appears often in the form of a Gargoyle, but like his paramour is also a demonic fiend. Swearing “loyalty” to Neira the Necromancer, he has great hopes to rule over an extended realm and crush the forces of light in their own realms. A powerful necromancer in his own right, he has openly boasted to be the “Lord of Umbra” and often seeks victims for his vile experiments from its very streets! The locals within that dark region, fear his presence amid their gloomy lands and do seem to follow his commands.



Mata the Warlock:

Captured at the “Battle of Gil’gwaith” by the forces of light, Mata the Warlock was imprisoned for a brief time within the Tower of Alda’glin, before it burnt to the ground. It is rumored that the agents of darkness set the blaze in an attempt to slay Mata, for what reason none know. He may possess something of value to the forces of Neira, knowledge or an unknown relic of power. His body was never found amid the ruins and it is speculated that he may have escaped.



Good Character Faction:




An Archmagus of the Istari Council, Valthalion was himself once cursed by Neira the Necromancer and turned into a vile agent of her cause. It was he who assisted her in the creation of her “Avatar”, only to be rescued from his cursed state by the forces of light during the “Battle of Gil’gwaith”. Though weakened after his ordeal, he has recovered much of his former power and remains an ardent foe of the forces of evil.



A powerful sorceress and high priestess of nature, Lady Glinelril has fought alongside her husband Valthalion for many ages, attempting to bring wisdom and peace to the realms of light. With the aid of Lady Luna Rossa, it was she who finally purged the curse from Valthalion’s spirit and freed him from the control of Neira. After the destruction of her tower, “Alda’glin” she rebuilt a new temple on one of the sacred isles within the lands of “Luna”. In the past, her life was sought after by the dark forces and to this day walks under a mist of threat. She uses her skills in divine magic to assist the Istari Council in their continuing efforts to find and defeat enemies of the realms of light.



If you have questions feel free to ask. Good luck and we hope you all enjoy this chapter of our ongoing event.

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Those who wish to take part in this event may now begin requesting their characters be assigned to specific “roles” within the story line. Events are taking place at random times and places currently, keep an eye on this thread for updates and “meetings”.


Remember this is a “free form” RP/PvP event, what happens, happens; trust little and enjoy the fun.

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Events have begun within this new chapter of the overall event storyline: As such we have added the guidelines and rules for the event above.

Faction announcement:

The “Istari” council shall hold a meeting at their council hall on Saturday, January 23rd at 9pm pacific time. Gates to the event will be provided from the bank at New Haven. The Agenda for the event will be to discuss the current events and assign tasks for those who wish to aid the forces of light and wisdom.

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A: During an announced “PvP Event” (e.g. a “battle”, a “rescue attempt”, an “hour of dread” event (when for one hour, any evil character may attack any alliance member and attempt to slay or capture them, *see below).




I wanted to address the red highlighted aspect of this. PVP in the alliance is purely a voluntary endeavor. Some members have no desire to pvp at all and that's just fine with us. We want everyone to feel comfortable. Thus what I propose is for those participating in this scenario, specifically the pvp aspect, we assign some sort of marker to designate who is in-bounds and who is of limits with regards to the pvp.


For my own guild, I thought to include a "Battle" or "War" designation in the guild title. Thus Battle Fellows can be attacked for this event, whereas standard Fellows would be off limits. I will point other members of the alliance to this post and hopefully get their input as well.

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I wanted to address the red highlighted aspect of this. PVP in the alliance is purely a voluntary endeavor. Some members have no desire to pvp at all and that's just fine with us. We want everyone to feel comfortable. Thus what I propose is for those participating in this scenario, specifically the pvp aspect, we assign some sort of marker to designate who is in-bounds and who is of limits with regards to the pvp.


For my own guild, I thought to include a "Battle" or "War" designation in the guild title. Thus Battle Fellows can be attacked for this event, whereas standard Fellows would be off limits. I will point other members of the alliance to this post and hopefully get their input as well.




This is a good idea, however we have in the past designated a zone or city in which the “PvP” event/s will be restricted to; as such when a PvP event is to take place it will be announced via the “Alliance” chat and its region or city declared; during the event any alliance members who wish to take part in the event and fight, may show up to that specific location and thus be acknowledged as wishing to take part in the event and resulting potential combat. No one will be “ambushed” or harassed otherwise.


