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Sineal Walker

Sineal Walker

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Vesperian invasion force repulsed!

Comrades, is there no end to the aggression, malevolence and thirst for power that Vesper will exhibit? No one can truly know for sure, but once more we are faced with proof that their hostile tendencies heavily outweigh whatever remaining scraps of honour and good will that they might possess. Last night, the beach of West Yew faced a landing by the navy of the insidious, privately funded mercenaries which serve the ruling classes of Vesper. Their plan was to bring death and destruction to the area, murdering the simple yet noble farmers that occupy it and laying waste to the crops that they produce.

However, our guardians were prepared for such an eventuality. When scouts spotted the approaching fleet an army of defenders was quickly assembled. Along with our own militia force and neighbours the Knights Templar, warriors from Cove and Skara Brae came to offer their welcome assistance. For the recent moral transgressions of the Red Menace have affronted those who value humanity, and all decent cities worth mentioning have put their differences aside and banded together to oppose their desire for domination.

Posted Image

Just as Yew is willing to assist its friends in times of need, our allies were there to help prevent the devastation of West Yew

The allied force held at the landing point until at last the attackers came into view. As expected, the enemy was to mainly rely on wytches to fight, not being skilled enough in honest combat to do battle without such compensating factors. Nonetheless, as the blood crazed host disembarked they were assailed from all sides by the righteous defenders. After being thoroughly beaten, the Vesperians pulled back to the Shame pass. Here, after licking their numerous wounds, they managed some small success by way of the degrading use of magical barriers, using them to keep our guardians and their allies at range so that they could fight as they are best suited – as cowards. Both sides suffered casualties and yet neither was defeated, the allies pulling back to the farmer’s fields for a final stand.

Posted Image

Without barriers to hide behind, the Vesperians were cut down one by one until they finally retreated

Forced to fight on equal terms without being able to evade melee combat, the last wave of Vesperians fell easily to the protectors of Yew and fled back to their decadent city of exploitation. However this was not before lightly burning and trampling over a field of wheat which the farmers had carefully tended to. Fortunately, this single field represents only a tiny proportion of our agriculture and with a fully stocked granary along with the development of new farms in the Old Nihon area, the damage done will be easily absorbed.

Posted Image

Mayor Brooker has organised the clearance, irrigation and fertilisation of several areas in the province of Old Nihon, improving our food production to both keep the growing population fed and ensure a trade surplus

This victory should rightly fill your hearts with pride and comfort, Yewish friends. Yet we cannot become complacent; Vesper surely has further designs to inflict cruelty and suffering upon us. We must continue to work hard to ensure our collective values and achievements are preserved in the face of barbaric individualism. Union is strength, my brothers!

3 - Nuljelm slave trade continues to thrive under Vesperian protection.
6 – Unpopular guardsman Leo Madsen to be trialled for attempted murder
8 – Yewish alcohol subsidised in Kings Deer Tavern
11 – Trinsic rulers tacitly endorse Vesperian war crimes – potential alliance in the works?

Sineal Walker

Sineal Walker

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Red Menace pleads for peace at Trinsic Moot

Comrades, after weeks of unsuccessful attempts to annex Yew, Cove and Minoc, the private military contractors that pose as representatives of Vesper have grudgingly abandoned their imperialistic ambitions…for the time being. After a period of tense negotiations with their representatives – a bear obsessed loon and a terrorist bomber – they agreed to cease threatening the sovereignty of fellow northern cities. Although they refused to offer reparations for the victims of their dishonourable abortive invasion of Minoc, arrangements were made to ensure that victims will be compensated for. I wish I could report that this means that peace is finally secured and we can concentrate on promoting the flourishing of Yew, but I fear that such a cease in hostilities can only be temporary. Vesper quite blatantly disregarded the terms of the last peace treaty they agreed to abide by, rejecting the idea of honouring a ‘scrap of paper’ as ‘economically unsound ethical inflexibility’

Posted Image
Vesper were clearly uncomfortable at the prospect of a well-defended Minoc, and didn't seem to fully understand the concept of reparations

Still, if they have agreed to put their efforts to dominate the north to one side for the time being, this can only mean that they have suffered enough from their recent losses to undermine their capacity for invasion. No doubt they will eventually rise from the ashes and attempt to impose their will on innocent peoples once more. But it shall take them a while to lick their wounds and recoup their losses before they are in a position to do this.

This is not to say that we can afford to relax our vigilance against those who mean to enslave us – for the pretender to the throne Casca is still at large, and we are warned that he intends vengeance upon all free citizens of Sosaria. There is much yet still to do before we can drop our guard and truly relish our the freedom and solidarity we have worked so hard for!

Trinsician hypocrisy laid bare

Every city state has its own way of prioritising values. Yew, for instance, cherishes the values of justice and equality above all else. Vesper prefers to promote freedom for the rich and powerful to do as they like to the poor and defenceless. These values are incompatible – as the old saying goes, "liberty for the wolves is death for the lambs". Trinsic, on the other hand, has always emphasised that it concerns for toleration above all else. When a savage orc wished to enlist in their militia, their tolerance for all races drove them to accept the application. When the duplicitious drow were cutting down innocents left right and centre under their juristiction, they expressed their toleration of their actions by granting them reign over the poorer half of the city. Finally, their unconditional love of those who wish to see Loyalists suffer has encouraged them to supply rebel states during times of war.

One would think that such an attitude would make them ideal hosts for a week of cosmopolitanism, with all the different people’s of Sosaria coming together to one area for a brief period under their supervision. However, this moot has revealed just how superficial the supposed Trinsician commitment to toleration actually is.

