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How would you make the best PvM Archer?

- - - - - archer make pvm

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This thread is to find out from all of you, what makes (and WHY) the best Archer for PvM.


* Please list all skills you would use and to what levles.
* Indicate the perfect combo of "end game" equipment and WHY
* Please remember this is for PvM only, no PvP.
* Assume that $$$ is NO OBJECT. Anything in the game is a go with this one!

Major focus should be placed on being able to 'handle' any situation one might come across (everyday spawn, heavy spawn, Higher End mobs (solo at least Dragon/AW/Balron quality mobs).

Builds should be allowed to use no more than 3 bow/x-bow weapons to carry along (to provide for different situations if needed)

HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS and be as detailed as possible! :grin:



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well i had a legendary archer which was a pretty awesome pvm char so ill tell you what my template was.

120 archery
120 anatomy
115 tactics
100 magic resist
100 chivalry
100 focus
55 magery
710 total points

this was a good char for doom and high end spawn. id suggest using a +25 stat scroll and making dex 150 (its capped at 150 now). to outfit this char you would want all 70s resist armor with mana regen/mana increase/lmc and hci/dfi/fc jewelry. and good fast bows with high mana leech are always nice. : )

there is a new school of thought now that says you can drop tactics to around 85. if you have really high anatomy it doesnt seem to make more than a 3-4 point difference in damage.


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gauntlets, mace and shield, rune beetle, arms and legs with fire/poison high, jackals, totem of the void
get bushido high, heal you can do fine at 90, chiv over 80 is pointless, get your arch as high as possible, resist you can do without
110 anat
90 heal
80 chiv
110+ bushido
120 arch
110 tact
100-110 leftover you can do resist, spellweaving or whatever you can do to get more damage output

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