In regards to “known” participations within the overall storyline, they are open for attacks, if the encounter should turn “violent”, resulting from some form of RP interaction.


So, it’s simple, those who wish to take part in any event PvP may either show up at the location for such events and/or assign their character/s to the “known character” lists as they wish by request.

I have updated the "PvP" rules with this information.

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Oh one other question. Can non-alliance members/characters take part and if so, how will you handle them?



Non alliance members who wish to take part in this event may do so, however they will not be able to engage in PvP and would be only able to role-play along and if they wish post what they witness on the forums. They may also interject and assist other alliance members by “healing” them during combat, thus providing a protective “guardian” for any friends they may journey along with (good or evil).

Should they wish to join a guild within the alliance that is up to the individual guild leaders, such new members must adhere to the alliance rules and event guidelines.

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(A minor encounter has occurred; this report was issued by the Istari Council)


There was a “disturbance” at the Yew Prison, locals reported to the local Sherriff, resulting in an investigation within the region. The remains of a human male where found near to the “Lighthouse”; he appears to have been slain and his body then partially devoured by the Wyverns who frequent the area. Yew Rangers determined that a “fight” had taken place, as tracks near to the remains indicated that at two other persons, pursued the victim and fought a pitched battle. The identity of the dead man is unknown as are the reasons behind this incident.

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Istari Council Report:

The Istari Council called on the lord and ladies who attended the most recent meeting, to go forth and seek the arcane axe known as “Frosthilt” from the undead knight, known as “Lukterious”. This ancient weapon is among two known to be sought for by both the council and Niera the Necromancer; the other arcane weapon is known only as the “Green Blade” and its whereabouts are as yet unknown.

It is known to the council that the weapon “Frosthilt” may deal deadly magical wounds to those creatures known as “outsiders” (beings who are not from the prime material plane of existence, such as demons, undead, disembodied spirits and other denizens of darkness). Such a weapon in the hands of a mighty warrior would be a great threat to Niera and her minions, who walk the realms in grim guises, searching to cause havoc. The other arcane weapon, the “Green Blade”, may well possess similar powers but remains a mystery to the council.

Lukterious the fallen knight, walks the lands in an unnatural state between life and death; his most coveted possession is the axe known as the “Frosthilt”; long thought lost but now rediscovered along with his grim reappearance. The Istari council charged the lords and ladies of the realms of light, to seek him out and obtain the axe from his possession by any means. To this mission, Lady Caramina, Lord Walter, Lord Warsong and Lord Legolas took up arms to venture forth and confront the fallen knight Lukterious.

Encountering him within the region near to the city of Moonglow, he was confronted and defeated in battle, yet seemed to return to “life” even after being slain. The axe was found and returned to the safety of the Istari Tower, and was placed under protective wards to safeguard it from the forces of darkness. Lukterious, has sworn to recapture the relic and will seek it by any means, thus it must remain either under guard or within the possession of a most worthy and mighty warrior swordsman. For he or she who would wield this mighty weapon, in the battles against the forces of Niera, would find himself or herself under a cloud of threat, a target for attack by all the dark powers. Such a brave person would also be able to deal death to those “outsiders” and other evil minions of Niera and would as such be greatly feared by them.

So it is that the Istari Council calls forth to the lords and ladies of the realms, seeking a brave warrior swordsman, who will undertake the charge of the “Frosthilt” and use it in our struggles with the forces of darkness. Also, the council asks all to be watchful for signs of the “Green Blade”, to seek it out and discover any omens of the dealings of Niera’s minions; for her deeds are hidden behind a cloak of evil and her goals yet unknown to the council.

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Caramina Falcon assisted the Istari Council, Lord Walter, Lord Warsong and Lord Legolas with the taking of the FrostHilt Axe from the defeated Lukterious. She then had to leave to meet with her sister Esmerelda, in Umbra. As she waited in the shadows of one of the training posts in Umbra, she overheard 2 voices whispering. There were only two words she could clearly understand from the conversation. The word 'green blade' and the name 'Eden'. She tried to get a closer look, but as soon as, she got a little closer, both parties recalled away. She knew that she needed to let the Istari Council know of what she had overheard, for it could be an important key to finding the greenblade.

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*Random Encounter Report*


“I Valthalion, Archmagus of the Istari, relate in part to all the events of recent occurrence in Umbra and at the Istari Guild Hall Tower; since I was not personally present, only certain aspects of this day’s events are known to me, let it be that others who witnessed the events first had relate to us all the specific details further beyond my insights.


