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Post Your Custom House Designs Here

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Just a custom design "snippet"   I saw a post on Stratics at some point, where someone had used the custom tiles to make a heart shape wall, so I kinda took that and ran with it =) Ended up with th

No Pics of the inside of the house, but you'll have to make do with this as I am currently working on a castle, and may post those as I get more accomplished. Also planning on posting a consolidated p

I am posting a floor-plan only house design. This design is intended for an 18x18 house plot. There are improvements possible, which I will detail in the pictures. This house conforms to optimal ro

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Well here is my old house design which is still one of my fave though. Malas north of the pyramid. Europa Shard.




this is how it looks now




This is my house in Malas near the Nightmare Spawn




And finally this is my house in malas in that secret place right by Luna walls




I am not to good with sticking screenies together, sorry about that :embarasse

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I am not to good with sticking screenies together, sorry about that


No problem at all! I had to self teach myself all I know with screenshots and editing images this is all I do (I am assusming you are a Windows XP user?)


Now hopfully you do not take ANY offense to this but I am not sure how good you are with computers so I am going to explain this step by step but I just want to show you this for future refrences =D (mostly incase someone else doesn't know... you already know of this program or another so just skip this front part)


Finding the MS Paint Program

go to "start"

*menu pops up scroll up too...*

go to "search"

*menu pops up scroll to the side too...*

go to "for files and folders"

*window pops up called "Search Results"*

go to "all files and folders"

*search list shows up with 2 bars and a place to select what hardrive you want to search*

just type in under the "All or part of the file names: MS Paint and hit search.

*it will seach and once it is done..."

it SHOULD be the top one that shows the paint brushes, it is the lanch icon double click that or right click it and hit "open"


Using the program itself

*now window pops up called "untitled - Paint" Go ahead and close the "Search Results" window and go back to the "untitled - Paint"

*Okay now hopfully you know how to screen capture. If not read the blue text bellow if already know then skip it*


Screen Capturing (for anything actually)

Launch UO and then when you find something you want to take a screenshot of, hit "Print Screen / SysRq" button and then lanch the MS Paint program.

go to "Edit"

*menu pops up...*

go to "Paste"

*Your image will paste*

Now hit ANY random tool on the side but I prefer the pencial which is in the Paint menu to the left side, your cursor should show you what it is.


Croping out unwanted stuff from images

Say you do not want that golden border that appears in your screenshot for example for furture users as well.

Go to the very bottom right hand corner with cursor and put is at the very edge of it and a double sides arrow showed show up pointing South East and North West OR Bottom right and Top left. This is to crop out the border you do not want.

Hold down the right button the entire time while your doing the croping and move it to where you want to put it and left go of the right mouse button and it will remove that border.

Note:(I know on some computers you click it once to start cropping and then click where you want it but not always the case)


Going to save this picture now? Read the blue text bellow, if not skip it

Simply go to "File"

*menu pops up...*

go to "Save as..."

*a new menu pops up called "Save as"

Select where you want your picture to save, where it says "Save in"

Then at the bottom where it says "File name:" type in the name you want for it and hit "Save" I recommend desktop just sense you might be doing more to image.


For putting two images togeather and saving it as one big picture

Some people save thier images in another program besides MS Paint, but saving it in other formats can cause alot of loss in image quality especailly if you been saving it as a jpeg. If you kept it saved as a BMP until your completely finished with what you are doing then it will come out good with very little loss in quaility.


Okay all you got to do is save another screenshot the same way you did before except show what was missing from the original image. So you got 2 images that would fit togeather perfectly and you get rid of the border and all, what to do next?


Open the original image you saved in MS Paint again, now image border of course is the same size as your picture (or least it should be) the same way you got rid of the border is the same way you add border. Just widen that out as far as you can and repeat that until you got it big enough for the second image or make it terribly more easier on your self by going


*menu shows up*

Go to "attributes..."

*a window pops up that is called "Attributes"

Where it says Width and Height it says whatever the hieght and width of your image is. What I do is, I look at the height and I double that because you need it bigger to paste your second image, your width is already there unless you pasting a larger image to your original then that is diffrent. But just type it in and hit "Okay"

This will add the border you need...

Now go to "File"

*menu shows up*

go to "open"

*a window pops up called "Open"

click wherever you saved your second image (assuming desktop with the example I gave earlier) and select that file and hit "open" and it will paste the image.

