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[News] Decisions to make about Loyalties in the Realm

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Governor Winfield introduces the topic of Loyalties for a monarch in the Realm. PaxLair Statehood is unique with three cities and many guilds of differing attitudes about good and evil and for or against "saving the Realm from evil". Therefore, Governor Winfield offers ideas and options that might also be used by other towns, cities, and guilds in the Realm.




We citizens, allies, and friends of the PaxLair Statehood have some thinking to do. We will be asked at some point in the near future (a couple of days or weeks) to whom we give our loyalty ... to which monarch ... or to none.


Why? Well, as an example, we are told that attacks ("spawns") may occur in cities and towns that have declared loyalty to or against Queen Dawn. If against Queen Dawn, the royal guard might attack the city. If for Queen Dawn, enemies of Britannia might attack the city. If a city does not declare a fealty, then it might not be attacked (by a "spawn").



The three current monarchs of the Realm are:

  • Queen Dawn of Britannia - Rules Britannia. Stands for good and virtuous. Friend of Lord British. Friendly with Queen Zhah of Ter Mur. Enemy of the deceased King Casca.
  • Queen Zhah of Ter Mur - Rules Ter Mur. Friendly with Queen Dawn of Britannia.
  • Empress of Tokuno - Rules the Tokuno Isles.

This loyalty question to a monarch may not be simple for us. PaxLair Statehood has three uniquely different cities (PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, PaxOku). We have good, neutral, and evil people, beings, and races as citizens. We have a large alliance with a mixture of good, neutral, and evil; and not everyone in the alliance are "citizens" of the Statehood -- some are allies or friends, or even "evil enemies".



To add more to the equation, we have our long-established tenets of our PaxLair Statehood:

  • Peace
  • Neutrality
  • [Role-playing]

All cities obligated themselves to support these tenets. Yet, this does not mean everyone needs to be peaceful and neutral. It means when all our cities and citizens are combined, our Statehood balances out as a peaceful and neutral community within the Realm. Good and evil have a place in our Statehood. War-like and peaceful people have a place too.

Well, enough of the background. On with some ideas.



I think it is inappropriate to have our entire Statehood loyal to a single monarch and have that loyalty impressed on each of our cities and citizens. However, to keep us unified as a Statehood (a community), our cities and citizens need to keep fealty to the PaxLair Statehood and its governor.

  • Loyalty has to do with sentiment and a feeling of devotion to someone -- to follow their ways and principles. Can be loyal or not loyal to one of the monarchs.
  • Fealty has to do with an obligation or commitment to someone -- to owe or offer service. Can hold fealty to the PaxLair Governor and the Statehood, thus be part of the the Statehood.

So our statehood, cities, guilds and even individuals might have loyalties to different monarchs, or against the monarchs.


PaxLair Statehood (all three cities combined) might be Neutral to all monarchs. This is consistent with our nearly 12 years of history. The city was distinguished by Lord British long ago, yet he did not ask for our loyalty or fealty; the city remained Neutral. This neutrality mainly affects the Statehood officials, e.g. the Governor and Pax and some other neutral guilds. As our custom dictates, this would allow our "community" leaders to mediate situations and use all or a portion of our capital (PaxLair City) as neutral grounds for all friends and foes. (The neutral grounds idea was part of the original PaxLair fostering an "open to all" concept.)



PaxLair City. It may be complicated to declare loyalty. PaxLair City could be an "open to all" microcosm area for a loyal-or-not-loyal, good-neutral-evil environment. This is typical of the PaxLair City area with good and evil living very close to each other.

  • Statehood capital portion of PaxLair City might be Neutral (around the Twin Towers and outdoor arena/cafe).
  • East Meadow might be a conflict area where we have Paladins (loyal to Queen Dawn?), and orcs (not loyal to Queen Dawn?).
  • Olag Hai Orc Fort further to the East is controlled by the orcs (not loyal to Queen Dawn?).

Dragons Watch. DW has a long history of following the virtues and defending villains against Britannia.


PaxOku. PaxOku is turning into a cultural center for the PaxLair Statehood and perhaps the Realm. So it is generally neutral, but might prefer to be loyal to Queen Dawn and not the Empress of Tokuno.


There is an EM Workshop again tonight, Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 9 PM ET at the House of Commons north of the Britain Moongate in Trammel.


We have a PaxLair Statehood meeting on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 9 PM ET at the Silent Rose Library in PaxOku.


Original Full Article....

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Wow, what an interesting idea. Sounds like fun.


Three town, three rulers. Why not each town select a monarch? ...but that is just me talking.




Gak wants to be part of the "clomp ull gakh ogh demz" group. Unless one of the queens is an Orc, I don't see the orcs aligning themselves with any monarch without lots of gold and health insurance.

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Queen Dawn's Ambassador Tavalia Zodok should receive our banner designs today for PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, and PaxOku. We met Queen Dawn 9 days ago and she favored recognizing our three cities.


However, it was made clear to us that her recognition of our cities/towns does not mean we must be loyal to her. Her recognition simply allows her to order crafters and masons to build our banners on firm foundations in our cities.


Within the next couple of weeks I think we will be asked to declare our cities' loyalties to a monarch. We will continue to discuss this at our weekly meetings.


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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  • 2 weeks later...

PaxOku received " A Notification of Diplomatic Inquiry By The Ambassador of the Crown" on our PaxOku Banner. I suspect this is to meet with the Ambassador Tavalia Zodok or Queen Dawn and declare loyalty For or Against Queen Dawn.


I don't know if we can declare "neither" or be "neutral". Of if loyal to another Queen automatically makes us against Queen Dawn.


Maybe we can find out more at the HOC meeting tonight in Britain, 9 PM ET?



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