A battle took place, in Umbra, with the Fallen Knight Lukterious and other evil minions, in which he was driven back several times by the forces of light. Only then did he summon forth other dark allies, and sally forth to the Istari Tower, breaking in and attempting to steal away with the axe known as the “Frosthilt”. To this end Lukterious and his allies were unable to complete, as the Frosthilt has been placed under magical wards and thus is currently protected from theft.


Soon after his forces arrival at the Istari Tower, a relief force lead by Lady Caramina arrived and drove out the dark intruders. Slaying Lukterious in the process, yet his spirit lingers still as he is of the undead and thus cannot be driven from the realms of light; unless struck by the Frosthilt he will continue to return to “life”.


The council will await further reports from those who took part in these events, should they wish to relate such details.


The Frosthilt remains under warded protection and is at this time safely awaiting the hand that shall wield it.”

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*Random Encounter Report*


I had told Lady Glinelril of the Istari Council, that I would go and investigate further the information I had overheard in Umbra the other day.

As I road in on my cu sidhe Shadow, I caught a glimpse of Xanatos. I road over to see if he was safe. As I started to ask if he was alright, he started to attack me. Then from behind Xanatos, Lukterious road up, they seemed to be working together. They then both attacked me, one with poison, the other with the Necomancer spell Vengeful spirit. I quickly took out my bow, and asked Shadow to attack. They were both briefly defeated, while I called for help from the Istari Council. Lord Beren of Sage came to my aid.

Lord Beren and I searched Umbra and didnt find any of them, we started to worry they might be at the Istari Temple trying to steal the Frosthilt. Lord Beren led the way to the Istari Temple. We found Xanatos, Lukterious, and Maeglin. We both fought them off and defended Istari Temple, and protected the FrostHilt. In our fight Lukterious was slain. Neither Lord Beren nor I were sure if we had successfully slain Xanatos. We also saw Maeglin riding off on her horse.

Lord Valthalion, and Lady Glineril came home to find us there. We told of the happenings, and they were relieved that knowone had succeeded in taking the Frosthilt.

We must keep Istari Temple safe, and the Frosthilt out of the wrong hands.


Caramina Falcon

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Event: Updated, See Below*


“Reflecting on the recent events, the Istari Council has focused its efforts on determining a way to deal with “Lukterious the fallen knight”, as he poses a real threat to the realms and will likely only grow in power the longer he remains active and as such could ally himself with the forces of Niera.


To this, the council shall call forth to the lords and ladies of the realms of light, that they might undertake a quest to rid the land of this menace and smite this undead spirit, driving him back into the underworld. The task at hand will not be an easy one, as it is known to the council that he, Lukterious, is not readily slain by normal methods; as such, the council has devised a potential way to defeat this lurking minion of darkness and end his rampage across the realms.


As with all dealings of the “supernatural” and arcane powers, there is no absolute certainty, yet with bravery and wisdom the forces of light may prevail in this grim quest. All who shall ride forth in the name of this cause are requested to rally at the Istari Council Hall, at which time those present will be instructed as to the specifics of their task at hand.”





All players who consider themselves “evil” within this current chapters events, should meet with Valthalion before the event start, one hour prior at 7pm or earlier, to receive their specific guidelines and instructions as how to respond to this events undertakings. Those who are playing alternate characters, good and evil may select which side they wish to join for the duration of this event and may not switch during the event. PvP may be necessary during this event, thus players should take the necessary precautions to insure their items from loss.

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*Encounter Report:

Morgul the fiendish Orc was captured by the forces of light, after a brief combat encounter in the Royal City of Ter’mur. No Istari Council member where present during the actual events, though it was reported by Lady Caramina that “Glasya” was also spotted in the Royal City, during the struggle to capture Morgul.

Under the guidance of Lady Glinelril, Morgul was imprisoned and placed under arcane wards to prevent his escape within the Istari Tower. He was interrogated with the assistance of Glinelrils magic, to reveal some information about his dealings with Niera’s forces.

*NOTE: As long as Morgul is alive and imprisoned in the towers cell, an “Orc Helm” and Morgul’s “Prison Book” will appear in the cell. Should he be slain or escape (be rescued), these items will vanish.