Throughout the week, the notoriously over-privileged and under-trained guard force of Trinsic has actively discriminated against those who fare from Yew. Yewish guardsmen of all ranks have been subjected to snobbish abuse, and have been made subject to laws which Vesperians have openly flouted. When an innocent cleric of the Avatarian church was murdered in broad daylight whilst surrounded by supposed protectors, they failed to punish the culprit despite numerous witnesses, in a move which might be interpreted as deliberate incompetence. Quite clearly, the Trinsic guard force has it in their heads that it is entirely acceptable to treat those born in a city which has a different world view to their own as if they were lesser beings. Trinsician toleration only applies to violent races, not fellow humans who do not share the same opinions.

For the most part our representatives grinned through this blatant provocation and conducted themselves with the same discipline that has ensured the independence of Yew for so long. However, last night their blatant disrespect for the cultural traditions of the Yewish people forced them to react. A particularly spiteful and nasty little elven guardsman by the name of ‘Reann’ spat a torrent of needless abuse at our guardians as they peacefully attended the festivities. When asked to cease, the malicious female continued on to attack the Avatarian religion, claiming that the Yewish must conform to Trinsician pagan hegemony if they don’t wish to be treated like animals. When the Yewish dared dispute this, the Trinsicians and their Vesperian allies went as far as to physically attack. After such undeserved and utterly hypocritical treatment, our guardians immediately withdrew from the city and returned to their homeland.

Posted Image
The Trinsician guards felled a templar to express their intolerance of Avatarianism

Thankfully, it seems that there are still men of honour within the city despite all cultural pressures to the contrary. The Mayor, a Mr. Van Cocidius, offered a formal apology to the Yewish, acknowledging that the militia of the city had been unnecessarily discriminatory against them throughout the week. Duke Irvyn on the other hand has so far offered no comment. However given his recorded history of contempt for the Yewish ‘plebs’, despite welcoming their intervention when Trinsic has been attacked, we can expect that he will be less willing to admit fault with his guard force.

Do not be troubled at this turn of events, my friends, and do not let it fuel hatred for all Trinsicians. Remember that Trinsic does not have the military capacity to threaten us as they may wish to. Also keep in mind that unlike our own People’s State, Trinsic is a mere fiefdom of an idle ruling class, policed by their personal retainers. The will of the true citizen thus goes unrepresented; we must not assume that the man in the street shares the same loathing for us as those that parasitise off them. We must empathise with the plight of those workers who have not yet cast off the shackles of oppression, not tar them with the same brush as their tormenters!

Inside –
3 - West Yew Farmer caught growing nightshade after damages to his crops.
5 – Yewish team wins bagball tournament at Moot.
8 – Census of Yewish population almost complete.
11 – Recent trainee deaths prompts calls for improved equipment.

Sineal Walker

Sineal Walker

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Posted Image

Two cheers for Queen Dawn?

Comrades, with the elven pretender-tyrant Casca having been righteously overthrown by a Yewish-led effort, a new figure has risen to take the throne of Britannia. Thankfully, the new monarch is indeed a human, although a woman in body if (hopefully) not in spirit. For Queen Dawn not only claims Yewish heritage, but to have played a major role alongside our guardians in vanquishing the hateful Juka invaders from our fair community many years ago.

Such credentials do indeed inspire initial confidence – whilst some traditionalists might shun the very idea of a female leader, her upbringing in the city of justice and participation in the civic duty of defending our home suggest that she may indeed possess the qualities necessary for rule. As good loyalists, we Yewish brethren must support her highness for the time being and hope that she strives to spread the communal values which have gifted Yew so much prosperity of late.

Yet loyalism does not necessarily mean unquestioning obedience to whoever happens to sit on the throne. Indeed, sometimes true loyalty demands criticism and even opposition of the current central power, as our experience with Casca has shown us. For to be loyal is to remain steadfastly committed to the founding principles of the kingdom, not to the particular individual who controls it.

Last night Queen Dawn called a meeting of various Sosarian powers to discuss the reformation of the kingdom. Predictably, the representative of Vesper spurned the idea of mutual cooperation, speaking only to vent their frustration at having failed to subdue and enslave the free peoples of Minoc yet again. Queen Dawn was ambiguous on whether such ignoble goals will be tolerated as long as they remain unachieved, or if a concerted effort will finally be made to replace the parasitic and aggressive ruling class of the mercantile city with true servants of the populace.

However, more worryingly, she expressed an interest in the opinions of the openly necromantic Collegium and even drowish representatives that had slithered into the meeting. Given that both factions are not only self-evidently evil but of scant relevance, having little to no influence on world affairs, this does not reflect well upon either the moral or strategic understanding of our fair monarch. More confusing still, Queen Dawn called for a meeting with a delegate from the up and coming gargoyle race, which by all accounts are treacherous and vicious guardian spawn.

Posted Image
Yewish representatives were not the only ones to express concerns with Queen Dawn's apparent toleration of evil

My brothers, we must not prejudge the attitudes of our Queen – for her apparent failings can easily be attributed to either some clever deception or mere temporary political naivety. Instead, we should stand behind her as a true Brittanian unless circumstances force us to do otherwise. However, we must remain cautious and recognise that our chief duty is to the virtues themselves. The kingdom has undergone a long period of instability which might finally be at an end. We should not let the promise of a ‘new Dawn’ blind us to our most cherished values of social justice, equality and solidarity!

Inside -
2 - Census of People's State citizenry finally complete
5 - Frontier provinces of Serpents Pass and Greater Yew face territorial pressures from Knights Templar
8 - Sightings of 'bewytched doll' - fact or fiction?
11 - Gargoyles - an emerging threat.

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