The second image you saved is now on top of your original image. Now instead of selecting the pencial or anything on that side menu like I mensioned earlier, don't do that yet...

Pur your cursor on the image and notice that the cursor has changed from arrow to North South East and West pointer or Point right, left, down, and up? That allows you to beable to move the image around to hold down the "right mouse" button again and move it to where you want it and line it up.

Okay you got it to where you want it but you can not get it as lined up as you want it.

Right click the targeted image what should be your second image, click "copy" and then hit "cut" by right clicking it again, This will get rid of it tempoarly.

See the Magnfine glass icon on the left side menu? click that and target the area you want to get closer too. This will zoom you in so you can see the pixels MUCH more defined. Then right click anywhere on the image again and hit "paste" off the menu that pops up. It will look much bigger now but now atleast you can line the colours up with the same colours you see above you. Match and line it up with the original image you saved.


Now you got it all lined up and such, might take awhile getting used too and sometimes is very hard when too zoomed in and not sure what your looking at but now you have 2 images that are now one. Save that like any other picture and if you want to save it as something besides bmp (which I recommend sense bmp is HUGE) then that will have to be in another program. I use Paint Shop Pro 7, but not everyone has that. There is a few programs that will allow you to save it in other formats but I can not think of any that comes natrally with windows, prehaps Windows Image Viewer, but I am not sure.


If not ask someone here at UO:F and get ahold of them to maybe send the image in e-mail and the save it for you and send it back.


Again hopfully I did not offend anyone with me being as detailed as I can think. I know there is some people who might read this and wonder the same thing at times. So sense we was kind of on subject I figure I go ahead and type it all out. I am sure MANY of you know this already and it is just yet another post by me, that is just rambling on non-sense =P haha! I am good at that!


And darn smiles! >_< hopfully they are not taking up text that needs to be read. I have no clue how to disable them from my post hehe. Oh well I think it is easy to read around...


-RMS Carpathia-

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They are very nice houses but what really caught my attention was that you have a house in the secret area. HOW. I have been trying to get in there for ages can you tell me how please, or at least tell if it is possable. You can PM me if it is really secret. :)

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It was done with a young char. Make a char for the one of the quest. I think paladin. work the chars magery till they can cast E-Field. You do the same trick as you would for getting on Keep and Castle roofs. But you cast it inside the cave where the blind man is at just outside Luna. That is once you have gotten to that part of the quest. :)

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Its actually the Necro Quest that gets you in that cave. I had a friend who owned a house there, so he gated me in to mark a rune. I was no tlucky enough to place there as AoS came out, but bought the plot a few weeks after that. I shall never move out of there. This place is just so nice and has all the ore colors as well. :)

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I thought there were chests throughout the land that gave you a rune to secret spots if you dropped a blank rune into it. Hmm mebbe thats an old thing.


That was right. It was a bag under a strange white tree. But not for this secret spot. Only for all the others. :grin:


And I don't know if it is on all shards the same. I play Europa. But when your house is situated exactly over that cave like mine is, you cannot recall to your house or mark a rune there, only at the very north corner of that secret valley can you mark rune and recall in because it is not directly over the cave anymore. lol

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My Zento home and i have got alot of grief from some people saying why did i build a tree house in Zento?? I thought it was a great spot b/c of all the trees and such surrounding it. It's on LS right out of the moongate. I custo'd it in my image of the Inn of the Last Home from Dragon Lance. :)





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Hey if you like the design then it doesn't matter what others say!


I do not see what anyone has to complain about on your house because it is beautiful! If Ewoks lived on the same shard as you. You would one day log in and see them all over the place, course in UO graphic they probably be bears. =P


Edit: here is my house not as nearly as fancy or as creative as everyone else's house but hey might as well go ahead and contribute to the thread ^_^


First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor


Forth Floor



-RMS Carpathia-

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I get lost on my 4th floor...


I still need more plants! I must grow oh so many more but this time I will not have 50 (tad bit over exagerated but I did have quite a few) pots going at once... went through so many kegs of potions doing that hehe


And can not wait to see your Snuggle! I bet it is going to be beautiful!


-RMS Carpathia-

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I have done several house designs in my time of UO but none as creative as this I'd say. Some features include sunken rooms on the first floor and the Samurai standing armour in the corner of the living room (I plan on writing up a tut for Castles and Courtyards for this). Plants will fill out the roof and a few touches will be put in the bedroom and study areas. I Just finished it up enough to post this afternoon so barring a few additions here and there, I can call this home done. It is very quickly becoming one of my favorites. If you care to check it out in person visit Drachenfels. I am located in the orc fort outside Umbra. Char owner K'lypso.