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*Event Report: “To defeat Lukterious”


The Istari Council thusly has called forth to the lords and ladies of the realms of light to take up arms against the fiendish undead knight, Lukterious. On this evening three brave adventurers, Beren, Ilsenir and Warsong, who attended the council meeting where tasked to sally forth and attempt to slay Lukterious and any of the followers of Niera that they should encounter. To this end, the arcane weapon known as the “Frosthilt” was entrusted to the skilled swordsman Ilsenir, who could by means of this ancient axe slay the undead knight, potentially forever.


By use of his “spirit sight”, Valthalion was able to locate Lukterious and determine the location of his tomb/lair. He then opened a portal to the dark and dangerous location, located far beneath an ancient dungeon. Traveling through the many lesser guardians, slaying many as they proceeded, the three brave souls searched for the secret portal to the undead knight’s lair, only to be ambushed along the way by one of Niera’s minions, “Tragic Eden”. They managed to fight her off and discover the portal to the hidden tomb, however being distracted by their attacker, only one of them at a time entered into the magic portal. Upon entering the dark chamber, each was attacked by another of Niera’s fiends, Magelin, assisted by Lukterious himself.


During the ensuing battle, Beren was wounded but managed to escape, after fighting bravely versus both Magelin and Lukterious; Warsong also was wounded during his combat with the evil Tragic and Magelin, yet he to managed to barely avoid death or capture; Ilsenir, the wielder of the Frosthilt, was targeted aggressively by the minions of darkness, as Lukterious was intent on regaining his lost weapon and killing any who possessed it. During the battle, Ilsenir fought versus all three of the evil combatants, yet was gravely wounded and forced to yield. It is known to the Istari Council that he is currently still alive and is being held prisoner by the forces of evil; what his fate will be is yet unknown. What is known is grave, as the Frosthilt is now back in the hands of Lukterious and could be used to “turn” slain victims into undead minions of the dark mistress Niera. If Ilsenir is not rescued, this may likely be his fate, to be executed and turned into an “undead minion”, lost to the realms of light and a willing servant of the forces of darkness.


Thus with such dreadful news to relay, the Istari Council calls for any and all who will attempt to discover the whereabouts of the brave Ilsenir; so that a rescue attempt may be mounted before it is too late to save his life. An emergency meeting will be held on Saturday, February 13th at 8pm pst @ the Istari Council Hall.


*Note: Any slain by Lukterious, while he wields the “Frosthilt” are considered “captured”; should he himself be slain, the “Frosthilt” may be looted and returned to the Istari Tower for safe keeping.

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*Encounter Report:


The rescue attempt, mounted by the forces of light, to free Ilsenir from the clutches of darkness and certain doom, was a resounding success! Ilsenir himself was wounded but recovered and spared his terrible fate, by Lord Beren, Lady Caramina and the mighty Hephaestus. Venturing forth into a dark dungeon fortress, filled with countless undead fiends, the party assisted by the scrying of Archmagus Valthalion, defeated the minions of Niera in a pitched battle. None of the forces of light fell in the ensuing combat.


Once freed, Ilsenir was taken back to the Istari council tower, weakened by his ordeal he retired saying “Once I have recovered my strength, I shall impart to you all my tale”. Thus the members in attendance took up yet another matter, the undead knight Lukteriouss and the lost “Frosthilt” battleaxe. Calling on his power to commune with the spirits of the dead, Valthalion peered into the void and divined the location of the dreaded fallen knight. Using his remaining power, he opened a portal to his grim lair, as the brave party prepared to confront him and recover the relic weapon.


At great risk to themselves, the forces of light ventured forth into the darkened lair, searching relentlessly for Lukterious. Finding his hidden tomb, they were ambushed by Magelin and a grim ally known as Shadowfang. During the ensuing battle, Lukterious himself appeared, wielding the Frosthilt, he struck with might but to no avail as he and his allies were defeated. Both Magelin and Shadowfang where driven back, fading into the darkness of the tombs catacombs, Lukterious was slain by Lady Caramina, yet rose in ghostly guise to taunt her. “You cannot kill me!” he moaned, as he reached forth with a ghastly hand to reclaim the Frosthilt from his very corpse. Acting quickly she, hoisted the Frosthilt into the air, tossing it into the hands of Lord Beren. Striking at the ghostly visage, Beren was unable to slay Lukterious, as he fled into the shadowy and cavernous halls of the dungeon shrieking “Nooo! My life will not end to the likes of you!”.


