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My consept for the Tankmage...

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Jessica Stareye

Jessica Stareye


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This is what i am running as my main on Eur for rp... being on eur in the rp community there is heavy and i mean heave restrictions on templates in rp pvp... so characters running the tankmage templates have alot to over come with having no magical mod what so ever, spellchanneling is not allowed. but I am having alot of fun running this...

110 Magery
110 Eval
110 Swords
110 Parry
100 Bushido
90 Med
90 Tactics

of course when i am spawning, fel pvp and just general pvming I am loaded up to the hilt with mods on my armour and weapons.

the main downside to this template is that it is low on the phy damage output with only having 90 tactics and the weapon skill over gm for the damage factors... and of course the 40 di on gm made weapons...

as for healing i have 3 methods open to me... one being from magery spells, confedance and pots which i have so managed to use to great effect.

stat wise I'm at 80 str 80 dex and 95 intell the 80 dex is for the parrying bonus and a minium must on all bushido templates. with pot buffs she stands at 100 100 95 but you only have 2 minutes with those stats... i do use bless also just to increase the intell value, she is also an elf toon again giving me the +20 mana :D

as for her strengths... what she lacks in physical damage she can make up for in her spellwork, nothing like being it with a poisen, bleed, mortal, ebolt, explode, FS combo (LS is not allowed in rp pvp) but here LS is your friend... like with all the other guides honour everything and in fel pvp for only 3 mana you can be doing AI damage :P

I was thinking and do have stoned putting nox on her... and taking bush off... back in the day a nox mage was a terror and also nothing is more pleasing then being able to use lvl 5 posion and with the gm nox instead of gm bush you can cast deadly and infect with leathal... nowadays most hide behide pots and petals....

comments welcome and advice for changes on this... my normal templates are unique... see the ninja archer necro weaver one for me thats a normal template :D




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Not that I have re-rooted myself yet after a "few" years afking.. but it do seem to be a fun template to play ;)
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