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Warrior Template

- - - - - template warrior

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    indisputably more awesome

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I need help fixing my warriors template. My current template is:


I am getting rid of Magery & Lumberjacking and going for Chivalry so I can recall. Where do you think I should put my extra 20 points into? Do you think I should pick up Magic Resitance and drop something? This is strictly a PvM character.
Thanks ^.^



    Wycorp--Dwarf Hunter

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*Disclaimer: Im working on older knowledge here, so take it with a grain of salt*

Well, if the character is human, they have the Jack-of-all-Trades bonus which gives you a base of 20 in skills that even say 0. To me, this means having 20 points in something is pretty much useless.

Now there are powerscrolls that will allow you to go up to 20 points over GM for most skills, so thats something to consider.

With Chivalry, you only need around 70 points in it to cast most spells (Noble Sacrifice and one other still have a high failure rate) and that frees up yet another 30 points to either scroll skills out or now put 50 into Resist (if thats what you end up going with) or some other skill.

My Fencer Pally:

115 Fencing
110 Tactics
110 Anatomy
105 Healing
110 Parry
80 Focus
80 Chiv

Erm, Im pretty sure thats what they were anyway. I also had just about all 70's resists, a pile of Damage Increase, and some Hit Chance Increase/Defense Chance Increase on my outfit.

He was a pretty much strict PvM char and always seemed to hold his own...at least for as long as my connection held out :)

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    The Anti-Adam (which means I'm cool)

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You could easily drop focus, pick up Magic Resist, and with the extra 20 you have bump the skills you already have, preferrably Swords/Parry.



    indisputably more awesome

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Thanks guys :P

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