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Scale of Virtue

- - - - - scale virtue

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Western Avatarian Chapter

Western Avatarian Chapter


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[Avatarianism is a religion practiced by many Yewish and Covians (in various forms.) There are many 'Chapters' to the Church and many interpretations of its writings. 'The Western Chapter' refers to the Yewish Chapter of the Church. The following is a brief explanation of how they perceive different races.
Please note - This is an IC post and not meant ot cause offence.]


Revised by Giovani Domenico
It is a known fact that Britannians are vastly superior to other species that roam the lands of Britannia.
But how does this scale of intelligence, virtue, and sheer prowess follow?
This list I present to ye will state the simple truth behind that very question. The list will begin from the noblest and mightiest of species, and end the foulest and most abhorred of them all.

~Ye scale of virtue~

  • Britannians: Britannians are the fairest and noblest of all races, they are created in the holy image of the Lord Himself and this granted them a fair mind and a pure soul. Britannia is named after us and ‘tis our destiny to rule over Britannia as the Lord almighty hath spoken.
  • Females: Females, commonly referred to as women, are as well servants of our Lord, but yet depraved by the Guardian in mind. Therefore they are temptresses and not as trustworthy or stalwart as true, noble Britannians.
  • Dwarves: The dwarves are deranged in body and blinded by greed that the Guardian hath granted them, but they stand to by their word, and may be used for chores that would not fit Britannians well.
  • Taints: Whilst weak of mind, the taints share the physical appearance of the true Britannians, yet defile their own physical perfection with garish and bewitched garments. Not only do they possess the same bodily image but they are also able to breed with our kind, this cross-breed is called ‘Vesperian’ after a city lost to these fiends. A taint may be recognised by the guttural sounds and numerical ramblings as a form of communication, Vesperians, the cross-breed, have the souls of taints but voices like our own.
  • The Elves: The elves are less deranged in body than their cousin kin the dwarves but more yet in soul, many worship the Guardian in his most depraved form; Baphomet, the unholy cat whose black image creepeth into minds, elves maybe tolerated but never trusted as they will ally with any kind only to deceive and slay them.
  • Gargoyles: Gargoyles live under the surface of the seas where they keep their cult of Baphomet worship, they do oft mate with elves and their spawn is called ‘troll’, which hath regenerating abilities and deadly vomitous acids.
  • The Goblinoids: Lowest on the scale and commonly referred to as Orcs and Goblins, they may be noted by their despicably green hides. Goblinoids are mere creation of the Guardian, and they seek naught but destruction in their path. The bands and sometimes hoards of tribeless greenskins are far less fierce than the organised clans, examples of such clans are the Severed Head Orcs, the Sharptooth Goblins and Orcs of Tolagal.
~Ye conclusion~

The Lord almighty hath set the destiny of sea, soil, fires and skies to be ruled by the Britannians alone. Tis our duty to protect the true Britannians from the lesser humanoid species.

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