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The caravan breached through the long roads of Vesper to Trinsic to Britain to... a swamp? to... a mountain range with a dessert in it... through a keep... nearly a graveyard and finally to cove!


Road signs are for the faint hearted!


So we trudged on, delighted in the knowledge the goods would do the Covians good, and depressed over the sudden drizzle of rain escorting our Caravan as well on its noble journey.




All went well and the Captain of the Militia had a meeting with me afterwards to discuss further theories on how to help the Covians in there hardship.



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Guest Gwendlyn

...Her ship smelled of the dried meats as she sailed towards Cove, the delivery from Serpent's Hold of relief goods filled her hold and deck. Her crew kept a watchful eye out for any pirate ships that might try to hijack the cargo. The sails billowed in the north winds, the mast straining and creaking, she was pushing the ship to it's limits. Night fell upon the heavily laiden ship, Gwendlyn peered up at the night stars with sextant in hand. They were on course...


... Morning turned to midday as the heat of the day encased the ship. Beads of sweat glistened on the backs of her crew-mates as they went about their work. Suddenly from high atop the main mast she her a welcome cry, "Land ho! Two points North!" Gwendlyn drew out her telescope and looked. The familiar docks of the orc fort came into focus, they were finally there, Loch Bay lay just ahead. The crew cheered as they saw the coastline drawing nearer, soon they would be able to unload the goods and receive their pay...


... Gwendlyn bellowed out her orders to her crew, without hesitation they began unloading the relief goods to the waiting troops of Cove. The bustle of crates and barrels as they were unloaded seemed to fill her heart with a touch of happiness. The soldiers made quick work of helping to unload her ship. As the last of the crates were lifted off the deck, Gwendlyn let a tiny smile slip across her lips, another successful trip...


...The plan had worked, her cargo of relief goods held even more then anyone knew. Packed in crates and barrels with false bottoms was a large quantity of shade. The silent sigh of relief followed her exhaled breath into oblivion as she watched them open the crates and barrels, empty them and then load them onto the contacts wagon. She chuckled slightly as she watched the soldiers doing all the heavy work for her and her contact...


...Later on, as the commotion slowly spiraled down and her crew loaded on some goods to be taken to Skara Brae, Gwendlyn met with the contact, the shifty look in his eyes as he watched the movements of the soldiers around them made her chuckle lightly. She grinned slightly as he told her how he was pleased the shipment had made it through. Gwendlyn just nodded and smiled as she spoke. "Twas a pleasure doin' business wit' ye mate. Let me know if ye need more." She quickly turned and headed towards her ship.


Her job was a success.

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