Recovered from the remains of Lukterious, before they turned to ash and vanished in a puff of dark smoke, was a “binding skull”. This relic of dark magic, was returned to Valthalion, along with the Frosthilt. Valthalion, remarking that it was up to Lady Caramina now to hold the Frosthilt, taking possession of it until another worthy swordsman should step forth to again wield it in combat.


The binding skull; It is known that such relics, are used to bind the undead to a master, in this case it is believed that Lukterious is bound to Niera as her slave and minion. Valthalion now searches for a means to destroy the binding skull and potentially slay Lukterious. The skull remains, under warded protection, for now in the possession of Valthalion.


*Faction Announcement:


It is known that the forces of darkness are growing in power within the realms of light; as such it is the decree of the Istari council, that its members shall merge in alliance with the SAGE guild. This is done so that both bodies may combine their powers and defend a common village stronghold, located near to the SAGE guild hall. All members of the Istari Council shall officially join the ranks of the SAGE guild, proudly upholding its traditions.


The Istari guild tower and temple have been relocated near to the SAGE guild hall.

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Event Announcement for February, 20, 8 pm PST;


"The Binding Skull"


After the recent events, it has been decided to attempt to destroy the “binding skull” though the use of ancient vanyerian magic. This powerful form of arcane magic, long predates the current forms of magic and it is difficult to control and dangerous to wield. It is rarely utilized by sorcerers, as few posses the mental powers to summon forth its power and even fewer still know its runic incantations.


Valthalion will attempt to utilize the vanyerian magic to destroy the binding skull and thus release the fallen knight, Lukterious, from his enslaved state. Thus, as such, he would be susceptible to banishment from the realms of light by means of martial or magical force. However this powerful magic ritual brings with it a great danger also; failure cold open a portal to an unknown plane, summon forth ghastly undead or cursed spirits from beyond the veil or even consume the caster in a terrible burst of negative energy!


If any brave lords or ladies of the realms of light wish to assist in this effort to once again face the minions of darkness; then rally forth to the “Minas Edhel’ngol” (Tower of Elven Sorcery), which is located west of the SAGE guild hall.

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Event Report:


“This evening hath seen great valor on the part of the lords and ladies of the realms of light; as they faced off in a daunting task to break the curse affixed to the “Binding Skull” and free or destroy the fallen knight, Lukterious.


Venturing forth from the Council of Archmagi’s tower, the brave group of adventurers, first sought to find the lost tomb of Lukterious himself. There in, they would be required to “cleanse” the Binding Skull within the very waters that were used to infuse it with its curse.


Successful, despite the attempts of a few marauding minions of Niera to attack and drive off the party, the skull was prepared for the next step in the quest. Returning to the tower and Valthalion, the party was instructed to enter into a forbidding dungeon, filled with “Ice Fiends” and attempt to commit the Binding Skull to the “void” that lay within its bowels.


Taking up the skull, Lady Caramina placed the skull within a container and threw it into the swirling void; this enraged the Ice Fiends, who attacked the party, assisted again by two of Niera’s fiendish allies.


Holding sway, the group of hearty adventurers drove back the evil fiends, slaying many as they did so. Eventually the power of the void consumed the Binding Skull and destroyed it in a flash of electrical energy.


Quickly returning to their council hall, the party was instructed to seek out Lukterious and either slay him or attempt to place his soul at rest. Encountering the fallen knight, wandering and confused in the outlying hills near to Umbra, the party followed him as he slowly stumbled into his ancient tomb.


Though confused and drained of nearly all his power, Lukterious lamented his still cursed state. “I cannot be freed to rest”, he moaned, “Only by honorable combat, shall I find eternal rest, yet she forbids this. The Dark Mistress must be defeated and thus, my spirit released then, by a stroke of the Frosthilt”. With these words, he slowly faded into his tomb, still living yet trapped, by deaths grasp.”



*The next Event will be announced soon; it will involve defeating “Niera the Necromancer” herself in combat (PvM).

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Random Event Report:


“The “Ork” known as “Morgul”, apparently broke though the magical wardings that held him prisoner within the Archmagi’s tower. He was eventually tracked down and recaptured, during a brief battle, and returned to his confinement.


Praise be to those brave lords and ladies who assisted in this fiendish creatures recapture!”