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The Iantown Aquarium Player Museum on Siege. Currently under construction


The picture's are 2 outside views, Private home owners room, Player Statue Museum - balcony level & finally the Aquarium area. The fish on the floor are entires in the Iantown monthly fishing contest. Largest fish gets trophied and placed on the wall. And I keep forgetting to move that barrel :-/


In the process of collecting statues from players. The aquariums have yet to be filled. Will do that when everything else is set deco wise.


Appreciate any comments thoughts..~ Se'an






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My Zento home and i have got alot of grief from some people saying why did i build a tree house in Zento?? I thought it was a great spot b/c of all the trees and such surrounding it. It's on LS right out of the moongate. I custo'd it in my image of the Inn of the Last Home from Dragon Lance. :)


*gasp* I LOVE IT!!!! Glad to see other people inspired by Dragonlance.


Of course, if it was REALLY supposed to be the Inn of the Last Home, you'd have the wooden bar, and the large common table that Fizban pushed up against the wall in the first book. :grin: All you need now is some vendors (so you can name them)....put one behind the bar and name him Otik, and one near a table and name her Tika. Or go even further, and sit vendors named after all of the Heroes at the tables!



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Well, I guess I shall post me house design. It isn't big or fancy like an 18x18. (Truth be told, it is a 15x10, but I loved working on it.)


I favor simple, practical house designs, and since I always lived small, I make space saving and area a large priority. (Hence the flat roof.) I also hold to a philosophy that one does not need millions worth of rares to make a good looking house, even if it is small.


Well, here it is, floor by floor:


First Floor



Second Floor



Third Floor






I am open to suggestions, but I really like what I have so far. I just love the second floor, I nicknamed it the red room (or sometimes the passion room.)

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how foolish, ppl calling homes nice. however most homes just looks like !!!!, no a real master of the costumizing art should make better than most post here (also there nice here i must admit)


(no offence i just want u ppl to make better houses so i gte better inspiration for mine)

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how foolish, ppl calling homes nice. however most homes just looks like !!!!, no a real master of the costumizing art should make better than most post here (also there nice here i must admit)


(no offence i just want u ppl to make better houses so i gte better inspiration for mine)


Welcome, zevil!


Between here and Stratics, I've saved exactly 269 pictures of different house designs. It takes some work to find them all, but there are plenty of incredibly creative people around here sharing their designs.


I know you used the disclaimer "no offense," but it sounds like you just wrote your first post here, announcing that the houses look like !!!! (as you put it). Maybe I'm thin skinned, but I take offense to that.


The search feature of the forums will pull up plenty of designs to help you find one to copy. It will even pull up a link to my picture web site, where I've posted almost all of the pictures I've ever collected of UO house designs. You might even try your own hand at designing a house and contributing to the community. It's not as easy as it looks, and all of these !!!! houses actually took hours of work to design.


I'd post the link to my house collection, but I'm still kind of taking offense to your post. Sorry :-/

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Welcome to UO Forums zevil .


Guessing your not a "real master of the customizing art" as you hope to copy someone elses




i dont copy, however i started to do this at begin. now i know i can make much better houses. only need inspiration and building techniques. i think if i posted my houses u would love them. (and ppl keep on making ccool houses and post them :P)

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Hello all! I have been posting for a couple weeks but will finally introduce myself. I am Marabeth & I play on Great Lakes; I have a 18x18 on the west side of Ice Isle (fel). I just figured out how to post pics and so I will post my last 3 house designs. (I am one of those people that redo my house every couple of weeks....there are so many neat things to do :cheesy:)


Here is my current design:


This is the first floor: (I love the tavern feel of it)




The kitchen:




The bathroom and balcony area:




The crafting area:




The Evil guest room, treasure room, and storage room:




My bedroom:




the rooftop gardening area is not quite finished yet, but here it is:





Here is the way is was a couple of days ago:


The basement/crafting room:




The front porch:




The kitchen & museum:




The library & deck:




The bedroom & bathroom:




The roof & garden:





Here is the design I had before when I lived in the Trinsic Swamp:


first floor:




second floor:




third floor:








Sorry for there being so many pics, but I had to catch up with posting them. hehe. If anyone feels that I stole part of their design or idea please remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :cheesy: Please let me know what you think!

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