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Join the famous Guardsmen Militia!

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Many armies have risen up in defense of the various provinces of Britannia but throughout history none have achieved quite as much and for quite as long as The Guardsmen Militia.





Do you have what it takes to be part of the Guardsmen Militia? The hours are long, the pay is poor and I'll not lie - few reach retirement but it is said that every man thinks worse of himself for not having been a soldier and for not having served his country. The men and women of the Guardsmen Militia have no such regrets.




Our guild is a low fantasy Role-playing guild based on Europe shard. It was found many years ago and is still evolving (~10 years).

In militia we have discipline, numbers and pride, but furthermore you’ll get many interesting, entertaining activities and lots of fun! Can you take the challenge and rise through ranks, starting from a trainee and learn/fight to become a real guardsman?



- Interesting system of career developing.

- Day to day activities for specific ranks.

- You can join one of the divisions in our militia (Waywatchers, Besiegers, Marksmen, Church [separate branch of the guild]) which will suit your game play.

- Do you want to be a peaceful citizen, crafter or have a skill which is banned for use by the members of militia - we have a place for you too! Become a citizen in our town!


And much more!





For more information please check our Tome


Contact details:

Character Name Rank ICQ Number

Bladius Dart Captain 125548430

Radek Wilkes Sergeant 195195395

Robert Tripps Corporal 438091456

Sineal Walker Besieger Corporal 132135147

Floria Tenne Waywatcher Corporal 195710197


If you do not have ICQ and wish to contact us please email Bladius Dart: dartgrd@googlemail.com

Alternatively you may contact Radek Wilkes via MSN: matt.broad@hotmail.co.uk


Or if you don’t trust all of them high ranked guardsmen, you can contact me – a Trainee

On ICQ- 158292607



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