Update: Feb 28th:


“In an attempt to bolster her dark forces, Niera attempted to form a “dark pact” with the Dark Fathers of Doom! This occurrence was discovered, by the scrying of a newly appointed Ursari Archmagi known as Mich, and reported in haste to the council and Lord Capricorn of Sagewind Stronghold.


Reacting to this grim news, the council quickly called forth to all lords and ladies of the realms, for a decisive countermeasure. Gathering at the Sagewind Stronghold Guild Hall, the various members of the Twilight Fellowship Alliance, glinting in their finely festooned armor and robes, set forth to strike deep into the dark dungeon know as Doom! Their mission, to slay all eight of the Dark Fathers summoned forth by the dark mistress. Ready at hand, the Dark Fathers drew on their own powers to forestall the brave adventurers, but to no avail, as they struck down one vile demon after another! Reaching at last the inner sanctum and dark altar of the Dark Fathers themselves.


The ensuing battle saw many wounded, but all stood tall amid the chaos and drove back the evil forces, with their hoards of undead minions. The victorious fellowship saw the slaying of all the arrayed Dark Fathers and many other vile monsters, turning the planned invasion of the Sagewind Stronghold into a route and great victory in valor’s name!

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Event Announcement: Event Date: March 6, @ 8pm PST. (RP/PvP event, Good and Evil Factions will confront each other during this event, be ready for battle!)


“Many moons have passed, since the last encounters with the vile forces of darkness; the time has come to find the lair of the “avatar” of Niera the Necromancer! The Council of Archmagi, shall provide information, to those brave lords and ladies that wish to undertake this quest, recently discovered about the dark mistress’s doings. All are requested to gather at the Council of the Archmagi’s tower, at the next full moons rising.”






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March 6th Event Update:


“On this grim evening, the forces of darkness where confronted in the city of Umbra; their magical wards gave them a slight advantage in their claimed stronghold within the city, allowing only they to ascend to the highest vantage atop the Umbra bank.


Fearing not the dread minions of the mistress of the undead, the brave forces of light sallied forth to confront their rivals and determine the fate of the grim city. Prior to the battle, “Morgul” the orc had managed again to escape from his imprisonment within the Tower of the Archmagi. His repeated escapes are an issue of study and the council is sill perplexed as to how he has managed to again break free of his enchanted holding.


Having taken up their position atop the bank, now fortified by dark wardings, the minions of darkness lobbed volleys of arrows and magical spells at the gathered forces of light. The pitched battle saw the summoning of foul demons and many where wounded during the battle, which raged on. Finally one by one the minions of dread fell before the finely aimed arrows and powerful spells sent forth by the forces of light.


Finally, all driven from their fortified position or slain, the grim forces of the dark mistress where defeated and Morgul was eventually recaptured and returned to his prison cell. Remarking that he would “Have my revenge on youz!”, Morgul was left in his chains and secured within the tower, roaring in defiance and spiteful words.


It is known to the council that Nirea’s avatar has enlisted additional allies in her grim plot; holding sway still within the city of Umbra, beneath its very streets, within the dungeon known as “Bedlam”! It will be the task of the forces of light to finally rid the city of this gloomy force and in doing so attempt to slay the “Red Steed” that has been unleashed upon the realms by the Dark Mistresses magical summons.”




"The Dark Council" ("Bedlam" Raid Event): April 3th @ 8pm PST



"It is now know to the Council of Archmagi, that Niera’s avatar was summoned forth into the realms of light, with the assistance of a coven of dark necromancers and sorcerers. This powerful group of arch lords and ladies of darkness holds sway over the arcane magic that allows the avatar to exist outside of the plane of the undead.


Guarded by a horde of vile creatures, within the gloomy dungeon of Bedlam in Malas, they serve as guardians for their orders dark lord, Ilhenir the Stained. As such, his dark disciples Master Jonath, Master Theophilus, Master Mikael, Lady Jennifyr and Lady Marai must first all be defeated and slain before confronting "Red Death" in battle."


* Note: Entering into Bedlam requires that a quest be undertaken prior to being granted entry. Those wishing to travel into this dark dungeon, must speak with Aernya Mistress of Admissions, found in the City of Umbra, near to the “healers” known as “blood-letters” at the East side of the town.

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A villain known as “Sebastian”, was caught after slaying the wandering healer “Helen” within the Sagewind Woods. He was captured and placed in confinement at the Archmagi Tower; he was questioned but gave little insights beyond denoting his allegiance to “Niera, the dark mistress”.

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