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Of Bravery and Virtue

- - - - - bravery virtue

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Of Bravery and Virtue

„Go in!“ Immediately the verbal encouragement was followed by another, physical one. The nudge in the lower back almost sent the young boy sprawling into the dirty track. In the last moment he managed to catch his fall by grabbing one of the sharp rocks at the side of the entrance and quickly pushing himself back from the gaping hole. Like before, his sulky and overall not very determined protest achieved nothing more than gain him a few minutes. His two companions, one broader, taller, older and thus the leader of the group and another, who was considered more clever, had selected him as the aspiring hero who would go first. Not that he wanted to.

All three of them, together with a candle -for light-, a bag -for all the treasure- and most importantly, a lot of youthful naivety had arrived at this point as a result of a lot of arguing. It all begun with lispy Tim, the apprentice of the old armourer, had claimed that all were in a fuss about the virtue armour that was not to be found in some of the dampest and darkest places of the world. And that everybody who could produce a part of it would be allowed to go to the academy and become a real paladin. Or a knight. Or both.

Since that the conversation had been going round in circles. Becoming a knight and a great hero sounded better than becoming an apprentice somewhere and work all day for some gold. You got to ride at tournaments, lived in castles, got big meals made for you by other people and beautiful women gave you a handkerchief -although the reasons for that were not quite clear for them yet-. And all they had to do for it was go in there and got a piece of that armour. Borton -the supposedly clever one- had said they should come here as he had been told it was only scorpions and moving rocks in here, and neither hand hands or bags to carry anything in. So the armour must just be lying about. Rocks, even if they moved -and unless they fell down from above- didn’t sound too dangerous altogether and they all had their best boots on to quickly step on any scorpion they saw. So all that was needed was to light the candle, go inside, find one of them things -they all supposed they would spot them easily, they most likely glowed or something- and carry them home and become a knight.

But now that they were actually –here- things had somewhat… changed. The entrance was larger than expected and pitch black. Even with their spare candle lit as well they couldn’t make out much of what lay beyond. And even worse, whatever lurked within sounded larger than it had seemed to be in their plan. For just being moving rocks they made a whole lot of noise altogether and occasionally the ground shook and trembled. Long story cut short, all three of the aspiring knights and heroes were scared.

Tarn, who still refused to go in and by now had to fend his companions off who tried to push him into the opening managed to twist out of their grip and made a run for it. Which was just as well, as it gave the other two a reason to get away without being actually guilty of cowardice.

*the old man looked at the two children listening to him*

And that my children is the story of the three youths who wanted to become knights but nay were brave enough. One day maybe you will dare though and look through those dark caves for the virtue armor that lies in the dark caves lost by many a paladin troop trying to cleanse those places.

*This story is an old legend by an unnamed storyteller*

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