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- - - - - mage or tamer

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For pvm trapped pouches + orange petals/cure pots = magic resist
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    The Death Dealer

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For pvm trapped pouches + orange petals/cure pots = magic resist

Yep, that's all I carry.
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Thanks to Atlas for hooking up this SICK signature!



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New to forums and a recent returnee to Sosaria. I am not really liking what they have done with the power scrolls. It seems to me like the devs are going out of their way to discourage new players. Vets get extra stats, extra points, extra gifts. Which ARE warranted, but to participate in the game as it is now you almost have to buy gold/gear off of ebay to be able to do an of the new things. Perfect example was the halloween event. I have been back a couple of months and have been playing hardcore and even caved a purchased some things to help out but I got smoked by everything.

This is relevant to this thread by the way. I am making a tamer/mage and really want to put spellweaving on to round out the char, give it more flavor, but you HAVE to go down to 6 skills with scrolls now to do anything cool. which takes months and months. I think that will be sick to my stomach if I have to kill one more ettin.....They should be extinct by now.

anyway...i feel better now



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Welcome to the forums Collyn. Word of advice is stick with the game long enough and you too will become a vet and recieve gifts!

Are you in a guild yet? Reason is why I ask, is b/c I have gotten a lot of stuff from being in a good guild.

Another thing is that taming is one of the hardest skill to raise, even though it is worth it, maybe you should pick something less discouraging.
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Taming can be GM'd in a week's woth of hard playing. Its the best skill I've ever worked. Its a skill that you'll never want to work again. But The only skills I have over 100 are my taming skills, everything else is only set to 100 or so. I love using my tamer. Only last nite we did 3 Lady Melisade's in 90 mins. Which included sorting out loot inbetween. Basically tamers are very good for making gold by killing stuff. And I guess you could include selling artifacts that have been gained from Champions, including swoops.

Taming 110
Lore 115
Vet 110
Magery 100
Eval 100
Spell Weaving 100
Focus 80

Lady Destiny LS

Lady Destiny LS

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Welcome to UO, where you can pick any combination of skills to make the templates you want given the restrictions of skill cap. With this being said, don't make a tamer/mage whatever cause everyone else has one. Here are some of my tamer templates that I have and love...

120 taming
120 vet
115 animal lore
110 magery
100+ necromancy
100+ spirit speak
Scrolls were a bit expensive when I got them, but worth it for just one legondary tamer. If you are not going to actively tame for others, then there are not many reasons to get it this high. Notice please I said not Many.

105 taming
100 lore
85 vet
70 chiv
100 hiding
95+ ninjitsu
gm archery
*this is a very fun template, the taming is enough to control the pets i have most of the time. If you fail at one command once in a while, it is not the end of the world. As long as you keep track of your pets and have food around just in case, dont bother getting taming past 110 unless you have a good deal of gold to spend or you are going to be doing a lot of active taming for others. Having a bow in hand without ammo, means no hitting your anger cycle tames. Using a fishing pole in primary hand does same thing, but you would need parry or ... ?wrestling to keep from being hit as easily as well. Not to mention the paralize off a normal bow is handy at times. Ninja and hide for smoke bombs, and ninja for the animal forms anyways if you not going to cast much. lastly, chivalry for movement and remove curse/cure. I am suprised I dont see more tamers with points invested in Chivalry. Go to Miasmas or Coils and just totally Own when you can remove the mortal wounds.

110 taming
110 animal lore
110 vet
110 peace
110 music
100 magery
rest in meditation... as this is a tamer I rairly use anymore. inactive account and all Works great for small game farming like blood elems and the like.

(work in progress...)
120 taming
*20 lore
*20 spellweaving
*20 chivalry
100 necro
120 music
120 discord
100 peace
120 provoke
Human charactor, *20 is skill from being human, not deticated skill points chiv to heal pet. Taming high enough to keep control wihtout needing much animal lore. 120 taming with 50 animal lore is full control on the hardest pet. having 20 lore as human would give major control to hardest and still about full control to the more popular rune beetles and such. No Vet on the characotr cause they use their pets as weapons and not meat sheilds. Using discordance so high makes most any pet 1v1 not need much healing. Necro for forms mainly, can be done through jewlery to make room for more useful skills or to take the *20 skills higher.

and last tamer worth mentioning is also a fisher :D First tamer USED to be a GM miner and loved to play with Orc Brutes and dig up Shadow elementals to train pets with.