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Homes and Land

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Robert Falcon

Robert Falcon

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Ok its me again!

The number one reason I play UO is the “Customized Housing!”

I love to build and try new things and designs. And for the most part this game allows it. I was told I should have started way back when! When each character could have his own home! I would have been in heaven then! To bad there wasn’t better advertising of this game, I could have been playing back then, I just stated a little over two years ago, and that’s because a friend told me about the game! Kind of sad, when you think about it.

But lets get to the purpose of this wonderful posting, shall we? Housing! I am a Role Player, so I always try to build in the guilds town, currently that’s Cove on Europa. Problem is lots of unusable land! What I mean is, there is land all a round, but because of a single boulder or tree or whatnot you can’t place a home or shop! Kind of ticks one off when you think about it! Cause back in those days they would hitch up the horses and pull boulder up, cut down trees and use the wood to make what ever they were building. So I got to thinking, (yeah I know that’s a dangerous thing in this game).

What if when you used your house placement tool, it would show you the cost of your plot by size like it does, but it would show an additional cost for clearing the land to build your building! It could also make you wait a few extra days before construction could begin, representing the time it would take to clear the land?

I know there are spots that cannot be built on because of spawns and other cool effects, and that can stay like that, just normal woods and hill, that kind of thing would be affected.

When a house falls or is resized smaller, it reverts back to its original land prior to the building. That way the next player comes along and wants to build has to the fees all over again.

Also I’d like to see the addition of basements! Ok go ahead and charge me $9.95 to add one to each of my accounts, I think it is worth it! I saw one in an Inn in up by a spider cave in one of the virtue lands, I forget which one. But that would be cool! Barracks could use them for dungeons to hold prisoners; Inns could use them for storage of stock goods and wine cellars. There are all sorts of fun things that could be done with them!

Last but not least if I where King of OU, I would make customizable plots the size of Keeps and Castles. I know there are some out there who would make the biggest ugliest Borg Cubes in the land! But for others, you could build small hamlets to support your guilds towns! The fun I would have with that!!!

Anyways that’s my thoughts on building. There are other aspects of the game I love, but building homes, shops, Inns Barracks and whatnot are my cup of tea!

Edward Striker



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I really enjoy building too, it takes so much of my time up even though I have a little plot of land so I can be right next to Cove!

I could see issues with the expanding over rocks etc, the foundations would hide it but people could build so close to paths or actually inside trees. I wonder if the land is currently maped to only allow building in a certain area so the GM's would have to remap the whole map. I think a path is just a hard coded graphic so the game doesn't know theres a path there so you would then start building over paths.

I however LOVE the basement idea. Perhaps when you enter a basement the surrounding area is completely black and you get an area the same size as your house. You could buy a Basement hatch which is 4 tiles big. Double click it and it transports you to another server (but guild chat etc is linked, pretty much like server lines) which is used just to store basements. I really like this idea!



    Hiding somewhere on Catskills

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I love the idea of basements, and I would give up an upper floor to have one. I have seen people make a 'basement' by forcing you to climb to the second floor first, then make it so that the first floor is only accesible from the second - for example putting trees and plants in front of the 'basement' to hide the walls and give the some power. I tried this once, and made a prison complete with a prison roster and skeletons. I'd do this again if I had teh space for it.


Anira Cuilwen

Anira Cuilwen


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Yeah! Basements would be most wonderfull!